My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 780

Vol 5 Chapter 780: Handle Motianji

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Chapter 780

In less than two days, Lin Chen perfectly learned this Vientiane Engulfing bloodline supernatural power and innate shadow recipe.

Bloodline supernatural power, in fact, Lin Chen can only learn by holding the powerful Ssangyong bloodline. This bloodline supernatural power is engraved in the bloodline factor, which can not be learned by ordinary human races.

"If I can get the top bloodline attribute of the phagocytosis in the future, I might be able to use the magic power of phagocytosis to the extreme."

Lin Chen secretly tasted this supernatural power, and then released two headless bodies.

The light of the headless body shimmered, even though the seal was also shone with the holy light of the treasure. These are the only remaining bodies of pseudo-gods!

Lin Chen summoned the Dragon Emperor, and his heart urged the blood, and launched the Vientiane to devour the magic power!

Roar ~! The dragon's head breathed and turned into a dark dark eye. The Dragon Emperor opened the dragon's mouth and swallowed two false **** bodies into the dark black eye!

Bang ~! The shocking waves surged out of the Dragon Emperor's body, and Lin Chen let the Dragon Emperor launch the omnipresent magic!

That remnant coercion that belongs to the holy realm finally disappeared in the omnipotent swallowing magic!

If not unusual, this remnant Shengwei is enough to explode any seventh-order beast!

"Successful! This supernatural power can devour any energy body regardless of the level, and it works!"

Although the bodies of the two false gods are broken, the energy of the Holy Veins can never be kept, but for the Dragon Emperor, it is still a big supplement!

Lin Chen was very satisfied with taking back the Dragon Emperor into the body, and waiting for the perfect refining of these two bodies, the Dragon Emperor will inevitably go to a higher level! And there is one more cultivation avenue!


Qing Palace, one kneeling and one standing.

Kneeling, it is like a hypocrite god!

He was thrown directly into the academy when he was descended into Lingzhou by the woman of the red dress of the Shenyan Palace. Then he was discovered by the dean when he took care of the battlefield. His inner shock was no less than the sealing of the nine magic eyes!

The repair of Mo Tianji was abolished, the broken holy body was sealed, and the dean held him here, waiting for Lin Chens wake to deal with him.

"Dont kill me, I know a lot of secrets and holy possessions of the Holy Realm, I can take you there, I can help you restore the Eucharist, how? I am a holy grade arithmetician, can help you break through the peak period 'S cultivation base!"

Mo Tianji confuses the dean with a nearly begging tone. The hidden bitterness in his eyes has not concealed the dean.

He knew that if Lin Chen was to deal with himself, he would definitely die! Fighting with this young man, he already fully knew the young man's heart and willpower!

The dean sneered in the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, his eyes froze!

"Who is it! Dare to break into my Tiange Academy without authorization!"

The Dean's eyes looked to the corner beside the entrance to the Qing Hall, but he was surprised and suspicious.

"Hahaha, Dean, it's me."

A dark shadow was twisted in the darkness, Lin Chen walked out slowly, the dean was shocked!

This little guy has another adventure? He couldn't even see his specific whereabouts and breath, even when he entered the hall was unclear, only a faint sense of breath.

Lin Chen raised his lips, but he still deliberately released a breath of air, which was only discovered by the dean.

"The innate shadow tactic is really wonderful. Even the dean didn't find me, that is, the speed of consuming the dark line's combat power is too horrible. With my cultivation, it can only be maintained for about half an hour... eh, this guy is not dead?"

When Lin Chen was thinking, he saw Mo Tianji suddenly glared!

When Mo Tianji saw Lin Chen, there was a chuckle in his heart!

"Principal, what's the matter?"

The dean shook his head and smiled briefly, then briefly explained the situation of Mo Tianji.

"Good guy, almost let your kid run away!"

Lin Chen was shocked, and if Mo Tianji ran away, Kyushu was endless!

A holy grade arithmetician, even if he was on the verge of death, Lin Chen did not doubt his threat, even worse than the holy realm!

