My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 775

Vol 5 Chapter 775: Crusade Against Linchen

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Chapter 775

Lets talk about Lingzhou mainland, Lin Chens "Nine Tribulation Stars" erupted, reflecting the skys nine-color brilliance, like a round of blazing sun all over Lingzhou, everyone stopped fighting!

"Hey, what is this?"

"Could it be that our great true God is coming?"

The top powers of the two camps stopped fighting, uncertain.

When the tower owner and the dean were in a hurry, the light beam in the space suddenly broke open, and Lin Chen returned, and after the two were stunned, the color of ecstasy appeared!

"Boy Lin Chen, you are fine!"

"Well, you kid, scared me a lot! Isn't it good to expel them, why are you still fighting for your life!"

The two relieved with relief, and the top of the strong sides of the two camps looked extremely wonderful!

"Master Lin Chen won?"

"Could those false gods be killed?"

"Impossible, how could our true God Lord fall under such ordinary mortals!"

The powerful emperors of the Lingzhou camp are all cheering, but the false **** camp is full of incredible faces!

The ancestors of the seven dragons stopped fighting and looked horrified.

Other people can't recognize it, but they can't recognize it wrong!

The two bodies carried by Lin Chen are really the body of the false god!

"Even if the Master of the Sky Pagoda is close, it is impossible to kill them!"

"What a joke, we lost?"

"Lin Chen, Lin Chen! Everything is because of this son, those guys are dead, what about the Dragon God Jade?"

The high-level dragons are in chaos, and the morality of the seven dragons has fallen!

Bai Ruoyan gazed at Lin Chen's direction, tears flashing, and the heart that had been hanging was finally released!

When the dean and the tower master saw the two bodies in Lin Chen's hands, their faces were horrified!

"You, you killed them?"

Even though the explosion was terrifying just now, both of them are a bit incredible!

That is the fierce criminal in the holy prison! All six were killed by Lin Chen?

"Well, it's all killed! It's useless to expel these guys, they will make a comeback sooner or later, I just want to kill them from the beginning!"

Lin Chen's words made the tower owner and dean shake their heads in wonder!

Although they already recognized Lin Chen's potential and strength, they still underestimated his ambitions!

They only thought about how to resist the attack of the false gods, this little guy actually thought how to destroy the six false gods! Surprised!

Suddenly, terrible energy fluctuations began to erupt from the bodies of two false gods!

Lin Chen was shocked, "Is this thing going to explode?"

The dean's eyes were stern!

"Their holy veins are broken and incomplete, exploding!"

He glanced at the tower master and nodded, condensing the Holy Light with their fingertips, and cut off the heads of the bodies of the two false gods.

The two pinched the printing tactics and fired a series of golden sacred texts with their fingertips, circling around the body of the pseudo-god and forcibly sealing its broken sacred vein energy!

The body of the pseudo-god after the seal was plain and uncommon, like ordinary items, Lin Chen easily put it into the ring, and couldn't help but sigh the magical means of the two.

Without talking, Lin Chen then looked around the entire Lingzhou, countless eyes condensed the fighting spirit, staring at him through thousands of miles.

Lin Chen waved his arms and shouted aloud!

"War, it is over! We, Lingzhou, won!"

"Pseudo-god alliances, descendants, there is still a line of vitality, rebels, all killing!"

At this moment, Lin Chen's voice was like thunder and thunder, and the air gathered like a rainbow, spreading all over Lingzhou!


The announcement of this news by Lin Chen personally was extremely convincing after the lifting of space barriers!

The endless sounds are boiling in the land of Lingzhou, hundreds of millions of people in Lingzhou weep with joy, and more and more places have stopped fighting!

Pseudo-god alliances are even more defeated and shrinking!

"Come to Japan, we still have a chance, let's go!"

"Let's go, the other party still has Saint Town, we have no chance."

The seven dragons fled in vain, and the three dragons did not stop. The casualties in this battle were too heavy. Both sides paid a heavy price and did not have the ability to pursue.

Suddenly, the tower master's face slightly changed, "The emergency jade jail is activated, I will go back to the sky tower first!"

He gave Lin Chen and the dean a hand, Lin Chen clenched his fists: "Thanks to the seniors for their help, I remember this kindness of Lin Chen."

The tower master smiled bitterly: "Don't stop killing me, even if there is no me, with your strength and heritage, the result will not change much."

Lin Chen shook his head. If there was a tower master who could resist the aftermath of the'Nine Tribulation Stars', the president alone might not be able to protect Lingzhou. The tower master's support indirectly saved the lives of countless people in Lingzhou.

The tower owner left, although Lin Chen wanted to go to the sky tower to see what happened, but he and the dean still need to stay here to calm down the scene.

"I announced with the dean of Tiange Academy that the war is officially over. If anyone still wants to fight, then come to me!"

The dean released the holy artifacts of Shengwei and Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower, spreading all over Lingzhou and suppressing all thoughts of the remnant party of the Pseudo-God Alliance!

Actually, the dean is now the end of the crossbow, the war of the false gods, although Lin Chen shared his pressure, but his physical condition is actually more serious than the false gods, and now he can stand here with all his breath!

But the sage's prestige is not comparable to that of the emperor, but it is only the momentum that will deter the emperors, and no one dares to fight back!

Lingzhou cheered Lin Chens name everywhere. Starting today, the history of Lingzhou will usher in a brand-new change, rewriting the history of all the pseudo-tampering of Kyushu.

And there is a person who overthrew the era of the pseudo-god rule and inherited the will of the ancient hundred saints, the first person in all ages!

Kyushu, there is no god!

With him Lin Chen, there is no god!

This name will reflect the entire land of Lingzhou and Kyushu like today's nine-color light!

However, things are far from that simple. Everyone thinks that when the war is over, the changes are abrupt!

"Fuck Lin Chen, dare to rob me of the ten temples and nine halls of Mingzhou. Today, you will die or I will die!"

"Little thief Lin Chen, get out of this emperor. Today, I won't pick your skin. This emperor has a leg with your surname Lin."

"Lin Chen has a kind of don't be a tortoise, you dare to rob things, don't you dare to stand up!"

The shouts and abuses covered with a powerful fighting spirit, like a raging wind and waves, overwhelming, covering all directions of Lingzhou!

Countless Yuanzun realm and war emperor realm, such as dense dots, form a thousand waves, coming from all directions!

It is the forces and powerhouses of the eight major states. These forces either did not succumb to the false gods, or the forces of the grass, or they did not care about the situation in Kyushu.

They were all robbed by Lin Chen!

After tens of thousands of years and 100,000 years of accumulation, Lin Chen has planned a clean, almost formed a large force equivalent to the Alliance of Pseudo-Gods!

Many of them are the hidden families of Kyushu, and regardless of the situation on the bright side of Kyushu, they have never been born.

And because of the robbery, everyone's heart is burning with rage, killing intentions, and majesty, and their attacking momentum is even stronger than the False God Alliance!

They are equivalent to all the strong representatives of the eight major states. Almost the entire Kyushu has come to fight against Linchen!