My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 789

Vol 5 Chapter 789: Qianhan Ninth Order Broke?

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Chapter 789

Some unique insights, ghosts staring at Lin Chen's back!

The two women looked at each other with a smile, sparsely ordinary, falling back from the ninth order, the cold wave disappeared, and the ice storm dissipated.

At this moment, everyone's faces still had the unbelievably shocking scenes before them.

The fragrant wind wafted, and the second girl came, Su Lan asked with a smile: "How about the monitor, we are doing well!"

Su Lan put on an expression of "Quickly praise me", Lin Chen was a little funny-"But it was just the expected thing,"

Many true stories and elders' mouths are wildly pumped. Is it expected that this kid knew from the beginning that their mindwork had reached the ninth level?

After seeing Lin Chen's unsurprised expression, the elders of Bingxin Palace felt the mystery and incredibleness of this teenager more and more!

"The two Nizis were brought by the wife himself. It was indeed undoubtedly that they had just practiced to the third level two months ago! If they can break through the ninth level in such a short time, it must be related to this child!"

"But they have only met for a few days, this is impossible!"

Their shock was completely within Lin Chen's expectations.

In the previous two days and two nights, Lin Chen launched the system function learning function, but it was not used by himself, but by Sister Su Lan!

That's right, the new 6.0 system version has been extended with new functions. Lin Chen consumes the power of vigorous practice to perform kung fu learning, which is suitable for other target creatures!

Of course, this does not mean that Lin Chen can start the function wantonly.

The cost of use is: Lin Chen needs to consume a high amount of Heavenly Dao every time this function is activated. In addition, when the target creature learns the exercises, the essence of the exercises required is more than double that of the host.

For example, to learn a purple top-level inferior combat skill, Lin Chen needs to consume 40 million points of skill, but to help others learn requires 80 million points of intermediate skills!

Secondly, only the closest and trusted people can use this function, the wealth is not innocent, and if found by other powerful people, it will cause a lot of trouble.

Lin Chen helped the second woman learn this mentality, and spent a total of 210 million points of merit and 60 million points of heavenly value, so that the second woman directly merged the memory of the practice and cultivated the mentality to fullness!

On the one hand, they passed the assessment and they could see Leng Yueqi as soon as possible. The second point is to help the two girls quickly become stronger. As soon as they appear in the open air, they will definitely get more cultivation in Bingxin Palace!

The details of the Sanpin sect can be countless times richer than that of the entire Kyushu. Under the vigorous cultivation, the two women said that they have the opportunity to become a holy land in the future!

"Neither the boy nor the two women can stay. If not, the two women might not even be able to threaten my status in a few days!"

Although the expression on Ji Qingming's face was not panic, his heart was already murderous, and he wanted to get rid of Lin Chen and Sister Su Lan!

While the elders were discussing the situation of the second daughter, Lin Chen made a staggering proposal in the venue!

"Elders, I am someone in Lin who is very interested in this thousand cold ninth order. I wonder if I can break into it."

As soon as this statement came out, all four parties were shocked!

"I think this kid wants to open a dye shop with some color, is it too much? This is the sister Su Lan who has stepped up to the ninth level, what is he doing together?"

"Hahaha! I think he came out with horns, no knowledge, probably think that Sister Su Lan and their five-fold war emperor will be able to go up, and he can too, hey, it is terrible without knowledge!"

Many disciples in the inner temple were ridiculed, and even many true-level and blue-level true stories shook their heads and laughed. This is indeed Meng Lang!

This thousand cold ninth order is specially created for the practitioners of the mind method, and is made from the nine-hearted mysterious chalcedony. It is very special to receive the cold, and only the mind method can be disintegrated. Fix for hard resistance!

Perhaps they admit that Lin Chen has great secrets, but they even believe in the particularity of the thousand cold nine orders! Lin Chen is insulting himself!

"Little guy, are you sure you want to try? You are not one of my Bingxin Palace, even if you are in the high-level, there is no reward, but if you fail, you may be cold and invade the body, for months or even years. You have to lie down on the bed!"

The old lady on the stage asked late, Lin Chen smiled-"It's okay, the juniors are short-sighted. Today I just want to open my eyes and get some insight."

Grey-clothed old lady was about to block Lin Chen's move, and Mo Jingyu on the side blocked it, secretly speaking.

"Let him see, I feel that this is not easy. Just take this opportunity to try his depth and depth!"

Mo Jingyus memory is still fresh. A few days ago, Lin Chens guns suddenly became more and more powerful. He even went to look up the ancient books to find the reason. Perhaps there is an ancient secret technique that can temporarily increase the power of the weapon. !

"Then... well... if something goes wrong, you will be responsible for yourself." The old lady in gray shook her head and waved to Lin Chen!

"Okay, my Bingxin Palace is not narrow-minded. Since you, Lin Chen, want to give it a try, please do so, but at your own risk."

There was a smile on the corner of Lin Chens mouth, and he walked straight to the front of Qianhan Nine Steps. The steps of the crystal-like steps were ten feet wide and five feet long, and they looked magnificent. chill!

But in the eyes of someone Lin, it is an ice crystal step spreading all over the attribute light sphere!

That's right! From the beginning, Lin Chen went to the light ball of the attribute above "Qianhan Ninth Order"!

This ice crystal step has been practiced for thousands of years, and countless true stories and even the elders of Bingxin Palace have stepped on it. The remaining attributes are dazzling and the quality is extremely high!

Countless mockery, satire, and sneers sounded from all around, and almost everyone agreed that Lin Chen was going to be ugly!

There was a bad hunch in Ji Qingming's heart, his eyes narrowed, like Jian Feng's cold eyes, he seemed to see through Lin Chen!

Lin Chen lifted his legs and walked into the first step. At the moment when the amazing cold appeared, Lin Chen smiled and ran the "Creation Nine Tribulation" mentality in his heart to urge his body of water robbery!


Chill like a dragon, when he entered Lin Chen's body, he suddenly froze!

Lin Chen, who is running a water-robbing war body, is like an endless ocean in the body. Every meridian is like a river, the battle is turned over by the storm, and the cold is like rushing into the ocean where the end is not seen!

Then, the icy cold was melted quietly by the fighting spirit of the water robbery, like an iceberg entering the sea, disappeared, and turned into a trace of aura and was refined into Lin Chen's body.

What is even more mysterious is that Lin Chen is only running a water robbery battle body. The attribute light sphere in the ice crystal trembles slightly, seems to have a sense, and quickly rolls in the direction of Lin Chen!

[Gain 10,000 points of water energy, 10,000 points of water energy, 39.99 million essence of fighting spirit, 20,000 points of power, 30,000 points of power, 100,000 points of talent, 12 points of strengthening, 29 points of strengthening Points, 10,000 points of mental strength...]

[Open 4 amethyst treasure chests, get: 20 Rune Evolution Stones, 400 Strengthening Points,]

All attribute light **** of the first order of Aohan are accompanied by Lin Chen's leisurely stroll, and they all merge into Lin Chen's body, and the attribute value is soaring!

Seeing Lin Chen had nothing at all, the disciples in the meeting place were instantly dumbfounded!

What is the situation? Is Qianhan ninth order broken?