My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 788

Vol 5 Chapter 788: Very 13 Incense

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Chapter 788

The sister ate a dumb loss, and her sister Ao Qiaoyu looked at Sister Su Lan on the steps bitterly, and her heart was full of hate.

"Two **** bitches, it is best not to let us meet in the final trial, based on your five-fold war emperor's cultivation behavior, I will definitely abolish you!"

Stepping into the fourth floor is not enough to shock the elders.

Suddenly, the elders and elders of Bingxin Palace sitting on the bench at this time suddenly became shining with unconscious eyes!

"No, it's not that simple!"

The voice just fell, a blue candlelight, the sudden chill, the snow drifts in all directions!

Numerous true stories are stunned, the sister and second daughter actually boarded the fifth floor!

The elders of Xitai stared at the second woman half-soundingly, wondering which elder shivered: "It seems that there is more than that, they can easily resolve the coldness of the fifth-order Aohan!"

This problem is completely different!

This proves that the second female cultivator has reached a fairly skilled state to the fifth level.

Ji Qingming's eyes narrowed, and the second daughter advanced to the fourth level without even seeing him, but if it was the fifth level, the problem would be extraordinary! At that time, his score was only slightly better than the second girl!

"Is it possible to break two realms in two months?"

"This kind of cultivation speed can only be achieved by Leng Yueqi and other amazing things!"

"Unless they practice their minds with gold holy yuan coins, but the value of gold holy yuan coins is so high, even the palace master dare not use it easily..."

When the elders guessed, only the elder Mo Jingyu looked at Lin Chen sitting in the distance!

I saw him light and windy, with a smile on his lips, as if everything was expected!

"Could it be that!"

"It's impossible. This son and Sister Su Lan only met for three days, and it would be impossible for such a shocking drama to happen in three days? It should be another chance..."

Mo Jingyu smiled and shook his head, maybe he thought too much.

However, the next big thing!

Sister Su Lan smiled, and stepped to the sixth level without any pressure!

All the true disciples are like ghosts. This sixth-order corresponds to the sixth realm of the mind, which has broken three times in two months?

It is more difficult to practice in the later stage of this mentality! The cultivation in the later period is more than a few hundred times more difficult than the earlier period!

The value of the purple top-level top grade mindwork can be more valuable than dozens of volumes of the purple top-level top grade mindwork!

It can be said that the difficulty is as great as the value gap between the top-level inferior mentality and the top-level inferior mentality!

However, to everyone's surprise, this **** is just the beginning!

The sisters go hand in hand and go straight to the seventh floor!

The elders with rich experience and deep refining were forced on the spot!

Extremely true genius! It took less than three years to enter the Bingxin Palace to practice to the seventh level of the mind method, and its talents must belong to the level of the true disciples of the purple level!


Ji Qingming squeezed the teacup in one palm and passed the deep murderous intention in his eyes!

"I didn't expect the two of them to be promoted to this point, interesting..."

The Bing Tianzi beside him was as cold as a cicada, so he dared not make a sound. When he looked at Qianhan ninth step, he still showed a little shock!


"Oh my god, it's too deep to hide!"

"In the past two months, there was news from the elders that their sisters had reached the third level of training, which is the third level, my day!"

"But why should they hide it until now? Wouldn't it be possible to get a high-level true biography's monthly confession and cultivation resources earlier if they opened their realm earlier? There is no benefit in hiding them."

There was a lot of discussion, and more and more disciples poured into the venue. At this moment, sister Su Lan has become the focus of the venue!

Even the true disciples were amazed with envy, jealousy, jealousy, and jealousy!

The elders of Xitai are even more fanatical. Sister Su Lan's talent may be second only to Leng Yueqi in the "Nine Cold Veins"!

Lin Chen was sitting in the venue at the moment, holding a sapphire cup, grind his special coffee beans, adding spirit stone, poured into the cup together, the mellow and fragrant coffee fragrance filled, Lin Chen intoxicated.

