My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 773

Vol 5 Chapter 773: Colorful Treasure Chest

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Chapter 773

Even if Lin Chen urged the "three-inch robbery", the destruction wave of the bloom of the nine-color light beam continuously passed on, and his body continued to perish. The aftermath of the energy of the nine-robber star was too horrible, and he could not even bear it!

Lin Chen held on to the "blue moon", the last step left!

Lin Chen has never used the Tianyin Rune from the beginning, and he has been hiding this trump card in the battle against the pseudo-god!

There is no other reason. If the false gods find it impossible to perceive Lin Chens attack, they will most likely choose to avoid the battle, because for their seriously injured bodies, the undetected attack is the deadliest!

So, he kept this rune until the end! Stay on top of his strongest blow to eliminate all false gods together!

Brush ~!

I dont know which pseudo-god, it seems that he still has the last hole card and escaped from the nine-color beam!


Lin Chen slashed across the sky, and the "Jingyue Jishen" was ready to burst out of the blue moon!


Under the starry sky reflected by the nine-color beam of light, it seemed that there was a moonlight flashing in the blink of an eye. The figure was terrified and shouted: "No, don't!"

Bang ~! The moonlight was cut off, the cold atmosphere burst, the Holy Body was divided into two, and a large number of attribute light **** were scattered!

Lin Chen's burning orange brilliance suddenly disappeared. The one who escaped was actually soulful!

However, at the moment when the soul was killed, Lin Chen's face changed suddenly!


The limit of the desperate life and death talent is lifted, but the aftermath brought by the Jiujiaoxing stars continues to destroy all vitality of Lin Chen!

"System, launch super-dimensional transmission..."

Lin Chen hasn't had time to launch'Super Dimensional Teleportation', the whole body is destroyed and annihilated by the terrible air waves, and the energy of the enhanced version God Killer's talent is quickly lost!

In the end, the nine-color beam of light slowly disappeared, and the pseudo-gods all fell!


In this battle, Lin Chen tried his best to layout and exhausted everything. After repeated preparations and perseverance, he finally got rid of the false gods!

However, the ability to kill this time was all due to the "super all counterattack" at the last minute, and the false **** itself was also a body that was seriously injured, and finally made the Jiujiaoxing the last straw to overwhelm them.

If you switch to the three-level holy realm that is intact, the result may be completely different.

Despite the victory, Lin Chen also paid a heavy price!

His whole body cracked into pieces, floating in the starry sky, the breath of life became dimmer.

"Damn, Brother Chen, should I end up being killed by myself..."

Lin Chen's heart was bitter, and the breath of life gradually disappeared into nothingness. A faint gleam of blue light flashed from his heart.

[The host is on the verge of death and activates the passive talent: Destiny.

Boom~! The blue light is like a pillar, when it blooms from Lin Chen's body, it gathers from his body, grows a strong breath of life, and begins to reintegrate his body!

"This, this is..."

In Lin Chen's eyes, a new light and faith bloom!

Destiny! Unexpectedly, he previously consumed three kinds of attribute values of nearly 10 million to merge the godslayer fragments to no avail, but this unexpectedly acquired talent became his life-saving card!

The last time it was launched, or the first time he encountered the soul of the descendant of the pseudo-god, he still saved his life this time!

In less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Chens body was reborn and all were restored!

However, the enhanced version of the **** killers and the sun gods have been released from their talents, and now Lin Chen is in the war emperor realm.

"Huh? I broke through!"

Lin Chen was shocked and delighted. The destiny made him rebirth, and what he stood behind was the eighth cultivation that had blocked him for the major barrier. Now he is the eighth early warlord!

"Now is not a time for surprise, so hot!"

Do not take too much into account, Lin Chen urged the Nine Tribulation War Body to defend. Although this space is still a long distance away from the sun, it can be regarded as a very dangerous position for the Warlord Realm!

"Take away the spoils of the pseudo-gods first, and then send them back with super-dimensional! This vast sky contains various space storms, skyfires, meteorites, ice sands, crack winds, etc., it is difficult for me to get out of the way!"

Lin Chen put away the "blue moon" that was severely damaged, and the "ultimate moment" broke out again, urging the "dark step" at full speed, and swept away to the space where the false **** fell.

The extraterrestrial sky is extremely dangerous, even the Ninth War Emperor is difficult to protect himself, and Lin Chen is no exception. Unless he fights against the pseudo-god and clears any obstacles nearby, Lin Chen cant use it in the vast starry sky as he wants now. His body shuttled.

"Qinglong, close!"

Lin Chen releases his dragon emperor, one person one dragon frantically cleans the battlefield, Qinglong is responsible for receiving attribute light balls, and Lin Chen takes the loot of the pseudo-gods!

This time, when Lin Chen cleaned the battlefield, his heart was shaking!

Not because of the massive attribute light ball, but because of the treasure chest and loot after killing the false god!

The top gods of the false gods burst open during the battle, most of the things were destroyed, only a few valuable treasures remained!

First, a broken holy sword, severely damaged, but Shengwei still exists! It is the sword of Jianchuan Ye!

A gray stone with the power of restrained infinite space is not even one percent of the jade jade of the "Holy Force" space!

There is also a piece of red silk, this piece of red silk, Lin Chen also had a piece from the dean, even the dean can not see through its secret!

A scroll sealed by the dark energy flowing like a sea, and two red blood crystals of the size of a fist. With the help of the'Golden Eyes Twins', Lin Chen saw two dragon marks phantom flying red blood crystals. Inside, that is Long Wei that Lin Chen has never felt before!

Each of these things is extremely extraordinary! Lin Chen has never seen it!

"Damn, I'm making money this time!"

Lin Chen took away all these trophies, but he didn't have time to study at the moment, let's talk about it!

Finally, there is a piece of jade-sized crystal jade fragments suspended in the void, which flows with a terrible cold, as if there are tens of thousands of icebergs condensed in the fragments, even Lin Chen dare not easily approach!

"This is, that day is Yinjingjing?"

Lin Chen was stunned, and his heart speeded up, but soon his heart sank: "No, its just fragments of the crystal. Most of the energy is used by Soul Yin to resist my attack. One-half energy, hey, what a pity!"

This piece of sky-yin abnormal crystal is the top treasure of soul refining, only the Holy Realm has. The strength of the abnormal crystal has already been experienced by Lin Chen, and once forced him into desperation.

However, Lin Chen is not too frustrated, if the complete "abnormal crystal", Lin Chen may not even take it away!

After all, the power of'Alien Crystal' is terrifying!

The blessing of an aura on the Holy Realm can be multiplied several times. This value is probably only comparable to the combat skills of more than half orange rank!

After taking away the Tianyin Alien Crystal Fragment, Lin Chen turned to the other side of the void, where six attribute chests were suspended!

What I just got is the background that the false **** itself holds and remains in the war. Those six treasure chests are the attribute treasure chests that Lin Chen exploded from the false god!

Six attribute treasure chests, two orange crystal treasure chests, and four other attribute treasure chests were first seen by Lin Chen!

Its four attribute treasure chests flow with colorful brilliance, exuding a supreme and noble atmosphere!

Lin Chen grabbed the six treasure chests, and his mood was never so excited and excited!

This is a treasure chest burst out by a false god! What kind of things will be opened?