My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 781

Vol 5 Chapter 781: Holy World

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Chapter 781

The news of beheading Mo Tianji spread to Kyushu in only one day, while Lin Chen was in the academy and made a final farewell with everyone.

"Little guy, are you sure you want to go to the Holy World so quickly."

The Dean asked with a little worry, the danger of the Holy Realm, he knew better than anyone in Kyushu.

That is a world where martial arts civilization has multiplied to its peak! Kyushu compares with one, but the sea is a drop!

In the eyes of the dean, Lin Chen's talent is extraordinary, and he can practice in Kyushu for a while before going up.

"Not waiting for me, everyone in Class 66 has been up for more than two months. They are equivalent to more than two years in the Holy World. I have to hurry up."

Lin Chen smiled, and then earnestly again: "Not to mention, as you said, Dean, the crisis in Kyushu has not been lifted."

That's right, the life and death of Kyushu is still in jeopardy!

The woman in the Divine Flame Palace only sealed the Nine Demon Eyes for a hundred years. After a hundred years, the Demon Race under the Devil's Cave may still rush out of Kyushu!

And the permanent suppression of the magic eye, only use the special treasure in the holy world holy prison, nine brake nails, only go to the holy prison to get nine nine brake nails into the magic eye, you can eradicate this problem forever!

Secondly, Lin Chens Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju has another incomplete part, and he also needs to go to the Holy Prison to find the deans friend Ying Tian Ya!

Only he knows the whereabouts of other incomplete mental methods!

In order to become stronger, Lin Chenzhi, who is too illusory, must have it!

Whether it is out of the life and death of Kyushu or the strong background in the future, Lin Chen must go to the Holy Prison!

On top of his head, there is a mysterious man of the demon clan! Its strength is at least comparable to that of the woman in the Palace of Divine Flame!

What's more, Lin Chen's heart is Bai Ruoyan, Leng Yueqi and others, and he can't wait.

When they learned that Lin Chen was leaving, everyone was inevitably sad.

Especially Ling Ruxue, Mu Qianqiu, Nangong Yuyan and other women who admire Lin Chen, their hearts are full of mixed flavors.

Seeing that the atmosphere in the hall was somewhat solidified, Lin Chen took out a bronze mirror and said solemnly.

"Oops, things might be a little serious."

Everyone has a chuckle! Did he have any big things to happen before he left?

"What's wrong little guy."

Shen Lianyun asked quickly.

I saw that Lin looked at the bronze mirror and touched his chin, a serious way.

"I seem to be handsome again. Oops, how many women will suffer if I go to the Holy World with my handsomeness!"

Everyone is down!

Yang Qing'er and other beautiful women couldn't help but smile.

"Everyone, your boss will come back!"

Lin Chen smashed the Holy World Passing Stone harvested from the false god, and a light of space was turned on his head. Lin Chen was sucked into it and disappeared!

"Oh, let's wait quietly for our legendary return of Kyushu."

The dean sat in the hall and chuckled, because of Lin Chen's outstanding performance in the battle with the pseudo-god, he could still live for more than 500 years at the same time, and even the main pagoda tower took care of Lingzhou, and Kyushu was unharmed.


The void channel winds like a white dragon, Lin Chen is pulled by a mysterious space force and skimms out of the starry sky.

In the space channel, the starry sky outside is clearly visible. There are drifting fire, meteorites, split winds, and some huge planets or continental plates to form a vast star field. The dazzling sight of Lin Chen is too much to see!

These sceneries are beautiful, as if they were in front of them, but they are far away. Lin Chen may only see the light they emitted millions of years ago.

"I'm afraid it will take a while to arrive."

Lin Chen was not surprised. The Holy Realm is very far away from the mainland of Kyushu and other mortal realms and cannot be reached in a moment.

"You can finally update the system!"

Click on the system, the light screen is listed.

[6.0 version is expected to open functions: the extension of the function of learning the exercises (can be used by others), etc., adding the strongest strengthening functions in history: the strengthening of the exercises, the strengthening of the weapons, the strengthening of the mind, the highest can be enhanced +13 level. Increase consumable attribute value: Strengthen points, can be used to strengthen functions.

[System 6.0 version update required: 200 million points of intermediate skills, 50 million points of Heavenly Dao, 50 million points of talent, is the host determined to update?

This attribute value, for today's Lin Chen, dare not say that it is not in the eyes, but it is completely affordable!

Lin Chen is not arrogant. He knows that his billions of rune energy and talent points are his life-saving cards for walking in the Holy World. Without two orange rank talents, he is extremely difficult to face the Five Tribulation Warlords!


Lin Chen issued a command, the system shut down, and a piece of progress bar began to pop up: 0.1%...0.2%...

During the system update, Lin Chen took out a green seed.

"What the **** is this thing?"

The green seed, named Qingyao tree species, is the result of Lin Chen's killing of the five-light supreme treasure chest burst out by the false gods. The things that this series of treasure chests open must be extraordinary!

Lin Chen successively tried to pour water on it, accumulating spirit crystals and burning aura, which had no significant effect.

"What the **** is this!"

Lin Chen's head is big, there is a kind of entanglement in which Depot is in hand, but I don't know why it is used.

He simply ran his mind at will, sending a ray of wood and water to fight the battle, the green seeds burst into glory!

"Huh? Have a reaction?"

Lin Chen was surprised!

This seed is absorbing his fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation!

Lin Chen stepped up his efforts and enjoyed it, the time passed by one minute and one second.

During the time when the space channel moved to the Holy Realm, Lin Chen has been instilling his Nine Tribulation fighting spirit into Qingyao seeds.

The speed at which Qingyao's seeds absorbed combat power increased along with their growth. During this period, Lin Chen even once exhausted his combat power, took several medicines, and finally launched three "limit return"!

Finally, on the fifteenth day, Qingyao seeds germinated and germinated a sprout of green onions!

"Damn, after sucking up so much of the fighting spirit of Lao Tzu, it has just sprouted. If it grows into a tree, then it will be a monkey year!"

Lin Chen's mouth was whizzing wildly, and he was planning to continue feeding the "prodigal stuff", a beam of dazzling light reflected in his eyes!

Lin Chen was dumbfounded when he turned to look around!

It's an immensely vast galaxy, no, to be precise, it's a bit like a rotating astrolabe!

There are countless space planes and planets and continents in the astrolabe. With the purple gold pupil, Lin Chen can see that there are some space latitude and longitudes connecting the infinite planes together. The center of the latitude and longitude is a vast star field!

"That is, Holy World!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

In the star field, the limit that can be seen with Lin Chen's cultivation is the dark and ancient tower of shame!

It seems to be directly connected to Jiuxiao, like an ancient civilization, and its words cannot describe its great shore! On the top of the ancient tower, there are two engraved words vigorously!

Holy Prison!

On top of the ancient tower, it seems that there are faint shadows standing in several palaces.

Lin Chen's eyes can still be seen, and occasionally some "Meteor" beams fall into the astrolabe, those who are like him, using the Chuanshi to go to the Holy Realm!

Almost while seeing the Holy World, a light screen popped up in my mind!

[The Tiandao Picking System 6.0 version has been updated successfully, the system has been opened, and new functions have been launched!