My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 793

Vol 5 Chapter 793: Jianbao Showdown

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Chapter 793

Lin Chen painfully pulled out a golden canon holy yuan coin, which is a golden holy yuan coin worth 10,000 silver holy yuan coins!

"There are so many things in my family, little one, you will have to pay me back later!"

Place the golden holy yuan coin on the surface of the Qingyao tree species, and suddenly a brilliant golden light appears!

The energy of Jinshengyuan Coin is quickly lost to the surface of the tree species, and the tender shoots grow at a rapid speed, and they grow and grow, and the emerald green brilliance shines!

Lin Chen fed the buds of the size of the thumb just half a month ago with "Nine Tribulation", and now it becomes the arm size in a flash!

Lin Chen replanted it inside a high-order Nahua ring. The soil inside was full of nutrients, and the buds continued to grow. They began to become straight branches with a height of more than two meters, and the tender leaves bloomed.

The energy of Jinshengyuan Coins is vigorous, Lin Chen expects that Qingyao trees can be fully absorbed after three days.

"Putting space to accept the ring can only absorb the energy provided by myself, but can't communicate the world's luck. I need to find a luck sac."

Qiyun sac is specially used to cultivate the space treasure of Qiyun Lingzhi.

No matter how high-level the commandment is, the space is vast, and it is only a sealed space. Qiyun Lingzhi needs to independently absorb the growth of Qiyun. Qiyun capsules can be connected to external Qiyun, which is one of the few choices.

The value of luck transplantation is extremely high, no less than the value of some rare exercises. The best choice of the big school is to choose a Fuyuan Cave to plant the luck transportation plant, but he is alone in the forest. Is his only choice.

"It is said that the Cangyue Trial was created in an ancient civilization where countless saints have fallen. I don't know if I can get some advanced exercises or feed the treasures of Qi Yunling in the muddy water!"

For the Cangyue trial, Lin Chen had hope in his heart.

The next day, Sister Su Lan came to the door.

"Qingyue City's treasure-telling conference?"

Lin Chen was amazed that the sisters asked him to take them to the treasure appraisal meeting held nearby!

"Yes, squad leader, weren't you the treasure master before, take us to see it!"

Su Lan is jealous of Venus, girls always have the talent of'nature shopping', not to mention the treasures of the General Assembly, which show the magical powers of ancient rare objects, and always give people a witness to the birth of treasures. Strong freshness.

"It seems that the name of my first treasure appraiser in Kyushu can't be concealed, so let's start. I'm going to look at the treasure appraisal meeting of the Holy World, what is the difference with Kyushu!"

Lin Chen was excited and went to Qingyue City with his second daughter.

The city is under the management of Bingxin Palace, and it is also one of the rest areas where Bingxin Palace's disciples are stationed. Every year, a large number of caravans come to the station and hold many great events. This treasure gathering is one of them.

Blue Moon City General Assembly entrance.

The crowds are surging. Before the entrance of the conference, the two teams met in unison, as if it was not that the enemies did not meet together and looked at each other. Actually, were both Ji Qingming and Lin Chen?

Before waiting for the other person to speak, Lin Chen teased: "Who said that, I know I look handsome, but you don't have to follow me, we have only seen a few times? I'm not interested in men!"

In a word, some of the purple-level true friends who walked alongside Ji Qingming almost laughed out loud.

"You have a sharp tooth and a sharp mouth, and you deserve to attend the Jianbao Conference? I have Ji Qingming here this time, destined you to return without success in the conference!"

Ji Qingming sneered disdainfully, flicked his sleeves, and led everyone into the venue.

Lin Chen took her second daughter into the meeting place.

"Isn't that Lin Chen?"

"Brother Ji Qingming is here too! Are the two of them finally going to meet each other?"

"I heard that Lin Chengan was lying on Bing Tianzi. Hey, now he is attending the Jianbao Conference together? What a great show!"

