My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 782

Vol 5 Chapter 782: Too Cool

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Chapter 782

The new version of the system has just been updated, the space channel is falling fast, Lin Chen's feet are weightless, he immediately put away the seeds of Qingyao, embraced Yuan Shouyi, and launched a three-inch robbery!

The speed of falling is getting faster and faster, the last bang, the white light dazzles the whole world! Lin Chen's defense was torn, and his robe was broken!


Holy Realm Thirty-six domains.

Qiyu Nantianfu, a deep and elegant palace.

The lady Nan Qingyun sat on the window sill of the palace, and she was very uncomfortable with a frost on her face. She dare to suspect that she was wearing a green hat and sent someone to follow him repeatedly!

"This time I pretended to be my mother's home for ten days. I want to see what other tricks can be played in this door!"

Nan Qingyun retired his maid, leaving no one in the palace and calming down for a while.

At this time, in Nantianfu Bishu Garden, a beam of space broke open, and Lin, who was covered with a robe, rolled out of it and fell into the back garden.

He couldn't help but scolded: "Grandma's, the last step of feeling is to use the Holy Force to move into the Holy World safely. Fortunately, someone in Lin responded quickly and jumped out of the space channel in time, Gan!"

Just after Lin Mou finished cursing, he felt that the space seemed to be compressed a lot, and the pressure felt by his body was stronger!

The vision brought by the space did not attract Lin Chens attention, and the light ball of the ground property in the inverted garden attracted attention!

"A lot, so big! I like this green tree!"

Some of the attributes in the courtyard are blue and white!

The two-color attribute light sphere, this is the first time Lin Chen has seen!

Lin Chen stooped to pick up the blue and white light ball, and the system popped up the light screen: [Get the enhanced point of 12.

"This is actually a strengthening point?"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, but he immediately realized his situation and immediately urged the innate shadow recipe, which turned into a dark shadow disappearing silently.

"The ghost knows where this place is, and can't easily release the Qinglong. After collecting the attribute light ball, it will slip away!"

After covering his breath, Lin Chen quickly collected the attribute light spheres in the courtyard, and his high attribute value made him ecstatic!

Lin Chen picked it up from the courtyard to the palace.

[Obtain 40,000 ignition energy, 30,000 water energy, 60,000 wood energy, 30,000 gold energy, 89.99 million combat spirit essence, 39 strengthening points, 150,000 talent points...]

[Obtain 200,000 points of merit, 100,000 points of Heavenly Dao, 10,000 points of spiritual power,]

The quality of these attributed light spheres is far superior to the series of harvested when Kyushu mainland!

After finishing the attribute light ball in the palace, Lin Chen found that he arrived in a blue and purple attic.

"The casting materials of the palace are not ordinary. It should be a big family. When I first came to the Holy World, I had better find some information about the Holy World. It would be better if I had a map."

Lin Chen pushed the door into a secret room called Zi Yufang.

In the main hall of the palace, a group of menacing figures broke into the palace, and the middle-aged man was dressed in a green shirt, and his eyebrows were cold.

Upon seeing this, the lady Nan Qingyun sneered with a sneer, slowly stood up, and walked to the hall door.

"Oh, I found it so quickly? Have you brought so many people?"

Nan Qingyun also saw that the maid outside the palace was stunned by him, sneering again and again.

"Zhang Yunqi, have you forgotten your identity as a backwards door! Dare to come to my mother's house?"

Nan Qing Yun Xing's eyes were glared, the momentum was majestic, the repair of Emperor Jiuzhong and the emperor's cultivation broke out, and a group of people stopped.

Zhang Qingqi, the T-shirt man, immediately put on a smiley face, "Ma'am, am I not worried about you? This little maid doesn't understand the rules and won't let me in, then I must not take tough measures."

"Measures? Come in anxiously and see if I steal the man? Send someone to track the old lady all day long?"

Nan Qingyun was furious, Zhang Yunqi laughed and apologized, and took a hold of his wife's slim waist in the past: "Don't be angry, wife, don't you get married for a hundred days a day, let's go back..."

After talking, Zhang Yunqi gave a glance to the men in black suits beside him, and the three men were about to rush into the palace.

