My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 794

Vol 5 Chapter 794: Strengthen Zijintong

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Chapter 794

The Bingxin Palace true biography who entered for this jumped in the heart, these two people got up so quickly?

Lin Chen got up and faced Ji Qingming's eyes!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The terrible momentum is like a hurricane, and the purple golden pupil of Lin Chen is unpredictable, as vast and deep as the ocean.

And Ji Qingming's double pupils turned sharp sword lights, seeming to penetrate everything, ordinary people do not look directly at his eyes!

This is an alternative showdown between two extraordinary arrogance!

One person was born into the sky, airborne ice heart palace, won the VIP treatment from the elders.

One is a disciple of the veteran Bingxin Palace Tianjiao, a born emperor, with infinite luck, and he is nominated for the genius list at a young age!

Who is better?

Countless eyes stared at Lin Chen and Ji Qingming, the piece of bronze iron that Lin Chen chose, and Ji Qingming chose the sword sheath!

The two got up and walked slowly into the Jianbao channel.

First, Ji Qingming, he took the stage and shattered the brand-new scabbard, and then selected three specific pieces from the scabbard. The three pieces were combined, and they merged strangely together!

As soon as he urged the sword of fierceness, he injected three pieces of scabbard, and with a hum, the light was great!

The scabbard shattered into a list of star maps, and it condensed into a light group, highlighting a few characters: the first half of the magic sword art, the top grade of the purple order!

It is actually a top-grade purple sword of the lower rank! It is a pity that this swordsmanship is incomplete, only half, but this value is still not inferior to that drop of dragon blood!

Besides Lin Chen, he urged the fire to rob the war body and condensed into a fire blade on his fingertips.

The fire blade carefully removed the rust on the bronze iron piece. Lin Chen used the mental force to catch the rust, and then burned the iron piece with the fire robbery fighting spirit. Into the hot molten iron.

Boom~! Sigh~!

A snorting deflagration sound, the two combined into one, forming a brand new iron roll! There are a few big words on the above: "Huanyang Dan Ding Jue" Purple Rank Low-grade Top Alchemy Handprint!

It turned out to be the alchemy handprint?

The Holy Realm is strong like a cloud. Here, more than any other place, you need to cultivate resources and cultivate elixir. The alchemist and alchemy handprint are naturally more scarce and more expensive! If it is used for auction, it can sell at least 400 silver holy coins!

Purple-grade low-grade top grade, this grade of handprints, placed in Kyushu, can also be ranked in the top 30 grades!

"This stuff is really tight. If it is burned directly, it will burn away the rust powder that records the fingerprint training method."

Lin Chen said with a smile, he waved at random, grabbed the three amethyst treasure chests above the iron roll, these three treasure chests were his purpose!

[Open three amethyst treasure chests and get: 15 Rune Evolution Stones and Red Flame Gold Powder.

"I knew the monitor would win!"

Su Lan waved a small pink fist in excitement, and her sister Su Lan smiled like a flower, which was suffocatingly beautiful, and made the male disciples of Bingxin Palace instantly seduced!

"Actually Lin Chen won?"

When Ji Qingming's true story around him was horrified, Ji Qingming's mouth slightly raised.

"Lin Chen, it seems that you are just like that."

In the next moment, the change is steep!

Ji Qingming squeezed other obscure scabbard fragments into powder, and the strange thing is that some of the powder has a faint purple light!

Incorporate the purple light powder into the three pieces of scabbard pieces, the light is great!

Boom~! Jianguang roared to the sky, the star pattern was changed again!

Sword Demon Sword ArtFull version, top-ranked purple bottom: with the spirit inheritance of this emperor kendo comprehension!


This hand is extremely reversed, which is beyond everyone's expectations!

The complete purple order top-grade inferior sword technique is almost the same as that of the alchemy fingerprint!

In addition, this scabbard was originally brand new and complete, and it also comes with a lifelong memory of a top sword emperor! This value is not trivial. If it is valued, at least 600 silver holy yuan coins can be auctioned!

This is a precious experience for some young Kendo emperors!

"Lin Chen, it seems that I still look at you high."

After completing the handover, Ji Qingming stepped down and looked up at Lin Chen with a sneer.

Lin Chen couldn't help but be surprised. He only saw that there might be a sword technique hidden in the scabbard, but the sword technique was incomplete and less obvious.

But I did not expect the hidden mystery inside the remaining scabbard!

In this wave, he really lost!

"Interestingly, the genius of the genius list really has two brushes."

Lin Chen smiled frankly, and the opponent's sword eyes were more sensitive to the things in the sword way, and he lost no complaint.

The genius of the Holy Realm is like the crucian carp, and only the top 100,000 can be on the genius list. Ji Qingming is far more than any younger generation that Lin Chen has encountered before.

This did not make Lin Chen depressed, but aroused his desire to challenge!

"Brother Ji Qingming is mighty!"

"Saw it, the country man, this is the strength of our number one disciple in Bingxin Palace. If you get acquainted, you will get out early!"

"Taking advantage of a special skill to happen to go up to the ninth level of Qianhan, I think I can meet our brother Ji Qingming, you are thinking of fart eating!"

A group of disciples shouted to please, although Lin Chen was optimistic about the elders, but Brother Ji Qingming was the important thing. If he was nominated, he would definitely fly Huang Tengda in the future!

Ji Qingming was very helpful, and his face was arrogant and grim, and he cast his eyes full of disdain on Lin Chen from time to time.

There is a lot of waves in the heart of the true story of Purple Level, they look longer and farther than ordinary disciples!

"Although I lost Ji Qingming, but this son did not reveal the slightest loss, he was calm!"

"This person is not easy. In a way, he is more terrible than Brother Ji Qingming! Although Brother Ji Qingming is young, this person is just in his early twenties! Such a young person is rare in the Holy Realm!"

Lin Chen sat back, Su Lan was worried about Lin Chens loss and cheered for him, "Dont be discouraged, you are the best for us! You will be able to surpass him in the future"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "It's all right. If you lose, you lose. I, Lin, cannot afford to lose."

"He is open-minded, not arrogant. He has excellent qualifications!"

Mo Jingyu said nothing in silence.

Lin Chen opened the system [enhanced function]!

Lin Chen intends to make another attempt to strengthen the "Purple Mystery of Purple Gold"! Because it also belongs to the class of Gongfa, it should logically be strengthened!

[Consuming 60 strengthening points, +1 purple gold pupil secret surgery succeeds, power increase: 10%.

"It really works!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and strengthened "Zi Jin Tong Mi Shu" to +11 in one breath. After failing in front of +12 for seven times, it was fruitless. A total of nearly 10,000 enhancement points were consumed. All existing enhancement points were consumed!

+11 "Purple Mystery of Purple Gold", a 140% improvement over the original!

During the period, the treasure appraisal conference was still in progress, not every batch of antiquities had value, and some were just indiscriminate.

When the eleventh batch of antiquities arrived, only Ji Qingming and Lin Chen opened their eyes again!

coming! It is worth the strange treasure they shot!

There are four pieces of antiquities this time, a ragged shoe, a piece of Qianyu coral, a big palm shell, and an ancient sword!