My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 791

Vol 5 Chapter 791: Is It Him?

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Chapter 791

Lin Chen entered the venue and began his final assessment after half an hour.

This is not the case for many disciples in the inner and outer temples. The promotion of the true disciples is so exciting. The twin sisters are also the same, and they are the Seventh Warlord and the Fiveth Warlord.

Watching the battle between the sisters of these two teams is much more splendid than that of other disciples. There are more than 200,000 disciples gathered in the assessment field today!

Lin Chen and Sister Su Lan found a spacious place to sit down, and seemed to remember that they had asked the sisters.

"What is the list of geniuses that Lengtouqing said just now?"

The two girls stared at each other, Su Lan explained: "The list of geniuses is one of the most gold-rich lists in the Holy Realm. It can only be climbed at the specified age. The 36 Realms of the Holy Realm are countless denominations and countless arrogances. There are tens of thousands, and there are only 100,000 places in the genius list!"

"Everyone who can be on the list of geniuses has infinite luck and chance, and the cards are countless. At the same level, the ordinary Jiuzhong late warlords against the geniuses on the genius list of the late Jiuzhong, even if they are not Its hard to survive ten rounds in seconds!"

Su Lan's explanation surprised Lin Chen!

In Lin Chen's perception, the war emperor of the same level, especially in the late war emperor, the gap between the two sides is not very large, unless there is a false fake body created by a false spirit similar to the false **** family. It is possible to surpass it.

Can the geniuses in the genius list achieve the spike or even beat in a few rounds at the same level?

"Bingxin Palace's 100 purple-level true disciples, only three can nominate the genius list, Ji Qingming is one of them! Class leader, I honestly don't like the style of Ji Qingming, but I have to admit that his strength is super strong. Good conflict with him."

Su Lans worries are not unreasonable. Any genius on the genius list is extremely dangerous!

Lin Chen said with a smile: "Relax, I have my own sense."

Talking with the second daughter, Lin Chen learned more information about the Holy Realm.

An hour passed, the two sides finished their rest, and began to enter!

Sister Ao Qiaolan and Sister Aoyu play against Su Lan and Sister Su Lan!

Twin sisters spend on twin sisters spend!

Full of eye-catching, extremely eye-catching!

Moreover, on the appearance, figure, temperament, and sister Su Lan's sisters, they are only too weak to repair.

On the 6th evaluation site, a vast battlefield of tens of thousands of feet.

The four women stood side by side and the enchantment unfolded.

"Assessment rules: Fight until either party surrenders or is unable to fight! The blue-level true biography assessment ceremony officially begins!"

The assessment rules are simple and rude, but it contains the ulterior motives of training the disciples in Bingxin Palace. Even if the referee insists, there is still the possibility of death.

Only after going through these fights and crossing these risks, can you be eligible to become a blue-level true legend to enjoy higher sectarian benefits!

Boom~! Sigh~!

The two sides were running the Aohan Nine Chongtian mentality in an instant, and the tens of thousands of cold air overlapped, as two huge waves of ice storms collided!

A cold wind blew inside the enchantment, and the disciples outside the hall shivered! Without the obstruction of the space boundary, these outside disciples who did not reach the war emperor's cultivation will be frozen into ice blocks in an instant!

From the heart and mind, it can be seen that both sides have control of the "Aohan Nine Chongtian". It is obvious that Sister Su Lan is far more than Sister Ao Qiaolan!

"Three fingers in extreme cold!"

The cold light soared, Sister Ao Qiaolan used her finger as a sword, and even three fingers, her finger was very fast, and she passed the faint ten feet of ice mist between the voids, forming a waterfall-like rise!

"Bai Bing Qing Xue!"

Sister Su Lan left and right, the thin handprints shoot the void, the cold wind screams sharply, the palm wind condenses into ice, like a double-knife shear strangling and killing!

boom! boom! boom!

The cold exploded, the ice crystals scattered everywhere, like the falling of the ceiling, and the battlefield was so full of snow and ice chips!

The situation is not optimistic, one by one, Sister Su Lan is in a parry!

The level of comprehension of mental law does not fully represent the combat power. Sisters Lingyao Lan are all in the middle of the Seventh Battle Emperor, and Sister Su Lan is only the early stage of the Fivefold!

The difference between two big realms and one small realm is by no means a mere comprehension that can only be made up by mind, and it is stronger than Lin Chen in Kyushu, but also after breaking through the four-fold cultivation, with the use of the nine-fold change and many other cards to challenge the seventh-level challenge Warlord!

The warlord's leapfrog challenge is extremely difficult!

Unless there is an absolute killer gap between the two sides, almost everyone agrees that this situation is difficult to happen to Sister Su Lan who was also trained for Bingxin Palace!

The four shadows of Lolita's dust quickly flicker and intertwined!

Ai Qiaolan's one-stroke trick of Bingxin Palace's Zijie Peerless Learning, Sister Ai Qiaolan's absolute suppression with Xiu as the difference, Sister Su Lan fell into the disadvantage!

"Dare to offend Brother Ji Qingming, you can only die!"

"Huh, with Wuzhong's initial cultivation to be able to persevere in our hands, you are proud to die!"

The second woman ridiculed that Sister Su Lan's face did not change her color.

Choke~! Sister Ling Qiaolan draws her sword together!

The sword light came out of the sheath, like a rainbow crossing, chopping wind and waves, rolling up the snowflakes flying all over the sky. The other blue sword shadow is meandering like a snake, and the trajectory of the soft sword shadow is uncertain.

Ling Qiaolan and Ling Qiaoyu's two swords are combined, one is strong and the other is soft, and the defensive momentum of Sister Su Lan will be defeated!

"Are these two nizi defeated?"

"After all, it's just five levels of cultivation, and it's pretty good to be able to achieve this level."

"Hahaha, you guys are really confused. Sister Su Lan's fighting spirit is unrelenting. It seems that she still has reservations. On the contrary, Sister Linglan's murderous opportunity is revealed. She wants to suppress Xiu to quickly defeat the other party. There are changes!"

The elders of Xitai had just dropped their voices, and the sound of gold and iron clashes rang, and it rang throughout the audience!

I saw Sister Su Lan holding Yin Yang Ring in one person and Bingli Sword in one hand, and Sister Ao Qiaolan was retreated by double-click!

This scene is beyond everyone's expectations.

However, when the only person in the audience saw this scene, his face changed!

That man is Elder Mo Jingyu!

He stood up suddenly from his seat, his eyes filled with incredible, staring at the second woman's weapon!

In addition to its own quality weather, the Yin and Yang rings and the ice glass sword shone with a deep blue brilliance, gorgeous and blurred, like a floating star!

"You can't be wrong. This dark blue brilliance is exactly the same as the glory that Lin Chenzi used to defeat Bing Tianzi's war gun that day!"

Before the elder Mo Jingyu thought too much, the battle in the battlefield would start again!

Su Lan's body is soft and fast, like a series of blue waves, slamming in the air, and avoiding the skill of Aya Qiaolan again and again!

Sister Su Lan turned the ring of yin and yang, the frost and divine light shone, and the light was vigorous, such as the four clutches of light bursting into the ``folding plum three swords'' of Aya Qiaoyu, exploding the sky storm!

Some veteran disciples inside the temple could not help but exclaim.

"It's the blue sea and the blue sky! Only true disciples are qualified to practice the Purple Order Intermediate Inferior Practitioner!"

"It's a fast speed, there is no pause at all between the transitions, there is no difficulty, and the clouds are flowing! This is completely the blue sea and the blue steps of the perfect state!"