"Stop with me!"

Nan Qingyun reprimanded the three men, grabbed Zhang Yunqi's ears, and pained him in the corner of his mouth.

Nan Qingyun dragged him into the palace room and sneered while pulling his ears: "Don't you like to rape, how can this kind of thing get your hands down, right, should you let yourself know."

"Come and come, let me tell you, I have a handsome man in this palace. Do you know that, but that is my male lover!"

After all, Nan Qingyun pushed away the room in the palace, and took Zhang Yunqi to look for it one by one, while he couldn't help but vent his anger: "You sent someone to follow the old lady for a few years, okay, I am today Let you see how handsome my little lover looks!"

"Little lover, where are you, little lover? Hey, what about my little lover?"

The grievances accumulating in the past few years that Nan Qingyun will be traced have exploded!

She smiled ecstatically.

"Do you know Zhang Yunqi, the old lady, the male lover, handsome and chic, straight and hard for a long time, Yushu is in the wind without losing his youth, handsome and handsome but with a bit of demeanor, handsome and showy, young and temperament, the key Its still very good! Its a trillion-dollar boy. In his early twenties, he was fighting for the war emperors realm. Hes talented, and hes still a physical emperor. His physical fitness is really great! Three days and three nights without stopping, the one who served me comfortably, humming, that taste..."

The woman has a temper, and that is totally unreasonable creature!

Zhang Yun twitched his lips and smirked wildly under the three men behind him, but they were professionally trained and would not laugh easily.

Nan Qingyun's sarcasm and sarcasm kept talking, pulling Zhang Yunqi to check the rooms in the palace one by one. Zhang Yunqi checked one by one and didn't have the breath of a stranger.

Nan Qingyun pretended to be pretending again, "Well, my little lover, just playing with his **** little pectoral muscles and playing water games with me, why is it missing? Oh! Maybe on the top of the temple!"

Zhang Yunqi immediately took his wife's face with ease and said: "Ma'am, don't make trouble, generally don't climb that high."

Nan Qingyun's yin and yang sneered: "Who knows, in case he has wings? You quickly climbed up to find my little lover."

Zhang Yunqi waved helplessly and ordered the three men in black: "Go up."

Fuck~! Nan Qingyun went up with a slap, the sound was crisp!

"Zhang Yunqi, you really have Bi face to make people go up, eh?"

His eyelids jumped violently, Zhang Yun squeezed his anger, and his mother sold it, and said with a smile on his face: "Then I won't go up."

Nan Qingyun sneered-"How do you do it, how can you prove my innocence if you don't go up?"

Zhang Yunqi: "..."

The professional man in black is expressionless, but his breath is a little trembling.


Finally, when the last Ziyu room was left.

Outside the door of the room, Zhang Yunqi completely softened and took his wife's hand to lower her head.

"Okay, ma'am, I'm wrong! I'm wrong, I'm damn, I'm wrong!"

He is indeed a very suspicious man, but his wife is still the leader of the entire force, and he wants to climb up to see his wife's face.

"What's wrong with you? You're right. You didn't even look at this room. How did you know that I didn't steal the man,"

Nan Qingyun smiled, "You are going to be a big man in the house in two years. Why are you wrong? You didn't even see this room. How do you know you are wrong? In case my little lover What about in this room?"

This purple jade room was empty. Zhang Yunqi had sensed it in advance when he was out of Baizhang. There was no breath of strangers at all.

At first glance, Madam Zhang Yunqi apologized with a sullen face: "Madam! I really knew it was wrong this time, so forgive me this time, don't be angry! Qingyun Mansion is still waiting. You go back to preside over the big picture."

Nan Qingyun's face softened a little, and sneered: "You said, are you wrong?"

Zhang Yunqi smiled and said: "I'm wrong..."

Without saying a word, there was a scream of excitement from the teenager in Ziyu's room!

"It's cool!"

Zhang Yunqi froze! The three men in black laughed!

Nan Qingyun was astonished by thunder, and his face was stunned!

At the next moment, Zhang Yun raised his face in the color of pig's **** and gritted his teeth!

"I'm wrong because of you! A stinky bi!"