Some true transmissions were extremely sharp-eyed, and after discovering the two, they quickly followed into the Jianbao venue!

Inside the venue, there is a lot of fun. There are eight channels in all directions. It is a treasurer's channel. Only the treasurer can enter the channel when the treasure is illuminated, and no one else can get close.

This is not just a treasure appraisal conference. Unlike in Kyushu, when the treasure appraiser opened the appraisal during the conference and the value of the treasure was identified, the sellers on the spot can choose to sell it on the shelf. Buyers can participate in the auction. It is a treasure appraisal + auction. General Assembly!

The venue is magnificent and can accommodate more than 100,000 people. At this time, there are people and sellers and treasurers who have been crying out on the stage. The treasures launched on the stage are dazzling.

"Oh? Little friend Chen Chen is also interested in this Jianbao Conference. Come here, please!"

Elder Mo Jingyu was in the meeting place, and saw Lin Chen three people, overjoyed.

This city is in charge of the Bingxin Palace, and there will be elders guarding all major events. Today Mo Jingyu is in charge.

The two sides laughed and sat on the side. Ji Qingming and his party sat in the VIP room at the highest level. The three purple truths around him couldn't help but be curious. Seeing Elder Mo's attitude, what kind of favor did Lin Chen have?

"Mr. Lin Chen is also a treasurer?" Mo Jingyu asked.

"Slightly know one or two."-Lin Chen confessed, looking at Kyushu, maybe his purple golden pupil had few rivals, but it was not enough to look at the Holy World.

Lin Chen is willing to come, completely trying to use his own system to try his luck. After all, there is only one person who can see the attribute light ball, which is more realistic than the treasurer!

"Hahaha, the old man will have a good look at this dragon fight after the meeting!"-Mo Jingyu laughed.

Lin Chen smiled and asked: "But the elder said that Ji Qingming?"

Mo Jingyu: "Yes, Ji Qingming has mastered the art of sword-eye, but he can perceive the clairvoyance, the five elements, seven turns, and nine poles of energy, but he can't escape his eyes. He can have today's achievements. He is ranked 99994 in the genius list. To an extremely important role."

Lin Chen smiled: "Interesting, then I'm going to open my eyes once."

After finishing talking, a group of antiquities came to power, which attracted the attention of the Sifang senior treasure appraiser.

There are four antiquities in this batch. They are: a bronze iron piece, a light sapphire pendant, a brilliant purple crystal, and a brand new scabbard with sharp edges!

"This jade pendant has hidden mystery."

At this time; a white robe treasurer walked into the channel, held up his jade pendant, and launched his treasure appraisal secrets.

The pale cyan Jade Pei suddenly aroused, the stage became hot and hot, a drop of red blood appeared inside the Jade Pei, bursting the roar of ancient beasts!

"This is the super dragon blood for the second robbery, a drop worth ten thousand crystals. If it is used in refining medicine or refining the body and emperor, it will be worth at least 60 silver holy yuan coins!"

The old man in white robe stood proudly and was shocked!

At this time, the remaining three items had been unidentified, and the appraiser who seemed to be present believed that the jade was the most precious treasure.

"How is it, squad leader, is that the most precious treasure?"

Su Lan turned her eyes and asked curiously.

"Not necessarily, it's not that simple."

Lin Chen launched Zijintong, and he came as a "golden pupil"!

"This young man is really not easy!" Mo Jingyu was shocked by the dark center, and the treasure appraisal technique possessed by this son was not low!

The other two antiquities are not too different. In the brand-new scabbard, there is actually a sword technique, and the ancient bronze and iron pieces still have secrets!

Between the two, Lin Chen chose the secret of the iron piece!

"Iron sheet restrained treasure light."

"The treasure in the scabbard is the treasure."

The voices of Lin Chen and Ji Qingming sounded at the same time, and countless eyes looked back, staring at the position of the two!