My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 785

Vol 5 Chapter 785: Goodbye Old Friend

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Chapter 785

Lin Chen was amazed by the strength of the enhanced function for the first time!

Enhancement function is currently the highest enhancement +13!

The Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun is strengthened from +1 to +8, and the power of each level is increased by 10%. The enhancement will not change the original rank of the weapon. The power is increased by the addition method. .

910 increases 15% for each level, 1112 increases 30% for each level, and strengthens the +12 Dragon Dragon Gun, which is 170% more powerful than before!

Close to triple the power!

In addition, Lin Chen can also strengthen the heart method, exercise method, and even the medicine, medicine, as long as he has enough strengthening points, all can be strengthened!

"It's worthy of being called one of the strongest functions by the system. The new version update that I just finished arriving at the Holy Realm now has many people, so I have to find an unmanned place to study the functions of the system again!"

When Lin Chen made up his mind, Bing Tianzi stood up in embarrassment, staring at Lin Chen's eyes with abnormal resentment and resentment, and wanted to rush up and fight him again!

"Eh, Captain Lin Chen?"

With a whisper, two Lolita's beautiful ladies flew from the sky extremely fast, and the clouds fluttered like white swans.

At first glance, Lin Chen was actually an old man!

Lin Chen! Hearing the name, Mo Jingyu shuddered and said to himself in amazement: "Is he the real legend of the real legend?"

Some named disciples were shocked and shocked!

"Sister Su Lan and Sister Su Lan!"

"My God, am I right? The two sisters are not the second icebergs behind Sister Leng Yueqi. It is said that they are not interested in men at all! They actually smiled at this wild kid?"

The two sisters fell next to Lin Chen, with joyful expressions, swept away the cold pride and frost in the former Bingxin Palace.

Sister Su Lan Guerlain is cute, and her sister smiles like Yang Chun Bai Xue, gentle and touching.

"Squad leader, how did you get up? What happened to Kyushu?"

Su Lan was like a energetic queer, tweeting around Lin Chen and asking.

Bing Tianzi's expression was dull and stunned.

He was approached by Leng Yueqi and was rejected. Later, he knew that the sisters and Leng Yueqi had an unusual relationship. When they wanted to approach them, they didn't have a good complexion. They were as cold as icebergs! There have even been rumors that they are not interested in men at all!

The two iceberg goddesses in the hearts of countless disciples actually smiled at an unfamiliar male, which made it difficult for the male disciples here to accept reality!

Goodbye to the second daughter, Lin Chen is also happy, they have become the war emperor realm! And the cultivation of the five-fold war emperor!

According to the time of the Holy World, they left Kyushu for nearly three months, but they have climbed to this point within three years in the Holy World. This speed, placed in Kyushu, is second only to Lin Chen's growth rate!

"Okay, this is the end. Everyone is a friend, a misunderstanding."

Elder Mo Jingyu stepped into the air from the palace, many disciples quickly gave way to salute: "Elder Mo!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, this old man is very strong, at least the three emperors and above!

"Little fellow, you are Lin Chen?"

Mo Jingyu asked to smile, Lin Chen nodded and said with a smile: "It is."

"It's not bad, it really is a dragon and a phoenix. No wonder that Nizi will tell us personally. After three years, the busy affairs have been forgotten. The previous conflicts, and hope that you don't mind Lin Chen."

Mo Jingyu rarely laughed, almost offended this great god! This is a natural talent that can alarm the elders in the palace.

He had also heard of internal information, and it was said that his emperor had alerted several elders to come to the world to solicit this, but he did not expect to succeed!

"It is said that the criminals of the Holy Prison are coveted in that world, and this child can arrive safely, can it be said..."

Mo Jingyu and other old foxes immediately noticed where the elements were, and his face eased to please Lin Chen, and even regarded him as a VIP of the Bingxin Palace!

"Wait a minute! I am not convinced, Elder Mo, this is a nameless wild boy, how can I become a VIP guest of Bingxin Palace!"

Bing Tianzi burned in anger and asked with contempt!

Many male disciples also cast their eyes filled with righteous indignation. Lin Chen teased a whistle to the two girls around her: "The charm of the two of you is so great. If so many people fight, I can't beat them. "

Su Lan gave him a charming look, Su Lan covered her mouth and chuckled, and Yuzhi's delicate ears were stained with silk.

Seeing Lin Chen and the two iceberg goddesses frowning, all the male disciples couldn't help but gritt their teeth!

"Lin Chen is the VIP of our Bingxin Palace, but this is the decision of the Presbyterian Church, not you and I can decide, or that you want to fight him again? See who is more embarrassing?"

Mo Jingyu glanced at him. The latter shuddered and took his teeth away to take away his ice sword!

People with a discerning eye can see that Lin Chen won the previous battle with ease, and even if he used the strongest swordsmanship, it is most likely to be humiliated!

"Friend Lin Chen, please here."

Elder Mo Jingyu led the way, followed by Lin Chen and Sister Su Lan, but the two daughters on the Linghe had bright eyes!

"It turned out to be Lin Chen, the elder would mention!"

"No wonder they can win Bing Tianzi so easily, it is worthy of the existence of high-level attention, it seems that the palace is about to roll up huge waves!"

As soon as Lin Chen entered the Bingxin Palace, the void and the ground were full of attribute light balls. He ignored the abnormal eyes of others and directly picked up the madness, the attribute hurricane!

When he saw Bingxin Palace, he scratched wildly against the air and the ground, Mo Jingyu's mouth twitched!

If it were not for seeing him defeating Bing Tianzi in person, he combined his dress and behavior. I didnt know that it was the beggar who entered the palace!

Ok? Enter the palace?


In the evening, after someone picked up Lin madly, Mo Jingyu struggled to arrange Lin Chens residence, and admitted that Lin Chen lived here for a while, and he wanted to report the arrival of Lin Chen.

Lin Chen residence.

In the room, Lin Chen listened to the second woman's story about this holy world for more than two years.

"Mr. Leng Yueqi has become the top true disciple, and she is still in retreat recently, and then she will take part in the Cangyue Secret Realm trial in a few days. See the teacher."

After listening to Su Lan's story, Lin Chen fell into silence, how many more months would he have to wait?

"Hehe, in fact, there is another way that is not the way, that is, the two of us passed the assessment three days later and became a disciple of the blue level true biography. The blue level true biography can not only enter the battlefield of Cangyue, but also select the players themselves, even if they are from outside Personnel are also available, and we will be able to take you to the Cangyue battlefield when the time comes.

Su Lan said with a grin, his sister Su Lan immediately gave the sister a blank look: "Don't make trouble, with our possibility, the possibility of passing the assessment is less than 20%, it is too early."

"Oh? The assessment, what is the assessment."

Lin Chen was curious.