My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 783

Vol 5 Chapter 783: Really With Wings

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Chapter 783

Lin Chen sneaked into the Ziyu Room, and surprisingly found three volumes of basic introductions to the power of the 36 domains of the Holy Realm.

Lin Chen indulged in a little reading, and the sect forces of the Holy Realm were divided into nine grades!

The first product is the best, the nine product is the best!

Among them, there are also records of the Sanpin sect in the strange domain: Bingxin Palace.

Bingxin Palace was one of the forces that sent the messenger Xiafan Kyushu at the time, and this force recruited Leng Yueqi and Sister Su Lan!

What makes Lin Chen even more ecstatic is an ancient book called "Cultivation and Generation Conditions of Qiyun Lingzhi", which records what the Qiyun Lingzhi is!

Qi Yun Ling Zhi is one of the most valuable spirits in the Holy World!

There are so many strong players in the Holy Realm, and the entire mainland of Kyushu is placed in the 36th domain.

The following four ranks in the 36th domain of the Holy Realm are all calculated in units of ten thousand! What is this concept?

According to the common sense of Kyushu, there are not so many resources in this world to support the birth of such a large number of strong people, and Qiyun Lingzhi is the key center!

It is one of the main roots for the continuation of the martial arts civilization in the Holy Realm. It can absorb the heaven and earth luck and a few energy bodies as growth nutrients. The grown luck is planted, and it will produce massive resources. All medicinal materials can be produced!

Even the lowest-grade inferior luck can be held by at least the second-grade sect. There is at least one holy realm of the second grade sect!

Lin Chen's'Qingyao Tree Species' is the seed of the next class of luck, as long as it can nourish and grow it, Lin Chen is equivalent to controlling the cultivation resources that can support the development of a whole of the second grade to the third grade! More than the total cultivation resources of Kyushu!

"It's cool!"

Lin Chen shouted excitedly!

This Nima didn't dare to think about it. She didn't think that killing the pseudo-god broke out this kind of treasure!

"Oops, I'm so smug, I don't know if the dark robbery has been exhausted."

Lin Chen only realized that the "Congenital Shadow Technique" had been lifted, and there was a tremendous murderous murderousness outside the room!

Bang~! The door was blasted open, and a ray of life was lingering on, striking Lin Chen straight!

With a narrowed eye, Lin Chen urged the Nine Tribulation Warfare, and 9.5 million dragons were back in the punch!


The fists collided, the palace was tumbling, and the aftermath overturned a large number of books in the room. The two sides looked at each other. Zhang Yunqi discovered that the young man's robe was in front of him.

Nan Qingyun and the three men in black outside the Ziyu room were dumbfounded for the first time!

Looking a little, the teenager was tall and tall, and the streamlined muscles were outlined under the cracked shirt, almost perfect.

Looking at his face again, his eyebrows looked like feathers, his pupils turned into a rainbow, and his eyes looked like the bright stars under the stars. Eyebrows had a domineering expression, smiles on his lips, and he was a handsome boy, but his spirit was a few The wildness of the madness is even jealous even if a man looks at it

"The war emperor in his early twenties, and he really is the war emperor who cultivated the body in the form of double training?"

Zhang Yun became jealous and burned. After the previous fight, he already felt the pure power of Lin Chen that was as strong as the ancient barbarian!

He is 100% sure, that little white face must be this kid!

Did he really expect Nan Qingyun to dare to steal a man under his eyelids?

Feelings she was so rampant just now, and she dared to take him around the palace. Didnt he put his back door in his eyes?

Nan Qingyun is messy! what's going on?

Anyone in her palace has clearly retired!

Why is it that the young man who is such a talented man is even more terrifying or perfectly meets all the conditions she just said?

I met a ghost!

Damn it during the day?

Someone Lin saw a heavy atmosphere, exposing a human and animal harmless sunshine smile.

"Well, don't mind this big brother, I just pass by..."

"Are you passing by, head on, and cut off this kid's limbs first!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, purple phoenix wings flapped the purple flame, and immediately stepped away from the "dark step", even stepping on the void to move! Flashed out of the Ziyu room!

"Lying trough, really **** with wings!" The man in black was shocked!

"Is it time for Nima to admire, chase me!"

Zhang Yun waved his hand and saw Nan Qingyun, the noble lady in the same place, sneered: "You are playing a good show, I will come back and clean you up!"

Nan Qingyun's face turned red: "I don't have it!"

"Fuck you shit, this Nima has wings, you told me not! Grass!"


Lin Chen was flying wildly all the way, and the three nine heavy emperors behind him were gradually thrown away by him.

He has already obtained the information and information he wants. It is not appropriate to stay here for a long time. When he first arrived in the Holy Realm, he was unfamiliar with the realm and it was not the time for trouble.

"I'm in the Qinghong City of Qiyu, which is less than eight thousand miles from Bingxin Palace. Let's go to Bingxin Palace to determine the status of Yueqi!"

To the south of Qinghong City, Bingxin Palace stands in the Tianshuang Mountains. The terrain is unique and the aura is rich and abundant.

There are many temples in the mountain range, Bingxin Palace is the third grade sect, there are more than one million brothers in the temple, there are countless arrogances, and there are more true disciples nominated for the "Holy World Genius List"!

"What, you said our sister Leng Yueqi is yours?"

"Grass! Little brother, you drank a few glasses last night. You will never get drunk like this if you eat a dish!"

"Blink quickly, I'm urine yellow, I'll wake him up!"

"You say your name is Lin Chen? Haven't heard of it!"

"Hahaha! Where is this wild boy? Sister Leng Yueqi has nine cold veins, but it is the true story of the rise of our Bingxin Palace two and a half years ago. You are also qualified to know her? I want to get into the Bingxin Palace by name to misbehave!"

"Hurry up, don't fight!"

At the entrance of the mountain, several gatekeeper male disciples from Yuanzun's ninth heavy face scoffed sneeredly at someone in Lin who was in shabby clothes.

"Wipe, those holy messengers of **** dont say that their forces will always welcome me, how is this different from what they say."

Lin Chendun was speechless and was about to justify, and came coldly.

"What's the matter, noisy."

The flowing clouds swept, and the Linghe arrived in the wind. Three young men and women stood proudly on the back of the Linghe. He carried a sword for the first youth, his face was cold and handsome, and his expression was arrogant.

"My God, it is the return of the true disciples to perform the task, and Brother Bing Tianzi!"

"I waited for the famous disciple to meet Brother Bing Tianzi."

The disciples of the goalkeeper immediately respectfully clenched their fists. One of them pointed at Lin Chen and respectfully told him: "Brother Bing Tianzi, this man threatened that Sister Leng Yueqi is his woman, and we are preparing to educate him!"


Bing Tianzi raised his eyebrows slightly, glancing at Lin Chen, his face gradually becoming cold.

Lin Chen saw through his depth.

"In the later period of the Eightfold Battle Emperor within the age of four hundred, the latter two are not weak, and the heritage of the Sanpin sect is really as strong as the records in ancient books."

Lin Chen secretly said, Bing Tianzi was wearing a three-foot green front and jumped down.

"Sister Leng Yueqi is my Bingxin Palace's true arrogance, no one can humiliate her reputation, self-abandoning her arms, cutting off her tongue, kneeling and kowtowing to apologize to save her life."

Bing Tianzi was aggressive, and Lin Chen smiled lightly.

"Hey, it looks like you're not as handsome as me, how can you be crazy than me."