My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 786

Vol 5 Chapter 786: Magical Use Of Holy Yuan

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Chapter 786

Su Lan patiently explained: Three days later, Bingxin Palace will hold a discipleship assessment. Those who pass the assessment will hopefully improve their status as disciples and enjoy more sectarian benefits.

The foundation of the Sanpin sect is terrifyingly strong, with more than one million disciples.

If divided according to the number of strongmen, the number of strongmen of a Sanpin sect far exceeds the total of the entire mainland of Kyushu and the sky tower!

Bingxin Palace is divided into three levels: naming, outer hall, inner hall, true biography disciples, true biography is divided into blue, blue and purple!

Named disciples can only do chores to help manage the low-level chores of the sect. In any denomination, they can only practice open low-level blue-level to blue-level low-level exercises.

Only if you become a disciple of the outer hall or above can you get the initial training of the sect.

The appraisal of the disciples is extremely strict, not to mention the appraisal ceremonies of the true biography, and the design, mentality, and combat power are all comprehensively evaluated.

"It is okay to sharpen my mind and Lan'er. The problem lies in the cultivation of mentality and the assessment of combat power. These two levels are extremely difficult. At least it is possible to cultivate mentality to the fifth level. The two of us are now in The third realm."

Su Lan shook her head, and she did not expect too much from the hope of this assessment.

"No, I can help you!"

Suddenly, someone Lin grabbed the sisters' excitement with excitement, and shocked Jiafang's heart.

As long as he can help his second daughter become a true disciple, he can see Teacher Yue Qi immediately. Lin Chen doesn't plan to keep it. The various new functions of his system are ready to move!

"This time, leave it to me! I will let your sisters reach the climax together!"

Lin Chen's eyes shone with excitement and excitement, which made the second woman shy and annoyed!

What does he want to do?


In the next two days, Bingxin Palace is full of rumors of Lin Chen!

Especially the legendary two big iceberg beauties, Su Lan and Su Lan goddess, spent two days and two nights at his resting place, and even confirmed the authenticity of countless rumors!

During this time, Lin Chen really understood the great shore of the Holy World civilization!

Holy world; saints lined up, war emperor like dogs, Yuanzun walked everywhere!

Babies born in the Holy Realm are nourished by the congenital qi of the Holy Realm. They are almost born as psychic realms. After reaching adulthood, most of them can enter Tiangang Realm!

Because the temporal order is different from the spatial order, the Holy Realm needs to reach the Yuanzun Realm to master the space and fly in the air, but the stability of the space is extremely strong, even the Five Tribulation Warlords do not have the space crystal wall to tear the Holy Realm!

Only saints can tear apart the space of the Holy Realm! The blue dragon of Lin Chen can be as long as 80,000 feet in Kyushu. It is like a mountain range, which can be placed in the Holy Realm. It may be only a few tens of feet under the influence of the spatial order.

But there is no doubt that this must be a world with a higher development of martial arts civilization! It is a big and magnificent world!

Any strong man on the edge of the Holy Realm is more than all the strong men in Kyushu!

In the secret room; when the two sisters opened their beautiful eyes, they brushed over a bit of cold awn, and then entered the depth of the pupil.

When they looked at Lin Chen again, their eyes were filled with shock, consternation, and wonder!

"Squad leader, are you the legendary reincarnation of the Holy King!"

Su Lan looked at Lin Chen's back with admiration and longing.

Lin sighed pretendingly.

"The Holy King is as handsome as me, but unfortunately I can help you, just a little bit."

a little bit?

Su Lan was almost smirked!

If I let others know what Lin Chen has done to their sisters in these two days, I am afraid that the entire Bingxin Palace will have to be blasted!

At night, outside the secret room, Su Lan seemed to think of something, and asked Lin Chen: "Yes, squad leader, when you first arrived at the Holy Realm, can you have silver holy yuan coins on your body? Its all silver holy yuan."

Su Lan spread her delicate palms and handed several silver coins to Lin Chen.

Silver sparkling silver sparkle circulates on the silver coin, which contains a unique energy fluctuation.

"Yin Sheng Yuan Coin? What is this stuff?"

Lin Chen's heart moved, he suddenly remembered that there is no silver holy yuan coins, but he has 10 gold holy yuan coins!

"The squad leader doesn't know yet, the Spirit Crystal is only applicable to the currency circulated below the Warlords in the Holy Realm. Above the Warlords, everyone uses the Silver Holy Yuan Coins. The currency that has been tempered by the Holy Spirit is extremely useful."

"For example, if you add silver holy yuan coins to the refining process, you can increase the spirituality and potency of the elixir, and you can speed up the efficiency and process of refining medicine. Casting top-level weapons can also increase the success rate, and silver holy yuan coins can repair the broken ones. Fighters, these top-level cultivation resources that are not available on the mainland of Kyushu!"

