My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 770

Vol 5 Chapter 770: Beat The Six False Gods

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Chapter 770 Fighting against the six false gods! ! !

Lin Chen ignited an infinite amount of the Sun God's fire, and every pore glowed with the power of the Yang God, the hair fluttered like a Yang fire, and the power was blazing.

Its roots are like the magnificent and endless blazing sun, and the rolling sun **** fire is integrated into his countless meridians, wandering and fusing into his flesh and blood, seamless, perfect and flawless!

The long sun **** fire, like countless dragons roaring in Lin Chen's body, telling the divine power of the sun, the great shore of the sun!

"What a joke, where did this kid come from?"

"No! There is a change in this game, give up!"

The Leijia pseudo-god has just stopped the tower owner, but the Mojia pseudo-god is just about to enter Lingzhou, but the time is creepy!

The power in Lin Chen's body was extremely terrifying, and even they felt a deadly threat!

If the three people, such as Qishen Yin and the like, ignored Lin Chen's turn, they were the ones who died!

The tower owner and the dean were also dumbfounded and stayed in place!

Lin Chen completely subverted their cognition! Lin Chen, who originally thought that the sevenfold war emperor's cultivation as a temporary step into the holy realm, is already a series against the sky, but he did not expect that he could even go to a higher level!

"Just move away!"

The ``Sky Machine Umbrella'' suddenly opened, and three columns of space light straddled the starry sky. The Mo Jia pseudo-god put the Long Disha and Lei Jia pseudo-god into the space beam, and disappeared suddenly!

When they reappeared, they had crossed a long distance and reached the side of Soul Yin and others!

They just arrived, Lin Chen's "Sun God" talent was officially launched!

boom! boom! boom!

The sun diligently enters its body, like the radiant sun of a new birth, rising slowly!

The space trembles, the universe twists, and the rules collapse! A round of scorching sun rose from the top of Lin Chen's head and turned into thousands of sun wheels!

The amount of solar energy condensed into substance turns into nine spiral Tianhe rivers, which are intertwined and endless!

The violent and fierce waves burned hundreds of nearby stars into a blazing fire, bathed in the endless sun, and the magnificent divine power covered Lin Chen's head, such as the highest divine crown!

Lin Chen stepped out of the sea of fire, and when the eyes of the gods opened, the endless starry sky was suddenly reflected by the fiery sun light!

The terrifying temperature shines in nine days and ten places, like two rounds of scorching sun in the starry sky!

The endless radiant sun above Lin Chen's head, the **** silver robe adorned with the burning of the vast blaze of the sun, and the robe that blew over rolled the flames of hell!

Behind Lin Chen, thousands of sun wheels spin, and the foot of the endless fire is like a billion-dollar dragon surrendering to him. The sun burns the starry sky and shines on the galaxy, just like the heavenly sun god!

His pair of divine eyes glanced at all false gods, and the people who were swept by his eyes were all trembling and cold sweating!

This kind of power is terrible!

It's like the sun **** in the ancient times, overlooking the living beings!

The dean stared at Lin Chen's godlike back, and could not help but burst into tears and cheered loudly!

"God bless me Lingzhou!!"

"What's the strength of this kid?"

The tower master trembles! From the transformation of the Seventh Warlord to such a point, I am afraid that even the Holy King cannot achieve such terrible means!

"Oh? It's all together? Well, hahaha!"

Lin Chen's heart moved with laughter! Laughter shakes the world, gazes at the galaxy, and stirs up the flames, and there is endless supernatural power shaking the whole galaxy!

He was worried that the duration of his "Sun God" talent was too short, and he was afraid that the other party would break Lingzhou, and he did not expect to be together!

"Don't be fooled by his momentum!"

"Quickly approaching the summit of the Triple Peak! Together, his vitality is still passing, and we will win in the past!"

Soul Yin and Mo Jia false gods said in unison!

