My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 772

Vol 5 Chapter 772: Kill The False Gods

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Chapter 772: Killing the False God! !

This offensive of the six great false gods, which was so brilliant and dominant in the world, was what Lin Chen saw most!

As far as the eye can see, the realm of the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit is all lore!

Without the blessings of the four great talents, 100,000 Lin Chen would not be able to resist one-tenth of this offensive!

If you face a hard attack, even if you have the blessing of Jinglingtianxia talent, you may be able to break the offensive of the pseudo-gods. With the two attacking runes, you can still give some damage, but they will never kill them!

This is not what Lin Chen wanted! His'Death and Death' has reached the end of the time limit, either the other party is dead, or Lin Chen is dead!

The offensive came very quickly. Lin Chens holy spirit was very fast. At the moment he rushed past, it seemed that he was only half a breath, and thousands of thoughts appeared in his mind. He still did not shoot!

Finally, when the momentum of all attacks reached a distance of less than a hundred miles, Lin Chen, who stepped on the "dark step", rolled the infinite amount of the sun's radiance, and the sky was full of heavenly light, like a round of exhaustion Blazing Sun!

When Lin Chen ran into the sky offensive head-on, the purple light flashing throughout his body!

The tower master and the dean's complexion turned pale, and Lin Chen rushed forward without defense?

At this moment, the **** dragon claws, the needles that were like rainstorms, the overwhelming sword gas storm, the dark and cold giant palms, the destruction beam of the flowing Kunpeng breath, two thunder dragon marks, bombarded on Lin Chen !

When the six pseudo-gods showed their happy faces, their faces changed in shock at the next moment!

"Super counterattack!!"

Along with the shimmering purple light, Lin Chen burst into a skyward rage, and all the offensives actually rebounded back alive?

call out! call out! call out!

The overwhelming attack formed the terrible offensive that permeated Changhong. One counterattack returned to the six false gods. The attack trajectory nearly turned back and the speed was extremely fast!


All the false gods are ignorant!

No one expected Lin Chen's hand!

How did he do that?

How can there be such a divine skill in this world?

Bounce back the moments of the six holy realms without any damage, even if they are several levels higher than their six pseudo-gods!

Even in their heyday before they were sent to the holy prison, they could only be hard-wired at most, and it was impossible to achieve such a perfect rebound!

Could it be that the legendary orange-level combat skills turn decay into magic?

In an instant, all kinds of thoughts were like fear, shock, and consternation, and the hearts of the pseudo-gods emerged one after another, but they couldn't care too much. When they turned into a streamer and jumped into space, they suddenly launched their last power attempts. Dodge the defense and protect yourself!


Mo Tianji's face was pale, and his'Tianji mobile' had just been put into use just because of Lin Chen's outbreak of the'Sun God' talent. At least three hours before it could be used again, it could not escape!

"Late! Hahahaha, die for me!"

Lin Chen laughed, and the violent laughter shook the world!

boom! boom! boom! Bang ~! Sigh~!

The devastating storm that swept through everything was like a riot of flowers, gathered from all directions, and collided in the space near the six pseudo-gods, and then the emptiness trembled, blasting a cloud of energy mushrooms!

boom! boom! boom!

Countless flying meteorites were shattered by aftershocks, a bundle of monstrous storm-shaped tornadoes raged, the sword gas storm disturbed the sky, confusing the cold and cold cold, the thunderbolt of the thunderbolt burst and the sharp needles were like flying leaves. Floating flowers, violently mixed with the blood of the strong dragon, from time to time are stirred by the murderous Kunpeng breath!

"Ah! Lao Tzu's blood power, Lin Chen, you must not die!"

"Where does this little king and **** come from, the old man's cloudy sky!"

The miserable wailing echoed from the storm, and the pseudo-gods who had been seriously injured were hit with their full strength. When the attack was originally launched, the holy force was used all the way. Now there is no extra power to resist!

Their severely wounded Eucharist collapsed and separated, even if not dead, only half a step away from death!

This scene even stupefied the tower owner and dean!

Lin Chen's hand has completely exceeded their cognition!

This is not an attack from the Yuangang Realm of the Heavenly Gang Realm, it is the full blow of the Holy Realm! It was still sent by the six false gods!

This is a one-time active talent for Purple Order, Super Counterattack!

Lin Chen used it to withstand a large number of warlords' attacks in the sky tower, and perfectly rebound the opponent's offensive. In the system's talent description, Super All Counterattack is also fully applicable to Holy Realm!

Even the attack of the Holy Realm can bounce back perfectly, which is totally a talent against the sky! Lin Chen has been waiting for the most suitable opportunity to use it!

The offensives of the six false gods are enough to sweep the entire continent of Lingzhou, but Lin Chens eyes flashed with turbulence and madness!

It's not over yet!

Lin Chen has already won 50% of the plan here!

"Go, the Jiujiao stars set Kyushu, and the Jiujiao stars will die!"

Almost among the electric light and flint, Lin Chen suddenly threw out the'nine-color stars' in his hand!

It's gorgeous and dazzling, the delicate and exquisite Shenhua light holds the power of Lin Chen's nine-robbery source, so beautiful and suffocating, thrilling!

No, to be precise, it should be the "Nine Tribulation Source"! And there is a hint of the sun **** Wei Na hiding in it, making the power of the Nine Tribulation Stars skyrocket!

[The host activates level 5 charge, level 5 penetration runes, and consumes 21.9 million rune energy...]

Charging Rune increases power five times, and the power of Junling World's 200 million points increases its attack power by more than ten times!

The ultimate moment, desperate life and death, God-killer, Apollo, King of the world!

Five great talents are superimposed, this time the Nine Tribulation Stars are far more than any time!

In Lin Chen's eyes, the color of perseverance flashed, and the moment when Jiujiao Xingchen took off, it quickly turned into a star of nine colors falling into a monstrous storm!

This is the light that only Lin Chen can see. The Tianyin rune perfectly hides its breath, so that the pseudo-gods who are under attack are not aware of it!

At the moment when Lin Chen's "Sun God Talent" entered the countdown of 10 seconds, a beam of vast nine-color beams of millions of miles was suddenly in full bloom, sweeping through the sky, sweeping across the vast starry sky, running through the entire galaxy, the glorious **** shining light Everything in the world!

"what is this?"

"No, this is not the attack of the false gods, stop it!"

The Dean and the Tower Master set off a violent wave in their hearts, withdrawing their bodies, and retreating back to the sky above Lingzhou in a flash, urging the whole body to build two Holy Light Barriers!

Buzz! Buzz!

At the moment when two blue and blue light barriers were formed, the aura of the riots was destroyed by a storm, and the surface of the barrier was constantly bombarded with energy ripples, and the two clenched their teeth!

If this aftermath rushes into Lingzhou, the whole Lingzhou will be charred!

Fortunately, in order to be close to the sun and attracted far enough distance during the fierce battle with the three false gods, the fluctuations of Jiujiaoxingchen did not overflow much to the direction of Lingzhou.

The blooming nine-color beam of light did not roll up the earth-shattering momentum, only the annihilation power that quietly destroyed everything!

"He still has some is it possible..."

"When I wait for the domineering industry, I will stop here..."

"Where do I hate... This place has been riding the Holy World forever, there are countless mistresses, infinite enemies, and they are defeated by this son..."

When the nine-color beam rotates, Lin Chen seems to hear the screams of the pseudo-gods!