My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 771

Vol 5 Chapter 771: The Last Move

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Chapter 771

Dean Tower Master and Lin Chen are far away, and they continue to move space to support Lin Chen.


Bang ~! The extremely fast rotating spiritual beam of light exudes an atmosphere of annihilation and bombards all false gods!

With the help of the "sun **** talent", Lin Chen played the strongest level of "annihilation" spiritual attack, shocking their holy body dim, vitality extinction, penetrating characteristics make them suffering and suffering!


Six people vomited blood, and the wounds of the Eucharist became more serious!

Its like the weakness at the beginning. Although the false gods are powerful, their severely wounded holy bodies make them very unbeatable. This is why they often hide behind the scenes to control the situation in Kyushu. If they are bombarded by a large number of town hall monuments , Their injuries will cause irreparable damage!

If you dont break the defense, its okay, but once their defense is broken, you can hardly break the army and will be broken by your opponents!

Lin Chen is like this now! The harm they inflicted on them was unimaginable!

In only one hundred rounds, the six false gods were seriously injured!

Lin Chens condition was not much better. He was wounded again and again by the pseudo-gods, but his "desperate life and death" burned him to this day, so he couldnt care too much and fought for his life. !

"Damn, this kid is going to die with us!"

"Crazy, this is a lunatic! Does Nima want to die with us for Kyushu?"

"Mo Tianji, hurry up and find a way!"

The six pseudo-gods are terrified. The talent of the sun **** is similar to the talent of the **** killer. They are all talents that increase Lin Chens spiritual power, pure power, and fighting strength, resulting in the perfect combination of the trinity of Lin Chen. Can share different attack methods in battle and break their defenses again and again!

They were even killed by Lin Chen thinking that Lin Chen would die with them!

"I can't keep it anymore, everyone will do my best! As long as I don't wait to die, I will eventually kill Kyushu and refining the nuclear energy to recover! Then the master of the sky tower tower shot, I am afraid that the demon inside has begun to riot!

"This son is now the end of a strong crossbow, kill him with the strongest blow!"

Mo Tianji said that the six pseudo-gods looked at each other, and immediately fixed their attention together, and covered each other and quickly launched the body!


Twinkling with the eyes of the Sun God Fire squinting, Lin Chen felt that the unprecedented fluctuations of the Holy Power rose in these six false gods!

At this moment, the six false gods are no longer in reserve, they will sacrifice the strongest move!

"Is it a decisive victory..."

Lin Chen glanced at his "Sun God" talent remaining: 24 seconds. The sacred body filled with magnificence and magnificence, but at this time it is already the glory of life is about to pass, and the talent of desperate life and death has already burned his vitality to the last moment!

"Sword Fury!"

Jianchuan Ye sang coldly, sacrificed the holy sword, and a sword flew out, the sword light twisted and stormed, and the infinite sword was turned into a storm!

A touch of sword awn in the center of the storm is exactly the tip of the broken holy sword, just like a mad dragon born, stabbing straight to Lin Chen! Thousands of swordsman's sharp shots shattered the stars and swept across the sky, almost blocking Lin Chen's retreat!

This is a half-orange sword skill! Issued by Jianchuanye and other pseudo-gods, the might can penetrate the Lingzhou mainland plate!

"Blood Eater, Dragon Breath!"

Long Disha spit out a strong sperm of blood, the dragon breath condensed into a vast dragon claw, under his head covered under the vast starry sky, angrily grabbed the void above Lin Chen's head, overwhelmed the world, and glanced at the world!

"Wanman pear flower!"

Mo Tianji's Jingxue Festival sprinkled the Tianji Umbrella, and numerous tiny pinholes were derived from the edge of the umbrella.

Each needle sharp edge can almost penetrate the saint's defense. Thousands of needles are like **** coming, covering Lin Chen's all directions!

"Thunder moves Jiuxiao!"

The Leijia pseudo-gods doubled into the claws of giant beasts, and energy fluctuations similar to "alien crystals" erupted in the body. The direction is like a dragon swims across the sea!

"The star bursts!"

Wang Yikuangs Kunpeng giant condenses all the power of the bloodline, and the strongest Kunpeng can swallow the stars, and he can also convert the swallowed stars into energy for release. The Holy Light penetrating through the stars went straight to Lin Chen!

Soul Yin is even more vigorous and bloody, the divine power fluctuates like a tide, and the astral crystal in the body is constantly agitating.

"The sky is cold and the palm is cold!"

The terrible Yinsha cold condensed the giant palms of thousands of acres, and when I headed towards Lin Chen, many meteorite fragments were frozen into ice crystal fragments by the Yinsha cold, and quietly turned into powder. The energy in the giant palm contained the energy of extinction!

Another trick of half-orange-level combat skills, infinitely close to the orange-level combat skills!

Bang ~! The strongest tactics of the six false gods were issued at the same time, and the devastating swept away!

Its power is so powerful that even the dean and tower owner far behind Lin Chen can't help but look shocked! This is the strongest blow to condense the existing strength of these false gods!

These false gods are not ordinary saints. They are criminals in holy prisons, not to mention the rare purple-level top-level exercises, top-level best-quality items, and even half-orange-level exercises. They are extremely horrible!

Their dying counterattack strike was enough to impress countless holy realms!

"Oops! If Lingzhou is hit by such an offensive, it will inevitably fall apart and really fall apart! Even Tianzhou will suffer as a result!"

"Aren't you going to chase these guys, why did this kid Lin Chen still force them to die!"

The Dean and the Tower Master were in a state of anxiety. This kind of offensive looked at the whole of Kyushu. Except the ancient times, the brilliant era of Bai Shengqi, no one could take the chance!

At the almost desperate moment, Lin Chen's eyes flowed with the divine light, proudly standing on the starry sky, like the sun standing!

"Then come! The last blow!"

Lin Chen's heroic power, immediately mobilized all the original fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation, and urged the system to launch the Junlintianxia talent!

[Activated talent combination Junlin world talent, accumulated energy: 20.05 million points. Will increase the host's next attack.

[The host activates the Sky Rune to hide the next attack trajectory and breath, consuming 29.5 million rune energy, duration: 3 seconds, cooling time: 40 seconds.

The moment the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen, who was surrounded by the sun's divine light and orange life essence, showed a smile!

In his left hand, the azure and bright moonlight flowed and gleamed, and a form of "Mirror Moonlight God" was brewing in it.

The right hand palm condenses the "Nine Tribulation Stars" of the heavens and earth, but the wave of destruction that is almost extinct, but only he can feel it!

In the face of that terrifying offensive, Lin Chen dared to rush up!