My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 776

Vol 5 Chapter 776: What Is The Strong

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Chapter 776

"Let Lin Chen's little **** get out and kneel down to apologize."

"Damn, don't you dare to show up if you dare to rob? Why is there such a junk thing in Lingzhou? It's a scum!"

"Your mother-in-law, don't hurry up to grandpa, Lin Chen, you **** is a sinner who has no one before and no one coming!"

"You destroyed all things of power, you are a heinous sin! This is delaying the continuation of our Kyushu martial arts civilization!"

Countless scoldings, verbal abuses, doubts, and guilt overwhelmingly overwhelmed, and even countless people in Lingzhou felt huge pressure. This is a powerful representative of the eight major states.

"No! Brother Lin Chen is our savior, not a sinner!"

Some young people shouted for Lin Chen, but some war emperors released their momentum to suppress them.

The young girls couldn't help but their faces turned red. Lin Chen has become the belief of the entire Lingzhou. How can these people be insulted at will!

The people of the Pseudo-God Alliance saw the situation and immediately watched the changes, intending to look at the situation first.

In the face of overwhelming insults, Lin Chen suddenly stepped away, moved 100,000 miles, and the five-colored dragon flashed. He held the five-dragon dynasty gun, his shirt was cracked, and his waist was straight like a war gun, standing still. The center of Lingzhou is high above the sky, facing every doubted strong man.

The people in Lingzhou stared at Lin Chen, but under the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen spoke amazingly.

"A bunch of pens, I just robbed you of these things, I still use you to question things? What is the ability to bully the weak, some kind of charge me!"

Crazy laughter spread all over Lingzhou Kai, and countless powerful men suddenly blushed with anger!

"Damn, so arrogant?"

"Fight him! Grass, I don't believe we can beat him so much!"

"You are the most smelly rat **** in the history of Kyushu! What about Tianzong Wizards? You know that you destroyed our martial arts civilization in Kyushu!"

Countless powerhouses are killing the sky and sweeping Lingzhou!

Lin Chen decomposes their innumerable treasures and weapons, immortal medicines and other innumerable treasures. These heritages require infinite time to accumulate. Lin Chen's approach completely broke their way!

However, if Lin Chen does not do this, the God Killer will not open to the strongest state, and he does not have enough attribute values to strengthen the talent to fight against the pseudo-god! There is no chance to save Kyushu!

All the people of Lingzhou were stunned, and even the strong men of the Tiange Academy stayed in place!

Lin Chen defeated the false **** and saved Kyushu, but became an unprecedented sinner!

The dean stared deeply at Lin Chen's back without speaking.

At the moment, the young student's back looks so tall, as if he can carry the world.

In order to stop the pseudo-god from invading Lingzhou, he decisively fought against it in the outer space, and the powerful men of these eight states never knew Lin Chen's battle with the pseudo-god!

Countless people of Lingzhou are stunned and live in the same place, as are the strong men of the Pseudo-God Alliance!

A touch of the setting sun slowly printed on the face of the boy.

The distant sky is full of the power of killing the sky, and the infinite strong attack on him!

The boy had a deep gaze, a smile on his lips, and he looked far into the distance, not caring at all.

The picture seems to be frozen at this moment, and it seems to be a historical scroll of the ancient torrent.

Everyone in Lingzhou is stunned!

What is a hero? Selfless selflessness, carrying forward with weight, defending justice, carrying history!

What is a strong man? With a world in mind, awe of the world, glance at all beings, and create civilization!

The young man in front of him is the real strong man!

He carried the history and overthrew the era of pseudo-god rule. All the offenders in front of him would have become slaves of the pseudo-god or were wiped out by the pseudo-god.

But Lin Chen saved them and saved Kyushu, but instead became the worst sinner in the history of Kyushu.

But he seemed as if he was so calm and calm, and he was not surprised.

He can take out the body of the false **** to prove his record, no matter whether anyone believes, this is hard evidence, but he disdains to do so!

How about taking it out, and how many people believe it? How many people will stop? Even if one person bears the world and is spurned by the people of the world, he can head forward and live up to his heart!

This is the real heart of the strong! My heart is like a mirror.

At this moment, in the hearts of the people of Lingzhou, Lin Chen's figure glowed with dazzling dazzling light, boundless, as if propping up the world, like a god, imprinted in their hearts forever!

Even the hidden elders of the Pseudo-God Alliance who are enemies cannot help but wonder!

"This son is truly peerless!"

After just a few breaths, it seemed as if everyone had a spirit in their hearts, roaring and screaming through the land of Lingzhou!

"Protect our savior!"

"Hahaha, if you want to move our heroes, then pass us first!"

All the emperors of the Emperor once again stepped into the air and faced the hidden sects of the eight great states without any fear!

Isn't life an honor to follow a strong man like Lin Chen?

Bai Ruoyan, like a fairy with fluttering clouds and clouds, fluttered by the wind, standing quietly beside Lin Chen, and Jade's hand held Lin Chen's palm.

Bai Ruoyan smiled softly; "I would like to accompany you to face the world, and the sea and dry mountain can't stop me."

Lin Chen clenched her beautiful catkins and smiled: "Although I am the most handsome in Kyushu, why do I always feel that I am so lucky, and I can meet a fairy like Sister Ruoyan."

The two smiled at each other, as if remembering the first time they met each other.

"Hahaha, if you want to fight, you have to count as an old guy who was eliminated by the times."

The dean is so passionate that he smiles and thunders!

"Dean of Tiange Academy?"

"This, this is Shengwei, the legend is actually true, he is actually a real sanctuary!"

Countless powerhouses were stunned and dumbfounded!

If there is a Shengjing Town, the scene is completely different! No wonder even the legendary True God Alliance dare not move easily at the moment!

After a wave of waves and waves, and the presence of the three parties, the violent earthquake of the Lingzhou continental plate shook without warning!

The tsunami set off, the space shivered, and many people were unsteady under their feet, falling out of balance.

"Something's wrong, where did you fight?"

"It doesn't seem to be that the continental plate of Lingzhou is shaking!"

The Alliance's powerful emperor was surprised, but the director's face changed abruptly!

Not only Lingzhou, but also Tianzhou, Shenzhou, etc., the entire Kyushu mainland has begun to show such signs of dramatic space vibration!

Lin Chen's expression also became particularly dignified, and his spiritual power felt faintly that an aura of destruction of all things, as if the awakening of desire, was about to rush out of Kyushu!

"Is the nine magic eyes?"

Lin Chen was shocked in his heart. This kind of breath he had felt in the Wonder Demon Battlefield and the deans sleeping room was the nine magic eyes!

"How can the seals be variable, even if the state uses holy tools, it can be maintained for at least a thousand years before there is a problem!"

The dean was cold and sweaty, facing him who was bland in everything, he panicked like this at this time, showing the seriousness of the problem!

Can make a saint panic, I am afraid there is only the existence above the holy realm!

Once any seal of the Nine Great Devil Eyes is torn, Kyushu will truly usher in the end!

There are countless demon kings and devil emperors in the "Magic Cave", and there are also a large number of devil kings and holy devil kings. With the current heritage of Kyushu, it is no longer comparable to ancient times. There is only one devil's eye demons, and Kyushu can't compete with it. !

Lin Chen did not notice that at this time in his palm, the purple and black magic mark shone with a hook-like light, and seemed to be calling the magic eye!