My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 790

Vol 5 Chapter 790: Come Up And Freeze Yourself

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Chapter 790

Why is this the case? Qianhan Ninth Order is actually invalid for Lin Chen?

This weird scene shocked countless people. They could clearly feel the chill released from Qianhan Nine Steps pouring into Lin Chen's body, but he didn't fart, and even digged a cup of snow top coffee to taste a bite. !

"I wipe! Damn it?"

"He obviously didn't practice Aohan Jiugongtian, nor did he have the cultivation behavior of the Five Tribulation Warlords, why can he resist such terrible chills?".

Some of the disciples in the inner temple were slightly air-conditioned, especially some of the disciples who were once arrogant and arrogant. They had not yet been'Aohan Jiugongtian'. Zeng Xin proudly set foot on the ninth level of Qianhan. !

If the elders were not treated in time, they would have returned to Huang Quan!

When all four sides were shocked, someone Lin had already lifted his legs and started to move towards the second order, and the second order was also true! A large number of attribute light **** are still being absorbed by Lin Chen!

The eyes of Ji Qingming and the elders are old, and they saw a scene that extraordinary disciples could see!

The moment when the coldness of Qianhan's ninth order rushed into Lin Chen's body, he was quickly disintegrated by the strong water fighting in his body.

This kind of fighting spirit has the terrifying power of Heavenly Tribulation, and it has the taste of Heavenly Tribulation.

"Have a domineering physique, this child is actually in a battle of Heavenly Tribulation?"

"No! The old man of the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare in the water system has seen it, but there is no sign of special constitution in the bloodline of this child. This is the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare created by mind!"

"His!! The creation of the mind? What kind of mindset is this to create the Heavenly Tribulation War Body!"

"I'm afraid at least it is also the top grade of the purple order!"

All elders, you said one word and excitedly discussed. Ji Qingming, who was waiting to watch the movie, shook his head and smiled. He saw through Lin Chens weakness of this mentality!

"It seems, but that's the case, a slightly special mentality. If you dare to take on Sister Yueqi, I will bombard you into scum!"

Ji Qingming, but Leng Yueqi's number one suitor in Bingxin Palace!

"Well, there are more than 900 enhancement points at once."

Lin Chenxin was very satisfied, and continued to step up to the third stage, and continued to urge the water-robbing war body to pull the attribute light ball in the ice crystal steps.

"La La La ~ La La La La ~"

I saw someone Lin hummed and sang songs all the way, walked in a hurry, and walked all the way without pressure!

Lin Chen's water robbery warfare body does have weaknesses in the face of Qianhan ninth order. To be precise, it should be mutually reinforcing!

Water and ice are originally homologous. It's nothing more than the fact that the two sides are fighting each other's background is stronger, if the water is stronger, the water melts ice, if the ice is stronger, then the water is frozen.

Lin Chen obtained the crystal fragments after slashing the pseudo-god, and obtained 35 million points of intermediate water energy after decomposition. Now the water energy value is more than 40 million points, which makes his water robbery battle body advance by several grades, completely suppressing the cold. The coldness of the ninth order is constantly melting!

If Lin Chen had only 6 million points of intermediate-level water energy, he could only go to the fifth level at most, and then go up, it is the water-robbing war body that coldly freezes him, and the anti-guest is the main!

But now Lin Chen's water system energy has broken through 43.5 million points and is still climbing!

When he reached the eighth level all the way, the energy of the intermediate water system had broken through 53 million points!

"Well, it seems that the eighth level is the limit of my current stage, but I still have a back hand."

Lin Chen smiled with a smile, his thoughts moved, and opened the "ultimate moment"!

At the last moment, the power of the power doubles, the mental power doubles, and the body of the Heaven Tribulation doubles!

Lin Chentong's body circulated in the blue and quiet light, the power of the water-robbing battle doubled, and with the smile on his lips as usual, he slowly set foot on the ninth level.

Bang ~!

At this moment, the storm raged in the venue, and the snow roared wildly!

The violent snowstorm rolled up the sky with ice flowers, which seemed to fall like a small flower, and the silver robe hunting of the rolling boy sounded!

At the next moment, someone held up his Snowtop Coffee and showed a sulking smile as always, shouting!

"Come up and freeze yourself! I will wipe it, lick it, and soak it again!"


In an instant, snowflakes flew and ice crystals fell, embellished between jade cups, just like a piece of art.

Between the chills and chills, Lin Chen did not care at all. He lifted his sapphire cup and picked up a few ice crystal snowflakes, and tasted a few, such as the tourists who watched the mountains and waters. It seemed so relaxed and coquettish.