At the moment they communicated, Lin Chen waved blue moon like lightning, and a domineering sword-yellow moon burst like a rainbow!

The moon is as majestic as the abyss, splitting a terrible space crack to form the abyss, the perfect combination of the sun's divine power and the water robbery and the blessing of the violent and brutal billions of dragons, and it is earth-shattering!

This type of "Jingyue Chi God" actually surpassed its founder, "Sword Saint" Li Changsheng!

"Kun PromiseDragon Swallow!"Wang Yikuang opened his blood basin with a big mouth and exploded a beam of light that engulfed the heavens and the earth, disillusioning the image of thousands of beasts swallowing the dragon!

"Yuyou Huangquan reincarnation!"-Jianmang turned into the sky, Jianchuan Yejian cut the galaxy, a sword splitting the icy cold Huangquan breath!

"Tianyin Great Ice Prison!"-Soul Yin pointed out with a pale face, like the divine force of heaven, earth and latitude and long, and the atmosphere of thousands of miles of abnormal crystal ice fell suddenly around Lin Chen, freezing all vitality!

"Dark Blood Profound Dragon Claw!" Long Disha's whole body was flowing with a violent and fierce dragon's breath, turned into a hundreds of thousands of blood dragons!

boom! boom! boom!

Knife cuts through the ages, the gas breaks Changhong! The big bombardment from both sides triggered an earth-shattering collision!

This knife holder has the characteristic of "penetrating", the aftermath is shocked, and the pseudo gods spit blood!

It's not over yet!

Lin Chen's offensive seems to be the most terrifying robbery between heaven and earth! Countless countless waves of turmoil!

A spiritual giant with a height of 100,000 feet rolls radiantly and violently, punching with a punch, bursting out the spiritual shock that upsets the world!

This spiritual shock also contains penetrating properties, and is accompanied by a sun **** power that burns everything in the world.

"Thousands of miles!"

"Lei Jun hand submerged!"

The heavenly umbrella was bombarded head-on, radiating tens of thousands of gray rays, as if covering the endless heavenly plane, overflowing with the atmosphere of destruction, and hitting the spirt Spirit Sun God Fist with the black lightning ball condensed into it!

boom! The offensive is violent and the galaxy is broken! The false gods were repelled again!

Lin Chen stepped on a dark step, and the sun-god flowing all over him ripped out a streamer of speed. He threw a few punches in his backhand, which was the strongest "seven deadly killers." The powerful and powerful beating was on Wang Yimads Kunpeng body and The dragon body of the dragon family false god!

The killing power is the strongest way in the Seven Powers, and it contains the most powerful power to kill the enemy. One punch is kill!


The killing force runs through the huge body of the two, vomiting blood madly, and their original seriously injured body is covered with a brand new injury!

The increase of the sun **** is not only Lin Chen's cultivation, but also his pure power! Coupled with the desperate life and death, Lin Chen himself did not know that he is now in control of more than 100 million dragon forces!

He only knows that he is now unprecedentedly strong! Strong enough that he has scalp numbness himself!

"Hahaha! Come on, aren't your pseudo-gods arrogant, where did the momentum just go! Fuck, dare to invade my Kyushu and die with all hammers!"

Lin Chen's domineering loud laughter, arrogant and domineering power, covered the sky like a god, and one knife per person, actually pressed the six false gods! Seeing the dean and the tower master stunned!

So invincible! Too strong!

What a scene this is, was once the six false gods of the young warriors in the battle royal realm! How can people be boiled!

Now Lin Chen, but the existence of the four super talents!

The ultimate moment + desperate life and death + enhanced version **** killer + sun god! This talent state is truly unprecedented! Perhaps Lin Chen has no chance to achieve in the future!

The chance of being able to hammer the Holy Realm with the Battle Royal Realm may only be this time!

Apollo has only a 60-second time limit, and Lin Chen must play all of his strongest cards as soon as possible within the time limit!