"Ah~ It's very fragrant, it's my homemade ground coffee, it has 13 incense!"

Because the sisters and two daughters ascended to the seventh level, the coldness of the thousand cold ninth level was stimulated to the apex, and the breath of vast and condensed ice appeared like a tide like a storm, and they appeared one after another. Heavy snow.

Someone Lin stood up, holding a steaming sapphire cup, and the coffee was full of fragrance.

Seeing Lin Chen's strange appearance, Ji Qingming's eyes narrowed.

What does this child want to do?

He walked slowly to the meeting place and shouted to the sisters.

"This snow is not big enough, I want to drink snow top coffee, no matter how big it is!"

What stuff?

A lot of true stories were stunned!

He actually wants this chill to be bigger? Could it be that he still thinks that the two sisters can still reach the eighth level?

That's the only series that is qualified for the top Purple True Pass!

But seeing the sister Su Lan's second daughter gracefully lowered her body, she smiled, her eyes full of autumn water, and she responded very well: "Okay."

That look and look are like two well-served maids who are very tender and sweet!

The sisters moved forward and walked through the seventh order with ease, and further advanced to a higher level.

"Hard... Is it really okay...?"

The elders on the stage suddenly straightened their waists, stood up like a string rebound, and stared at the eighth stage with hot eyes!

Boom~! Boom~! Wow~!

The chill rose again, and the feathers and snow rolled up the entire venue. The chill of the chill could not even support some of the disciples!

Eighth level!

The second daughter actually got to the eighth level, and no one could do the true biography!

Only the Hundred Talents are qualified to claim this level!

Sister Ling Qiaolan is even more disappointed, like staying in place!

Sister Su Lan ascended to the eighth level of talent, they are compared with the gap between sparrow and Phoenix!

This genius has surpassed that of Ji Qingming of that year, and many true biography of the purple level are inferior!

"I can't think of my Bingxin Palace actually winning two arrogances who are expected to enter the genius list!"

The two old ladies were crying in tears, and wept with joy.

A few snowflakes floated into Lin Chen's sapphire cup, and only listened to someone Lin laughed: "Not enough, be bigger!"

Everyone shivered!

What kind of joke is this?


The second woman smiled lightly, and moved quickly in the eighth tier of Ting Li. She swept in the wind and flew like a flying swallow.

Bang ~!

The snow storm is like a dragon roaring, and the violent and violent snow is flying like an unprecedented storm. Many disciples outside the hall swept across the venue with a terrified look, and they dared not wait and see!

The disciples in the inner temple quickly urged the fighting spirit to resist with all their strength. Only the true disciples were not affected by the remaining waves, but the shock of their faces was rare for a century!

The ninth level, this is the perfection of the mind and mind. In the contemporary purple level true biography, only eight people can board!

All the disciples were stunned!

Even for Lin Lin to take a few sips, Sister Su Lan even climbed to the top!

That is the dream of countless disciples, eager to conquer! Stepping on the ninth level of Qianhan means that you are qualified to practice the half-orange level most powerful method of Bingxin Palace! Able to practice this kind of mentality, the future road is bright!

Some disciples are even more terrified! If the second woman hides her strength, Lin Chen is even more terrifying!

They are willing to show their strength for Lin Chen, and even just add a few snowflakes for him...

It can convince these two arrogant daughters and act like a little maid, and how good is this guy to achieve such a degree...

Even the old lady of the referee was fascinated for a moment, then quickly sighed: "Disciples Su Lan and Su Lan climbed to the ninth level of Aohan, and the results are valid!"

Blizzard is flying, everyone is shocked!

Under the storm, there was a person standing in the front row of the meeting place. Shen Jun was extraordinary!

But when I saw someone holding the snow-capped coffee made of snow cover, I took a sip and sipped it, very satisfied.

"Well, 13 incense, very good."