All the true stories on the scene were all frozen in place, the corners of his mouth twitching, staring at Lin Chen's back in disbelief!

The elders were even more excited to blush!

What kind of scene is that?

They witnessed countless days of arrogant attempts to challenge the top layer of the "Thousand Cold Ninth Tier", they were frozen into ice blocks again and again, as strong as Ji Qingming and other top-level purple true stories. It took 30 years to enter the Bingxin Palace. Ninth level!

Today they actually saw someone sing a song with a small drink and watched the scenery walk and stepped on his mother?

Is this fake?

Sister Su Lan is a breakthrough in mind and mind, and it can barely be accepted by all disciples. What is Lin Chen's case?

"He... is he really on the ninth level?"

Some disciples in the inner hall opened their mouths and rubbed their eyes for a while and thought they were wrong!

Lin Chen drank a cup of coffee, shrugged his shoulders, and almost did not make all his disciples angry!

"Isn't this difficult?"

Grass, what's so special?

Those who can reach the top level of Qianhan's ninth order, this achievement can be counted by two hands of contemporary Bingxin Palace disciples who reach this level!

Isn't this difficult? Is this still human?

Talking and laughing, Lin Chen took away the eight amethyst treasure chests of the ninth level and all the attribute light balls, and jumped down to the ninth level of Qianhan.

"Little guy, you really opened our eyes, I don't know where you are from?"

The old lady of the referee couldn't help but ask with curiosity, Lin Chen smiled and said: "There is no school without school, the most handsome teacher."

With this remark, the old lady of the referee rejoices!

No way, no one, if you can recruit this child into the Bingxin Palace, it must be the next arrogant of the nominated genius list!

"No wonder they can spur high-level people to look for it. With the foundation of this child, perhaps at this stage it may already be possible to challenge the genius list. In the future, maybe they will be able to board the devil list!"

"This Lin Chen must be treated well. After the assessment is over, we will try to see if we can pull him into my Bingxin Palace!"

The elders on the stage looked at each other and unanimously decided that they no longer planned to wait for the return of the elders who were too great. They recruited Lin Chen into the palace as fast as hell!

With the startling performance of Sister Su Lan and Lin Chen, the follow-up assessment is boring for everyone.

Any black horse born will appear dull under the shocking record of Sister Su Lan and Lin Chen on the ninth stage!

The assessment continues; the final combat assessment of the true disciples!

Not surprisingly, this time, only the sisters Su Lan and Aya Qiaolan participated in the assessment for the promotion to the blue level.

The assessment of the combat strength, both for the two sides, can be singled out or team competition, the winner advances to the blue pass!

The duel will begin in an hour, and countless people move to the No. 6 examination field, which is already full of people!

For this battle, most people are optimistic about Sister Ao Qiaolan, but they still look forward to seeing it, because they want to see for themselves whether Sister Su Lan really cultivated her mind to the ninth level!

At the entrance of the assessment office, the enemy's road is narrow, and Lin Chen and Sister Su Lan encounter Ji Qingming, Bing Tianzi and others!

The two sides stared at each other, sparks lingering in the air.

"Your name is Lin Chen, right."

Ji Qingming was condescending to question Lin Chen.

Lin Chen raised her eyebrows and joked: "You are full? You know what to ask, what big-tailed wolf."

Ji Qingming's face does not change color, and anyone who can make the list of geniuses is not a simple generation.

He was afraid of Sister Su Lans potential, but he did not think that the second daughters mental breakthrough had much to do with Lin Chen.

"Sister Yueqi is not a savage like you, and you can go far away. You can't even think of a mortal who can't even be on the genius list. To deceive everyone, this is Holy World, not your barbarous land!"

Ji Qingming flicked his nails and was domineering. His eyes were disillusioned with cold ice flowers, and the surrounding coldness suddenly came, and the repairs in the later period of Jiuzhong exploded like ripples!

He had long seen that Lin Chen was able to set foot on the ninth level of Qian Han because of a special volume of mind.

But mentality does not completely represent strength! This child can't even enter his eyes!

Lin Chen's eyes became particularly sharp. Although he hasn't done anything with Sister Yue Qi, the two have long been in love, and after many times of life and death, they have gone hand in hand, and their hearts and minds are connected.

"Remember my name, Ji Qing..."

"Go, what dog's name is my business."

Lin Chen spits fragrantly directly, and pulls the second daughter Su Lan into the assessment hall.

Ji Qingming's forehead was exposed, and he smiled slightly: "Very good... kind of."

He said to Ao Qiaolan around him.

"Will be in the assessment later, if there is a chance, give me his two women! I want him to see his own woman killed!"

The second female Yingying fell behind, and her eyes were even more bitter. She responded: "Yes!"