My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 792

Vol 5 Chapter 792: Squad Leader Is Disappointed

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Chapter 792

The proficiency of the combat skills controlled by Sister Su Lan can be described as a surprise!

"And Sister Su Lan's yin and yang clutching Dafa of the purple high-grade middle class, my God, this is much more proficient than the last blue-level true brother!

It was not only the disciples in the inner temple who were shocked, but also Elder Jane, who was one of the great powers in charge of the Gong Fa Ge!

"No! The Yin-Yang Clutch Dafa and the Bihai Qingyunbu were borrowed from the Gong Fa Pavilion by the two Nizis half a month ago. It was only half a month after use. Its been a lot of mastery for decades, this... what the **** is this! This is impossible!"

Elder Jane was not only shocked, but he was eager to rush down to ask a clear question! He has been in charge of the Gongfa Pavilion for many years, and he has never seen such a perverted practice speed!

No matter how genius, there must be a period of adaptation!

Dang ~! Click! Click!

After hundreds of rounds of fierce battles in the battlefield, two crisp crackles were suddenly heard, and everyone looked at them, and the swords of Sister Ao Qiaolan were both split!

its not right!

Everyone rubbed their eyes, right?

Sister Ling Qiaolan's sword is Qingyue and Qingming, and her rank is seventh-grade high-end middle grade. These two swords are their signatures!

But Sister Su Lan's "Binglijian" and "Yinyang Ring" are only the seventh-grade high-end! The gap can have a grade!

Cultivate to be able to leapfrog the challenge, how can the leapfrog be leapfrogged? The gap between quality and casting materials is there!

"What a day today! Why are there more outrageous things than one!"

Some disciples in the inner hall are almost suspicious of life!

Only a small number of the disciples ghosts at the scene looked at a certain seat in the venue, and so did Elder Mo Jingyu!

That's right, this scene is surprisingly similar to Lin Chen's battle with Bing Tianzi that day!

The elders of Bingxin Palace are all mature and sophisticated. How could this extremely unreasonable thing suddenly focus on this period of time?

They coincided with Lin Chen!

The elders looked at Lin Chen with curious eyes.

I saw that someone Lin sat calmly on the seat, and he didn't pay attention to the battle in the field at all!

Even when Ji Qingming's eyes were swept toward him, his blue muscles were exposed, and his mouth was screaming wildly!

I saw someone Lin holding the mirror with one hand, touching his chin, admiring himself in the mirror and nodding in praise.

"Well, you deserve to be the most handsome man in Kyushu. I am afraid that in a few years, you will become the most handsome man in the Holy Realm. Hey, the man in the Holy Realm is really suffering, and he was in the same era as me. Under my handsomeness, they are destined to be dull."

It's him!

The cliff is him!

Sister Su Lan's mental and physical realm has skyrocketed, her combat skills have advanced by leaps and bounds, and even the unusually powerful weapons are very likely to have a direct connection with this son!

This kid is calm enough to be a ghost! You don't even need to watch the assessment competition. You said that he and the second daughter's successive adventures and the amazing performances have nothing to do with it. I'm afraid that even a brain-deficient person won't believe it!

"The assessment is over, the winners: Su Lan, Su Lan! Promoted to the Blue Real Story!"

After five rounds of fierce fighting, the referee's old lady announced the result loudly, and the whole audience was shocked!

Sister Su Lan, who came off the field, was at ease and had a long breath. But the two sisters in the fighting field were completely carried out by people!

This is the result of the gap in mentality. Sister Su Lan, who practiced to the perfection of the Nine Heavens, used the mentality of the other party for quick success and prolonged the protracted war. Counterattack won in one fell swoop!

"It seems that there are two more top arrogances among the senior brothers and sisters of the blue rank!"

"I'm very optimistic about Sister Su Lan. They have become the Purple Story in ten years. Aohan Jiuzhongtian's mind is complete, and few people in the Purple Story can do it! What they lack is the accumulation of time and resources!"

"Yes! I really look forward to the Quartet meeting soon. Our Bingxin Palace is a collection of wizards this time!"

