My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 769

Vol 5 Chapter 769: Start The Sun God

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Chapter 769

"This child could even defeat him with three battles and three old guys to liberate his body!"

On the one hand, the dragon family pseudo-god that fought fiercely with the dean, the dragon body is continually stretched, turning the huge dragon pupil from time to time, staring at the other side of the starry sky, it is difficult to hide the shock in the eyes!

How old is this kid? It took them millions of years to reach the point where they are today. This child is very young. If he is placed in the Holy Realm and has the support of the top forces, he must be a heavenly overlord!

"Hahaha! Long Disha, are you worried? I can have this in Kyushu, it will be your nightmare forever!"

Although the dean's life hangs in a line, the momentum in the battle is magnificent, and the laughter is powerful!

Lin Chen's performance exceeded his expectations too much!

"Humph! Look behind you first, and see if you can laugh!"

The dragon family pseudo-god swings the dragon tail, sweeping the starry sky, each dragon scale is floating with the breath of the dragon, the dean forcibly runs the heavenly war tower hard top, and is shocked to go back thousands of miles!

Looking at the situation of the body again, the Dean's face was dignified again.

The two pseudo-gods of the Mo family and the Lei family also showed their bodies, and regardless of the wounds, they had to toughen the defensive circle of the Lingzhou mainland. The final cards of many ancient families are about to dissipate!

And the light of the three town-level sacred monuments is also dimming, approaching the limit!

"Oops, these guys didn't even pretend to pretend to go to Lingzhou!"

As the dean gritted his teeth, he was preparing for the final energy of the Holy Veins, a breath of domineering air like Wolong's ascension!

The holy light is magnificent, as the cloud bridge is built, and above the cloud bridge, stands proudly in a Tsing Yi, and the sword comes, one sword strikes a glory of 100,000, and suddenly attacks the two false gods!

"It's him?"

The dean was ecstatic, and the person who came was the owner of the sky tower!

"Every second holy place, get away!"

In the hands of the Mo family pseudo-god, the "Heavenly Umbrella", the Thousand Dao Shenghui sprayed like a cloud of clouds, surrounded by condensed colorful nets, and the sword light that sharply moved the sky was suddenly included in it, annihilated into nothingness!

The main face of the tower is sinking in water, and since he stands up, he does not intend to flinch!

In fact, he had been hesitating until he saw Lin Chen with one block and three blocks before he felt real hope and shot strong!

Soon after he left the sky tower, the demon clan in the devil's eyes had rioted. Now the remaining half of the warlord forces in the sky tower, and all the fighting forces in the tower, are blocking the demon riots!

Everything is betting on Lin Chen!

The disadvantages still haven't changed, and the tower owner alone can't stop the two false gods who reveal the body!


Launched four times with the "Five Thunders" together, the energy of the talents of the King's Land is accumulating in a straight line!

This is Lin Chen's second backhand card!

Bang ~! Lin Chen was repulsed again, covered with Cabernet Sauvignon, orange light circulated, and rushed up his teeth again!

With these holy creatures that have gone through millions of years as opponents, if they are replaced with ordinary strong ones, they will already collapse and admit that they are dead! Lin Chen contends to this point with his own strength, and the strength of this state of mind alone has already surpassed countless people!

This is definitely the toughest battle Lin Chen has ever experienced! Every time the opponent's weakness is broken, it will be replaced by a more brutal and offensive, like a lone wolf, facing the siege of three lions!

Every time Lin Chen found it difficult to persevere, he instantly remembered the inferiority of the Kyushu land that had been left by these false gods, those lives that they ravaged indiscriminately, and those who were inferior to them as cattle!

In this breath, like a melting fire burning his throat, Lin Chen could not swallow it! !

"Go to your hypocrisy!"

Lin Chen shouted angrily and waved his fist to the galaxy! At this moment, his state of mind became more complete, this knife Jingyues God was shocking!

Tear ~! Daoguang splits the void, splitting Wang Yikuang's Kunpeng wings in half!


Wang Yi frantically screamed, his Kunpeng bloodline was known for its speed, its wings were cut, and its combat power was severely damaged!

Lin Chen waited for the opportunity to grab the four attributed light **** he dropped, and stepped into the air in a dark step, sweeping out a wave of spirit to repel the soul, and retreat at a rapid speed!

At this time, the energy of Junlintianxia in the system has accumulated and it has reached 200 million points!

"It seems that the fifth Wulei burst into the enemy's plan was successful!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

This is an unprecedented value! You need to kill a lot of warlords to accumulate energy value!

But for the Holy Land, it may not be enough. Increase the attack power of Holy Realm, and increase the attack of War Realm, there is a world of difference!

Lin Chen saw that his vitality was about to burn to the utmost, and because of the increase in the enhanced version of the God Killer's talent, he transformed into a holy body. He could only support the 13-minute body of "Desperate Life and Death", and insisted for more than one hour!

"This kid is getting stronger and stronger, and fighting at the cost of burning vitality is a terrible secret!"

"Unfortunately, he is going to die! The three of us still have the background to compete with him, and even if we are strong, we will return to the sky!"

Soul Yin and Jianchuan Ye's eyes are sullen, locking Lin Chen's position, they are not in a hurry, now Lin Chen is self-defeating!

The Desperate Life and Death talent burns vitality and fights. The longer you persist, the stronger the power you gain, but if you cannot kill the specified target, the talent will not be lifted!

Now, the power of gaining power due to the talent of'Death and Death' is as high as 60,000 times! Coupled with the godslayer, that is 350,000 times!


Suddenly, Lin Chen laughed loudly!

"Laugh? How do you laugh when I think you're going to die!"

The soul smiled back in anger, and continued to condense Shengli instilled in his Tianyin Crystal!

How can Lin Chen not laugh?

Up to now, everything is in accordance with his plan, Lin Chen's winning percentage is now 30%!

Pseudo-God is indeed very powerful, these 30% is still his life to fight back!

But Lin Chen still has ace! In previous battles, he had never used the'Tianyin Rune' once!

"It's time to use King to make up for the parts of the world that are not enough for life and death."

Lin Chen's mouth was bleeding, but he grinned!

He stared at the glowing sun behind the three false gods. Although the distance was still very far away, he had already felt the fatal heat!

sun! He has been fighting with the three people constantly moving in order to move the battle area as close to the sun as possible!

But now this distance is already the limit. His desperate talent for life and death led him to run out of time!

"Death and Death" has been carried out to the end, and "King's Land" is ready!

[The host turns on the talent of the sun **** and begins to condense the power of the sun and transform it into the sun **** power!

At the moment when the system light screen popped up, the three false gods and even all the holy land in the audience were shocked!


A burst of sound resounding through the heavens and the world reverberates the world, just like the potential of breaking up the space-time plane, the hot and hot momentum is released from Lin Chen's body!