If it werent for him to deduce the fate of the fate, how could the six false gods know that Lingzhous town boundary sacred stele was the least, and if he hadnt made an insight into the weakest areas of the three town sacred steles, it would be impossible to break through Lingzhous defense line so quickly , It can be seen that the threat of the holy-level operator!

"Lin Chen, don't kill me, we still have to discuss it, don't we..."

Mo Tianji hurriedly begged for mercy, Lin Chen went up and kicked his face!

"Negotiate you! Grass! Start a war, unite the demon clan to frame the Kyushu hundred saints, and blind the world, cover up history, and even create a false **** family to play with human life. It is not enough for me to kill you ten thousand times!"

Lin Chen blocked most of his dragon power, and hit Mo Tianji with a violent blow! Lively beat him into a pig's head, making him yell!

Then, he lifted Mo Tianji away from the hall, the dean shook his head and smiled.

Under the AcademyYunshan Mountain, countless students and mentors gather. Here are buried the strong men who passed away from the war, some are the heads of ancient families, some are the elder mentors of the school, and some are young students.

Their last wish before death in the war was surprisingly identical! If the war can be won, it is to be buried with everyone in this war.

The sea of flowers swayed, and the mountain of clouds was covered with white chrysanthemums, forget-me-nots, light apricots, and countless people came here to pray and express condolences to these warriors.

Suddenly, the quiet Yunshan was shrouded in noise, everyone looked at it, and his expression changed, it was Lin Chen!

He dragged a **** figure with a terrified expression. Numerous people along the way saw the man's appearance, and dragged him to the top of Yunshan alive.

Standing on the top of Yunshan, facing all people, Lin Chenlang said.

"Everyone, this is one of the six false gods that endangered our Kyushu. Today, I will use his blood to pay tribute to those who have passed away!"

Lin Chen's words stirred up a thousand waves! This person turned out to be the famous pseudo-god?

"No, don't! Lin Chen, it's not good for you to do this. I have many secrets in the Holy Realm, I can give you all to help you break through the Holy Realm, even higher levels! You kill me like this, I'm not good for you!"

Mo Tianji still did not give up, but he was really anxious this time!

He has lived for millions of years, but he cant guess what Lin Chen was thinking!

Why do you have to kill him?

There are no eternal enemies in this world, only eternal interests! Isn't his value and interest enough for a holy grade operator to exchange his life?

He didn't understand, he didn't understand very much!

This time, everyone stared at Lin Chen on the top of Yunshan Mountain. He held the Long Yao knife in his hand, his eyes cold and his face firm.

"In this world, there are more important things than benefits and power, but it is a pity that you will not understand, because you are no longer human."

Lin Chen looked at Yunshan from afar and stared at the vast mountains and rivers.

"You all go well. Lin Chen is not a savior. It is truly lucky that Kyushu can have a hero like you. Thank you for guarding this continent."

After speaking, take a deep breath, Lin Chen raised the knife, and Dragon Force gained momentum.

Mo Tianji's pupil shrank!

He regrets! Why launch an attack on Kyushu, why provoke this son, and with the strength of his saint-level operator, it should be easy to calculate this general trend of fate!

It is a pity that Mo Tianji did not know before his death that Lin Chen did not belong to this world, or it did not belong to this universe. His destiny is nothingness.

Apart from himself, no one can deduce his destiny!

Bang ~! Sigh~!

The terrible air wave set off, Lin Chen beheaded!

Dang ~! Long Yao cut Mo Tianji's head with a knife, and the blade split a gap, blood spilled to the top of Yunshan Mountain!

All the people who witnessed this moment awe!

Lin Chen's eyes slipped a tear, and he exhaled deeply.

"Lao Yuan, Senior Han Xuzi, you all go well..."

Lin Chen hung Mo Tianji's body and head high above the top of Yunshan Mountain!

Remembering history, for thousands of years, to remind the world not to forget this war!