My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 778

Vol 5 Chapter 778: Kyushu Ended

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Chapter 778

The eyes of the Nine Demons penetrated into the eyes of the ruined everything like the sea, and the seal was shattered. When it was about to break out of the eye, a red light mysterious seal came down from the sky, reflecting the magnificent divine power, and a new seal was suppressed on the demon. Above the eyes!


The magic eye vibrated, as if the mouse saw the cat, and the sigh quickly retracted!

After Chiguang Xuanyin flew away from the sky, only three of them could not breathe. All the magic eyes of Kyushu had stopped the riots, and everything was ridiculous, as if nothing had happened!

This means opened the eyes for everyone present!

The Dean was shocked and shocked! Lin Chen is so heavy in his heart!

To suppress the nine magic eyes of Kyushu with one's own strength, such strength is too scary!

Those war emperors who tried to find Lin Chen's revenge were afraid to take a breath!

"I don't know who is stronger than the mysterious man of the Demon Clan."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and fists.

"Okay, the seal is completed, and for at least a hundred years, there will be no more abnormalities. This is the limit I can do for you. Nizi, come here."

The woman in red dress waved to Bai Ruoyan. She fell in love next to Lin Chen. Her soft lips kissed Lin Chen's cheek like a dragonfly, and flew to the woman in red dress.

Lin Chen frowned: "Is it going away now?"

"Naturally, I am here for her, but this little nizi is an unexpected gain. Moreover, the Holy World has a time order created by gods, which is very different from the time flow rate of your ordinary world. The boundary is about a month."

As soon as this statement came out, it amazed countless people!

The legendary Holy World, even the time is completely different from Kyushu!

"Brother Lin Chen, if you are worried about me, come to the Holy Realm to pick me up early."

Bai Ruoyan smiled, not wanting to see Lin Chen's sad expression.

How could he not understand Ruyan Yan's intentions, pretending to smile in the past: "Naturally, my first handsome man in Kyushu has gone up, and I will let those **** geniuses who are shitless have no way to let themselves go!"

Then Lin Chen looked at Shen Lingshuang again and said with a smile: "Little apprentice, you also have to work hard!"

Shen Lingshuang pouted her mouth, feeling wronged and unhappy.

Huh, just now your sister Ruoyan has been caring about you, you havent cared about me, what about Bens opinion? I worshipped a fake master?

"Oh, Lingshuang, this is the way I left you!"

Without saying a word, Lin Chen handed over his jade jade of "Creation Nine Tribulation" to Shen Lingshuang. He had sincerely planned to accept this nizi as a disciple, so naturally he would not hide it.

This Genesis Nine Tribulation was recorded by him afterwards. The top level of the purple rank is purple, and because of its particularity, it may be improved. He does not want other people to become masters of Shen Lingshuang.

This female apprentice of Wu Sheng bloodline, he Lin is about to decide!

Shen Lingshuang is still a little girl. Lin Chen laughed at her with a smile.

After some explanation, Lin Chen also learned that in the loot of the previous killing of the false gods, there was a "passing stone" to the Holy World.

When the young woman with her second daughter was about to leave, she smiled meaningfully at Lin Chen.

"Mr. Lin Chen, although I can guarantee their safety, there are countless top arrogances in the Holy Realm. If you dont seize the time and become stronger, come to my Shenyan Palace to pick up Bai Ruoyan, maybe she will be topped someday. The priest raised the kiss, and the elder of My Palace of Flames agreed, maybe she will become another woman of arrogance."

Lin Chen was stunned and yelled: "What is your special pit!"

"Hahaha, Mr. Lin Chen, I look forward to your performance in the Holy Realm!"

After the woman in red dress laughed, she stepped into the air with her second daughter, disappeared, and left someone with a sulky mouth.

"His mother, who dares to touch my sister Ruoyan, I'm so hammered!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a strong fighting spirit and anger flashed!

Coincidentally, someone in a very bad mood held the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun in his hand, and suddenly screamed at all the imperial warlords!

"Come on! A group of Pharaohs, I am very upset now, hurry up and get some big fools to hang out for me to beat!"

The eyes of the emperors jumped wildly!

are you crazy! The dean of Tiange Academy is still there, Sage Town, who wants to fight you!

In the end, all the warlords who had come to flee all fled, the high-level powerhouses of the Pseudo-God Alliance were controlled, and the history of the Pseudo-God in Kyushu for hundreds of thousands of years finally came to an end!

Lin Chen also ordered the Alliance to build the Baisheng Ancestral Hall for the first time, asking the world to always remember the merits of the ancient Baisheng instead of his merits.

Such a measure and plan moved those who inherited the holy steles. Lin Chen's move was to testify the names of the ancient hundred saints and sages, but he had the name of an ancient sinner, but he didn't care.

No one disagrees with such an open-minded and broad state of mind!

However, after the war ended, Lin Chen hadn't jumped for half a day, and immediately passed out!

Fortunately, the dean was present. After the inspection, Lin Chen only found that he was exhausted and overworked, and his mental consciousness fell into an extremely sleepy state, requiring a period of rest.

When Lin Chen infiltrated the sky tower to regain the energy of the Holy Veins for the dean, he never got a real rest. Before the advent of the false god, he tried to become stronger and obtain more attribute values.

And the repeated high-intensity battles with the six pseudo-gods made his mental strength reach the limit, and he has successively experienced the blow of Bai Ruoyan's departure, which ultimately cannot be sustained.

During this time, no one disturbed Lin Chen, Lingzhou operated under the arrangement of the dean, condolences the deceased, recuperates, and deals with the alliance of false gods.

Those individual survivors of a few hidden elders or a few war emperor realms, all of whom had been lucky, were all extracted by the dean of their fighting spirit and turned into a special jade jade.

This jade jade is connected to the life wheel of the Qi or the Qi Yuan Yuan of the surrender to the false gods, and most of their lives will always be in the hands of the Lingzhou Alliance!

If you crush it, Xiuwei will drop 90%, which is more terrible than killing them!

In addition, they also have to listen to the Unions dispatch for thousands of years to restore their freedom. They need to help Lingzhou and Tianzhou, and even all parties to counter the power of the false gods and rebuild the family power.

Three days after the end of the war, there was news from the sky tower of China: the head of the false **** was hung high, and the history of the 100 Saints was restored. Lin Chen is the savior of Kyushu!

It was the tower owner who shot it himself! Because the woman in red dress suppresses the Nine Demon Eyes, he is finally free to clean up Kyushu!

His prestige is unmatched in Kyushu. He personally proved for Lin Chen, and led people to discover the various inferiorities of false gods in Kyushu, and published many iron evidences to let the world know!

Those who believe in the true God, some commit suicide, some accept history, and some want to wait for revenge, but are uprooted.

The name Lin Chen is truly famous in Kyushu.

Some people call him a sinner, while others honor him as the savior of the Hundred Saints. Some people think that the history is divided into two parts, which are different. These are all the most legendary and brightest in Kyushu.

And the false **** head that hangs the sky tower is a symbol of the arrival of a new era!

As for whether Lin Chen is a sinner or a savior, it is up to the later generations to judge.

In short, Kyushu is completely new under the joint control of the alliance and the tower owner!

This time, Lin Chen was in a coma for a whole month!

When he recovers, there will be a stir again!