Numerous disciples marveled at the talents of the two sisters. There was Leng Yueqi's'Nine Absolute Cold Vessels' before, and Sister Su Lan turned out afterwards. Everyone knows that this time Bingxin Palace has picked up the treasure!

But only the true biography and the elders know that the two girls are indeed talented wizards, but they haven't really picked up the treasure yet!

Because of the real peerless demon, still sitting in the auditorium!

That is Lin Chen!

It was he who created the miracles of the sisters!

To such a degree as to help Sister Su Lan to break the terrible achievements of Bingxin Palace's past history, to what extent does this son get evil?

At this time, Lin Chen walked off the court, and everyone cast a curious look. What was he going to do?

Coming to Sister Su Lan, Lin Chen shook her head and pointed to the second daughter.

"Look at what you do!"


All the disciples were ignorant again! What's wrong with you?

"I'm disappointed, your performance is too bad! How did I teach you before, within 50 rounds, you will take the battle, you are dragged to more than 500 rounds! It is just losing My face, I'm ashamed to say it! You come to my room tonight, everyone writes a post-war review of 5,000 words, and you are not allowed to leave without writing!"

Lin Chen resented the hatred of being ironless, and the second woman Yingying fell back and responded with a low eyebrow: "Yes, we know that we are wrong and we will strive to do better next time."

I am grass!

Many disciples couldn't help screaming, and some elders were even going crazy!

"Look, is this still a human word? Sister Su Lan defeated Ling Qiaolan with the five-level war emperor's cultivation for the two big realms, and she can still retreat. This record has changed for many old warlords of the same level. Can't do it!"

"He actually said he was disappointed? My God, crazy, it must be crazy!"

"Why do you want to write a five thousand word review, I'm scratching!"

"Should it be written in bed?"

"Devil, it must be a devil!"


"Interesting, Lin Chen, you successfully provoke my expectation of you, I hope you don't lose too fast... otherwise it will not be so pleasant to step on."

Sister Ling Qiaolan was defeated, but Ji Qingming showed a strange smile, making Bing Tianzi shuddering behind him!

After the assessment came to an end, after Sister Su Lan became a blue-level true biography, many true biography disciples issued invitations to them.

The Cangyue Trial is derived from the ancient civilization and is extremely dangerous. When you enter it, you must compete with the outside forces in every direction. Every time you open it, it may lead to the fall of the blue level and even the purple level in history!

To participate in this highly dangerous trial, naturally, the more people, the stronger the better.

But Sister Su Lan's answer surprised everyone. They did not team up with anyone, only one person, that is Lin Chen!

This result has made countless male disciples envious and jealous!

What fascinating soup did this guy inject into these two iceberg goddesses, which would make them so attached to him?

But when I thought about it, Lin Chen's disappointment during the assessment was terrifying!

There are three days before the Cangyue trial starts, which means that Lin Chen still has three days to see Leng Yueqi.

Night; Lin Chen's secret room.

He is fully familiar with the cultivation aspects of "Qi Yun Ling Zhi" and knows how to cultivate the "Qing Yao tree species" he holds!

"There are many first-class forces in the Holy Realm, which is equivalent to no influx, but the second-class forces can be called a large group. The formation of the second-class forces requires the saints to sit in the town, and the second is this luck."

Lin Chen spread his palms, the newly sprouting Qingyao tree species appeared, Qi Yun Ling Zhi absorbed the heaven and earth Qi Yun and a few energy growth, according to Lin Chens "Nine Tribulation Eyes" to explore the heaven and earth Qi Yun, the reason why it can absorb Jiu Tribulation The fighting spirit is because the Jiu Tribulation is one of the energies of Heaven and Earth Tribulation!

And the "robbery" is precisely a kind of luck! This led to the Qingyao tree species can absorb the Nine Tribulation.

But with Lin Chen now, if he fed the Qingyao tree species with the fighting spirit of Jiujiao, then it would take a monkey year to make it mature.

Lin Chen expected that he would be qualified to feed him with fighting spirit only if he had at least obtained the cultivation of the Three Tribulation Warlords.

Now, we must rely on external forces!

According to the information and knowledge mastered by Lin Chen, only the silver holy yuan coin and the golden holy yuan coin are the most suitable for early cultivation of the luck and spiritual planting!