Su Lan smiled and puzzled Lin Chen, she also sighed: "The most important thing is that this silver holy yuan coin can help the warrior break through the bottleneck. The people of the holy world break through the war emperor no longer need to break through life and death, as long as there is Enough silver holy yuan coin and immortality medicine, no matter how talented, there is a very high possibility to enter the war emperor realm! Even if they fail, they will not die.

In one word, Lin Chen was shocked by Lin Su's explanation when he heard Su Lan's explanation!

It can repair broken weapons, alchemy can speed up and improve the power, and even the death of the broken battle gas Yuanfu's life wheel can be resolved!

In the Holy Realm, martial arts practice is to burn money!

As long as there are enough huge resources to support, even a pig can be smashed into a top strong!

"Yin Sheng Yuan Coins are mainly produced in areas such as Qi Yun Ling Zhi, Tian Di Qi Min Vein, and so on. It is normal for you to be surprised. We just heard this news when we said to the Holy Realm that we haven't rested for several days. "

Su Lan chuckled, staring at Lin Chen's face full of wonder.

"The silver holy yuan coins have many magical effects, and the higher-level gold holy yuan coins can even improve people's spirituality and comprehension, and double the speed of people's learning of combat skills. Of course, what you do to us with the squad leader This kind of efficiency is not the same grade but it is true."

"Well! If you don't have silver holy yuan coins, please use ours first. My sister's and me's monthly donations are 100 silver holy yuan coins per person, the outer temple discipleship is only one month, and the inner temple discipleship is 10."

Su Lan looks like a little rich man, with one hand on his hips, and he threw a dozen silver holy yuan coins to Lin Chen, a look like sister supporting you.

Lin Chen took the silver coin and looked at it curiously.

Then he took out his Dragon Yao War Blade. When he was beheading Mo Tianji, the edge of the blade was cracked. After all, it was the body of a sage. Even if he was repaired, it would not completely change its physical strength.

Lin Chen tried to put a silver holy yuan coin at the slit of the sword, and saw that the silver gleam gleamed, and the silver holy yuan coin turned into a silver glow enveloped the blade body. After a while, the rip was automatically stitched magically!

"My mother, what a wonderful guy!"

Lin Chen was amazed. This was placed in Kyushu. You need to find the same materials. Please move to a high-level caster to repair this crack of Long Yao. In the Holy World, only silver holy coins are needed!

The silver holy yuan coin seems to contain a kind of origin-made chemical energy, which can be transformed into all energy. The gap between the gaps of the war weapon is the use of this "chemical energy".

Suddenly, Lin Chen smiled and asked the second daughter: "How much silver holy yuan can that gold holy yuan be exchanged for?"

"Jin Sheng Yuan coins are more widely used, and the value of one is equivalent to 10,000 silver Sheng Yuan coins."

Su Lan explained that Lin Chen was shocked! Wouldn't he have 100,000 silver holy yuan coins in his body?

The silver holy yuan coin belongs to the consumption resources of the entire holy world, and it is in short supply at any time. Lin Chen is a huge sum of money when he first arrives in the holy world!

The two sisters of the true biography of the youth, only 2400 pieces are added in one month!

"The orange crystal treasure box opened is really not bad!"

Lin Chen chuckled in his heart and put away the silver holy yuan coin given by Su Lan.

The next day, the disciples' assessment was held in the east of Tianshuang Mountains.

In the east of the mountain range, glaciers are frozen, and endless storms are raging, but a huge city of ice is constructed, crystal clear, like the scene in a fairy tale.

The vastness of the Tianshuang Mountain Range is a little larger than the territory of the entire Lingzhou Union!

Today, the disciples gathered more than 700,000 people, and the momentum is huge! The number of people participating in the assessment exceeded 500,000.

In the east, the No. 3 assessment site.

Lin Chenyun at the off-site seat tilted Erlang's legs lightly and waited for the second woman's assessment results.

"This is the VIP Lin Chen who is rumored? You don't mean he wants a beggar, how can he look handsome!"

"Cut, you dont know, he went into our Bingxin Palace and felt like he was mad and scratching around. He didnt know that he was a madman, and he didnt understand which elder rib was wrong. He actually fell in love with this person. ."

"People have at least defeated Brother Bing Tianzi, there must be some strength, what do you sour."

"The experience of the elders is beyond our imagination. Their decision is not our turn to question."

After a lot of discussion and chattering, there was a lot of talk about the fighting spirit. Lin Chen overheard a little and couldn't help shaking his head and laughing.

At this moment, the second daughter walked out of the examination field, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

"It seems that the mentality assessment has passed, and the next is the mentality assessment!"

The assessment of mental skills and combat power is the key to advance to the Blue Reality!