My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 787

Vol 5 Chapter 787: Genius List

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Chapter 787

"That little guy is Lin Chen? I heard that the human world is related to the holy prison criminals. This child was living and dying with the common realm Kyushu, and now appears, could he still handle the holy prison criminals?"

"A very young body refining shell, at a young age, he controlled more than 9 million dragons, and he was a very mysterious young man who could not even see the elders."

On the high platform of the No. 3 examination field, six old white robe figures were sitting, most of them were immortal wind bones, and they were not familiar with the world.

"That kid is Lin Chen?"

On the other side of the venue, a handsome man in a luxurious robe asked indifferently.

"Yes! This is the kid, and I hope that Brother will take the lead for me!"

A few days ago, his face was arrogant, but Bing Tianzi, who was incapable of life, was standing behind the handsome man at this time, like the follower minion.

Because his arrogance is not as good as that of the brother beside him, it is not worthy to lift shoes!

Ji Qingming, a true disciple of Purple Level! There are more than one million disciples in Bingxin Palace, who can be promoted to the purple level true passers, but a hundred people!

What's more terrifying is that this Ji Qingming also has a record and title that most of the purple-level true biography does not have. That is, he is "listed on the list" and ranked on the Holy Genius list!

Holy World talents are divided into three lists: genius list, evil spirits list, saints list!

"Oh, it's no wonder that Sister Lan Xiao can be stunned to make her come down. Sure enough, she has a little brush. It's a very good secret technique. It is very secretive to cover up. The eightfold war emperor's cultivation base is a body refining emperor with more than 9 million dragon strength..."

Ji Qingming lightly understated Lin Chen's details!

Seeing through Lin Chen's details, he did not put Lin Chen in his eyes at all!

Holy World Genius List, every genius is the top existence of Holy World! If you don't enter the list of geniuses, you will end up in the world!

"No matter how strong that kid is, he can't compare with Brother Qingming..."

Bing Tianzi echoed, Ji Qingming smiled: "No matter how strong the talent is, it has to be supported by force. What's more, if it dies, then what is the potential of its powerfulness?"


"The true disciples of No.140 and No.141 youth, Aya Qiaolan and Aya Qiaoyu, passed the assessment of mind!"

When an old referee announced, two young and beautiful true disciples jumped down from the Youqing steps!

The second woman's temperament is dignified and dignified, and she looks like a nine-pointer, and is actually a pair of twin sisters!

The second daughter passed the assessment and passed by Sister Su Lan. The former said with a sneer.

"I can't think of the cold face of your sisters in the past, which was made up. Your concubine's head hurt Bing Tianzi, but he is our brother Ji Qingming. This account is not so simple, it is best for your sisters not to pass the assessment, otherwise When I meet Miss Ben in the final assessment, I will make your pretentious face unrecoverable."

Sister Lingqiao blue sneered, and sister Lingqiaoyu covered her mouth with a chuckle: "Sister, you are too kind. The mentality of the two teachers and sisters is estimated to have reached the third level. It is a problem to pass the assessment of the mentality. Why? But they are eligible to play against us."

Su Landai frowned, and Su Lan responded with surprise: "Our sisters only spent more than two years to cultivate the mentality to a triple level, which is better than some people who failed the mentality assessment more than ten times. too much."


Ling Qiaolan's face turned into pig liver, and the sisters Su Lan ignored the second daughter. Lianbu moved gently, like a fluttering butterfly, and set foot on the Youqing ice platform.

"Su Lan, Su Lan, start the mental assessment!"

The old referee next to him swept a flash of light and declared as usual.

The two sisters set foot on the ice stairs in the assessment hall!

The steps are green, and the light blue cold air that rises is extremely cold, making the goose feathers and snow falling from time to time in the air, lingering in the deep chill of the bone marrow!

Just stepping on the first step, the cyan ice mist slowly rose, as if ignoring the defense of the fighting spirit, such as permeating into the body of Sister Su Lan!

The running mentality of the second female light car familiar with the road, to dispel this chill, easily set foot on the second ice stairs!

"We are ready to reach the third level, and the assessment requirements must be at least the fourth level, and the next step is the key!"

The elders and the disciples watched. After the time of Lin Chen, many people couldn't help but pay special attention to Sister Su Lan!

This icy step is nine steps of Qianhan, and is specially used to test the mental state of the true disciples.

Each level corresponds to the nine realms of Bingxin Palace's true transmission of mind, "Aohan Nine Chongtian"!

This mentality is adapted from an extended ancestor of the Bingxin Palace from the half-orange-level mentality.

Aohan Nine Heavy has nine realms, the first three are introductory, the middle three are proficient, the second two are great, and finally the ninth is achieved.

The entry level is top-grade and inferior, and the mastery is middle-grade.

Nine-level consummation and triple-level entry are completely two-level mentality!

"Aohan Nine Heavy Heavens" can only be qualified to practice if they are promoted to true disciples. Only the entry level is the top-level inferior mentality of the Purple Order.

Only by practicing to the ninth level of consummation will you be qualified to practice the half-orange-level inheritance of the mind of Bingxin Palace!

Lin Chen raised his lips, as if not worried about the assessment at all.

All eyes were on the eyes, and the second woman stepped on the third ice-green staircase, and the cold rose suddenly!

A lot of true transmissions focused on watching the performance of the second daughter on the third ice-green staircase, which will reveal their third level of understanding of the mind.

"Huh? They seem to have the abilities to do it!"

"Aren't they just entering the triple realm? How could it be so easy?"

More than a dozen true spreaders were stunned, and Sister Ao Qiaolan was surprised!

"The bluff is definitely pretending to be calm and calm!"

When Ling Qiaoyu sneered, her face stiffened for the next moment!

Bang ~! The originally cold venue was even more chilly, with the cold wind blowing and the skin battered, and many of the onlookers who were named were trembling!

Fourth order! Sister Su Lan, stepped to the fourth stage without any pressure!

"Aohan's fourth heavy heart-hearted ice spirit!"

Sister Su Lan looked at each other with a smile, and the skin of the skin with radiant skin was covered with a layer of cyan brilliance.

Sister Su Lan only reached the third level two months ago. Most of the true news of this news is known to you, but how can you make the fourth level by leaps and bounds in two months!

Mind practice is not cultivation, each realm represents the level of comprehension of the practitioner's understanding of the mind, and it is not a short time!

"It's impossible, they cheated, they must be cheating!"

Ling Qiaoyu was extremely hit, screaming out of control!

She and her sister experienced many hardships after three and a half years, and failed to reach the fourth level of mentality after failing more than ten times. Sister Su Lan's talent is not the best. How can she make rapid progress in two months!

"Xiao Nizi, are you questioning the wife's vision and fairness?"

The old lady of the referee spoke coldly, and her eyes were cold like a blade. She locked Ling Qiaoyu. She was placed in an ice prison and shivered all over her body!

"Elder, Qiaoyu is not intentionally offended!"

Ling Qiaolan immediately asked for guilt, and the old woman frowned, and put it down to suppress, sneered: "Whether to cheat, many elders present will judge when it is your turn to lie, ignorant children, leave!"