My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 774

Vol 5 Chapter 774: Orange Rank Talent Instant Light Fragmentation Fragment

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Chapter 774

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get the purple order passive talent: strong attack.

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get: Jin Shengyuan coins, 10 pieces.

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and receive: Half Orange Rank Battle Skill "Sword Fury".

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and get: Bloodline Supernatural Vientiane Engulfing Trick.

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and receive: Permanent Orange Order Talent Instant Light Fragmentation Fragment (1/2).

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and get: Xia Pin Qi Yun Ling Planting Seeds.

Lin Chen's whole person was struck by lightning, and his mouth was jammed with eggs!

"I depend!"

Permanent orange rank talent fragments?

A huge surprise stimulated Lin Chen's brain, he almost thought he was wrong!

Orange rank talents are all unprecedented levels, each of which is Lin Chens strongest trump card. Lin Chen wants to have a permanent orange rank talent in his dreams, that is his life-saver!

Even if it is a fragment of talent, there is a hope anyway!

"Days and nights, I finally gave you Pan!"

Lin Chen tremble opened the system with a trembling heart and quickly read the talent of Instant Light.

[Permanent Orange Rank Talent Fragment: Instant Light Split (1/2), consumes the specified talent points, can divide all attacks of the host into five, the power is not reduced, and is applicable to all the special runes of the host at this stage.

After reading this brief and concise explanation, Lin Chen took a breath.

"All attacks can be divided into five and apply to all characteristic runes, that is to say, my phantom runes also apply. If I use four phantom avatars to launch the mirror moon and the **** together, it is the five strokes mirror moon. Chishen. If this talent is activated, it is..."

Lin Chen thought about it!

Five people and five tricks? If it is divided into five, is it 25 moves?

Twenty-five strokes of Jingyue and God played together, and blessing penetrating and energizing runes. What kind of situation would it be?

Too **** crazy!

A group of invincible God-killers, the Sun God that gets stronger as the sun gets stronger, and this instant light branch that is enough to turn the world around!

Orange rank talent is really one to one pervert!

"This talent is so outrageous!"

Lin Chen was amazed, the excited spit and fragrant, and the orange rank talent, it was indeed a series powerful enough to turn against the sky!

If Lin Chen had the talent of "Instant Light Splitting" in the battle with the pseudo-god, he didn't need to fight back with super total counterattack!

Directly throwing out the Nine Tribulations Stars and launching the "Instant Light Split" into five equal-strength Nine Tribulations Stars, what kind of scene is that?

False god? The **** can blow you up!

However, not all talents are perfect.

Apollo has a short time limit, and the God-killer must have enough enemies and the other party's powerful strength to be able to exert its power.

Moreover, the Godkiller talent is not applicable to the "Phantom Rune", the only body that really enters the Godkiller talent state when activated.

The "instant light splitting" is not so shortcoming as it is Lin Chen's own limitation.

Why Lin Chen can perform four avatars comparable to the body, avatars can use all of Lin Chen's unique skills, but Jiujiao Xingchen can still only be used once in a short time.

That is, the Jiu Tribulation Stars need to consume the'Nine Tribulation Sources'. Ultimate Guiyuan can supplement the fighting spirit and mental loss, but it cannot make up for the loss of the Jiu Tribulation Sources.

The Phantom Doppelgang possessed Lin Chen's fighting spirit of Jiu Tribulation, but the origin of Jiu Tribulation was one after another.

If you avail the "Nine Tribulation Stars", you will only consume the origin of the Nine Tribulation.

To put it succinctly: It is not that the instant light splitting talent does not apply to the Nine Tribulation Stars, but the Phantom Rune cannot increase the number of use of the Nine Tribulation Stars!

Therefore, "Nine Tribulation Stars" can still only be used once in a short period of time. Similar to the unprecedented grand occasion of dozens of "Nine Tribulation Stars", it will probably never appear...

However, the change from five to five is also extremely against the sky. "Instant Light Split" and "King's Land" will be a great weapon to destroy the world!

"Although the Nine Tribulation Stars can't let the Phantom Doppelganger perform, but the half-orange order combat skills can do it!"

Lin Chen was not discouraged. He saw another infinite possibility of Instant Light Splitting, that is top-level combat skills!

Even if he can control the orange-level combat skills in the future, Phantom Doppelganger can also be used, and then with the instant light splitting, Lin Chen believes that at that time, he must be able to command new heights and strengthen new boundaries!

It seems to be a lot of association, but in fact only a few breathing time.

Lin Chen looked around for a week and frowned slightly.

"There are a large number of meteorite nearby, so you must quickly withdraw!"

He bound the only remaining holy body of Wang Yikuang and Soul Yin. The rest of the pseudo-gods had no bones in the previous explosion, but the only two bodies were preserved.

Although their holy body was broken and bleak, and the remaining holy power was not enough for one thousandth of the severely injured state, for Lin Chens "Dragon Emperor", it was still a big supplement, provided that the problem of how to refine it was solved. !

I couldn't take a closer look at how many attributed light spheres the Dragon Emperor obtained. A large number of meteorites approached. Lin Chen hurriedly launched the "super-dimensional transmission" talent.

"Move the host to space position 1."

The light beam in the space broke open, and Lin Chen disappeared.

Lin Chen didn't know that after he left, the void not far away ignited a ray of red flame, like dancing elves, beautiful and gorgeous.

In the flames, a beautiful shadow came out slowly, staring at the broken void, and the beautiful woman clapped her hands, and she couldn't help applauding.

"This son is truly a peerless genius in the realm of the world. Although he has no special blood, he can't see through this seat. It's interesting. I can't think of this kind of situation."

The flaming and gorgeous long skirt is beautiful, and the feminine temperament is beautiful and beautiful. She turned and stared to the direction where Lin Chen left. Daimei fluttered like two red flames, extremely strange!

"Get out."

Suddenly, the woman's face was cold and frosted, her slender hands grabbed the void, a flesh and blood, and the cracked figure of the skin pulled out from the crack of the void!

It's actually that Mo family false **** Mo Tianji!

He is not dead! By the means of his holy grade fortune-teller, the explosion of the Nine Tribulation Stars did not kill him!

" is it possible, who are you, why can you see my heavenly holy escape!"

Mo Tianji was wounded, staring at the red lady in front of her with horror!

The latter's sense of oppression is extraordinary, not to mention the severely wounded body, even if it is not in the heyday of the holy prison, it is not necessarily comparable to the woman in front of you!

"You are not qualified to know the name of this seat, can you recognize this?"

Hong Shangjia laughed sneer, a red flame of red light circulated in the palm of your hand, Mo Tianji's pupil shrank!

"Are you in the Palace of the Divine Flame?"

The woman in the red dress raised her lips: "You have a bit of eyesight, you look like a criminal in the holy prison, and it's a remnant to stay! Death!"

As soon as the words fell, her jade hand was shot steeply in the heavenly cover of Mo Tianji. The latter's seven tricks bleed, and the vitality slowly extinguishes, showing despair in his eyes.

"no, do not want"

"Humph! It's too dirty to kill you."

Seemingly aware of it, the woman in the red dress suddenly focused on the direction of mainland Kyushu.

"Huh? Devil's breath?"