My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 784

Vol 5 Chapter 784: 12 Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun

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Chapter 784

"Bash~! This person is very interesting." The petite lady on the Linghe smiled.

"Oh, this Bing Tianzi, is obviously admiring Leng Yueqi's sister, and she wants to make excuses to punish others." Another long-haired sister shook her head.

"Sister, shall we help him?"

"Don't worry, this person is not easy. Bing Tianzi is trying to test him."


"In the Holy Realm, handsomeness doesn't work. Don't think that you can come here with a bit of brute force, today I will clean up you on behalf of Sister Yueyue!"

Choke~! A sword came out of the sheath of Long Yin, and the cold light was quietly sealed for thousands of miles! Bing Tianzi's breath is full of Changhong, and the chill is so high!

The faces of the named disciples changed!

No one can imagine that Bing Tianzi would pull his sword directly! He is a true disciple, who can make him pull the sword, only the true biography of the same level!

Dang~! The five-colored dragon light entangled, the five dragons swayed the sword blade obliquely away from the sword, arousing cold wind and waves, and cold crystals floating around, and a group of named disciples was directly flew by the aftermath!

Lin Chen said wonderingly: "The sword comes out as soon as you meet? Are you really cheap enough!"

"Hum! Sure enough, he is a physical barbarian, dare to insult Sister Yueqi, die! Bing Ling Fourteen Swords!"

Bing Tianzi had an insight into Lin Chens extraordinary flesh, but he didnt expect him to be able to make his own sword. In his hand, the seventh-order high-end "Zhe Bing Jian" repeatedly pulled five cold sword sword flowers and suddenly picked Lin Chen five. Orientation is a tricky killing opportunity!

"Fancy bells and whistles, break me!"

Lin Chen was slashed, domineering like a rainbow, the five-colored dragon spear hit down, swept obliquely, the gunmanship was full of domination, and the ice sword flower was exploded alive!

Although Lin Chen did not cause trouble, but the other party shot, he was not afraid of things! Immediately anti-guest, kicking the soles of the feet, like the angry dragon flying into the sky, rushed towards Bing Tianzi, and the marksmanship opened up and attacked Bing Tianzi!

"I'm relying on it. Really, he can actually play against Bing Tianzi?"

"It is the body-cultivating emperor. His strength is very strong, and his marksmanship is more domineering. I don't lose many true brothers!"

The named disciple was so cold that this kid looked like a beggar. Except for his handsome appearance, there is nothing surprising about it. How can he be comparable to a true disciple of the Sanpin sect?

The sixth-order Linghe was continuously retreated by the aftermath of the battle, and the second goddess was shocked.

"By pure power and one shot, it is comparable to Bing Tianzi, so powerful!"

"It's not that simple. Bing Tianzi is one of Sister Yue Qi's fanatic admirers. He won't be willing to give up. This battle may use his top-level purple swordsmanship."

Lin Chen did not intend to reveal his cards, not even the creation of Nine Tribulation, let alone the seven-fold change and other cards, he wanted to test how extraordinary this warlord of the Holy Realm is!


After taking another sword from the other side, Lin Chen moved his heart and immediately connected the system.

"System, I want to activate the enhanced function, strengthen the weapon, the Five Dragons Imperial Gun!"

[Consumes 5 strengthening points, strengthening +1 Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun succeeds, the power increases: 10%.

[Consumed 8 strengthening points, strengthening +2 Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun successfully, power increase: 10%.

[Consumption of 11 strengthening points...]

Lin Chen was distracted and strengthened the five dragon dynasty imperial guns, while fighting with Bing Tianzi constantly!

For a time, the momentum of this battle attracted hundreds of disciples passing by nearby, and even the elders were alarmed!

"Hey, what is the origin of this child? It's interesting to be able to fight Bing Tianzi for hundreds of rounds without falling down."

Elder Mo Jingyu, standing on the top of the palace, was curious during the battle!

[Consumption of 69 strengthening points, strengthening +11 Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun success, power increase: 30%.

[Consuming 78 strengthening points, the strengthening fails, the strengthening level remains unchanged.

[Consume 78 strengthening points, strengthen +12 Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun successfully, power increase: 30%.

Strengthen 12 success! The rank of the five dragon dynasty emperor guns has not been promoted. In the haunting five-color dragon light, the gun tip circulates a deep cyan brilliance.

Lin Chen couldn't win the battle for a long time, Bing Tianzi's face turned red as if disgraced, the sword's edge surged, and he burst into anger!

"Ice Dragon intercepts the sword!"

The blade was cut horizontally, the cold rose sharply, and the icy fluttering ice fluttered into a ten-foot ice faucet. The faucet glowed with sharp swordsmanship and killed Lin Chen!

"Ice Dragon Intercept, isn't this Bing Tianzi Senior Brother's second-level advanced superb sword skill after the Silent Sword Technique!"

"Mine, even this kind of swordsmanship is used, how strong is this kid!"

Some of the named disciples retreated for more than a dozen miles, and the ice dragon was magnificent and majestic, which frightened countless people!

In full view, Lin Chen laughed with pride; "Different ice dragon swordsmanship, broken!"

Lin Chen shot a fierce stab, like a dragon flying through the sky, pure power swayed out of the murderous force, according to a few dark robbery fighting forces, the sword light ice dragon was crushed!


Bing Tianzi's face changed slightly, and his figure retreated!

Tear ~! A moonlight Lan Ying's fast astonishing rainbow flashed to the top of Bing Tianzi's head, Lin Chen held a shot with anger and smashed down!

Unexpectedly, Bing Tianzi could only run the ice and fight with his sword!

Bang~! Click~

The crisp crackling echoed in everyone's ears, Bing Tianzi was shot by Lin Chen, knocking down the thousand-year-old trees and ancient pine along the way, crashing on the ground and smashing the big pit!


Many named disciples can't help but sigh in the air!

Brother Bing Tianzi lost to a wild boy of unknown origin?


The light of the Xie Bingjian was scattered, and when inserted backwards on the ground, it made the scalp of many disciples numb!

The sword splits a two-finger scar, making the entire sword nearly broken and abandoned!

Some disciples who are good at casting tools can't help rubbing their eyes, and once thought they were wrong!

"I'm right, cracked? That's Brother Bingbing's sword!"

"Seventh-grade high-end best-of-breed ice sword, blessing Brother Bingtianzi's fighting spirit is inherently indestructible! That guy's gun seems to be only seventh-grade high-end?"

Zhi Bingjian's glory is bleak, consistent with the appearance of its owner vomiting blood.

Everyone looked at the five dragon dynasty guns, and they saw the five colors of the gun body flowing, and the edge of the world, how could it be a half-pointed loss!

What the **** is this!

All the disciples doubted life!

The top fighter gap is larger for each grade. Even the power gap of one grade is nearly double the difference!

Tier VII advanced top-grade war rifle to crack Tier VII advanced best-quality sword?

According to common sense, this situation is completely his mother's bullshit!

Even the second daughter who is also true on the Linghe is dumbfounded!

Only Elder Mo Jingyu at the top of the entrance hall stared at Lin Chens golden gun body!

The five-colored dragon light that haunts the gun body is the'grade weather' that comes with the high-level warfare itself.

What caught his attention was the deep cyan brilliance at the tip of the gun!

This brilliance was from combat to nothing, then from green to green, and then to dark green. Although the weapon grade has not changed, its power has been improved by two grades!

Witnessing the whole process of Elder Mo Jingyu's heart set off a storm!

"Does it mean that he can enhance the power of the warfare without affecting the grade? I can't see it, the old man can't see this!"