My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 795

Vol 5 Chapter 795: Positive Suppression

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Chapter 795

Ji Qingming's expression brightened, and the sword's eyes urged, and in a short time penetrated the secret of that ancient sword!

This time, Lin Chen mobilized his mental strength and launched Zijin Tong again! The purple gold lingering around Lin Chen's pupil edge, as if divine and radiant, and the glow of the glow, the elder Mo Jingyu felt a suffocating sense of oppression!

"Good... so strong, this treasure appraisal technique is more horrible than just now, what is the situation?"

Elder Mo Jingyu was horrified. Didn't he just lose to Ji Qingming, did he break through in such a short time?

Ji Qingming stepped into the treasure appraisal channel and uncovered the secrets of the ancient swords, illuminating the treasure and glowing! Raising a round of scorching sun, the might of the sword is magnificent, and the spirit is righteous! It is completely different from the old and shabby appearance!

"This ancient sword was sealed by the ancient seal technique, the treasures were dusty, and it was bleak and dull. The real is the seventh-grade top-grade sword weapon!"

Ji Qingming proudly said, the audience was shocked! Tier VII top-grade middle-grade swords, worth 2,000 silver holy yuan coins!

According to the division of the conference, if the treasure appraiser opens the treasure appraisal, he can score 20%. Ji Qingming earns another 400 silver holy yuan coins, which is envious of others.

Even if you are the Bingxin Palace of the Sanpin sect, the core blue-level true disciples only have a monthly supply of 100 silver holy yuan coins in a month, and the blue level is 200, and the purple level is 800. Monthly payment!

In the line of Jianbaoshi, it will not be opened for three years, and it will not be covered if it is opened for three years!

"No, this thousand-jade coral is the most precious treasure."

At this time, Lin Chen's voice melodiously sounded.

Everyone looked around, many mocking and disdainful eyes came, Lin Chen did not care, stepped into the Jianbao channel.

"This guy didn't give up, he lost to Brother Ji Qingming once and still wanted to shoot?"

"Hey, some people just don't have self-knowledge."

The disciples at the nearby Bingxin Palace couldn't help but ridicule, but more are the eyes that buyers are looking forward to!

I saw that Lin Chen took the stage to raise the Qianyu Coral with one hand, and the colorful and colorful light reflected around him. He urged the Golden Tribulation and sent it into the coral to disintegrate the coral!

When everyone was in doubt, Lin Chen urged the water-robbing war body to cover the split coral, urged the spirit to remove the surface of the rhomboid, and removed the central coral pith, leaving only a few finger-sized coral blocks!

At the next moment, Lin Chen's fingertips tapped lightly, and his mental power entered the remaining coral block.

Bang ~!

The terrible Shengwei is like a tide, rolling up the stormy waves, as if to destroy the entire venue!

No one expected this kind of momentum. Mo Jingyu shot quickly to suppress the audience and barely resisted the Shengwei!

Lin Chen was light and breezy, as if not harmed. The coral block on his hand exuded a blue and translucent luster, so dazzling!

"This, this is...?"

Countless experienced buyers suddenly opened their eyes! On the coral block, there was nothing but the divine prestige belonging to the holy beast!

"The chance of the Qianyu Coral coincides with the blood of the legendary Tianyu Yinglong, or the eighth-order Tianyu Yinglong. Although there is not much blood, but if this thing is used on the casting warcraft, it must be You will get the ability to control seawater similar to the family of Tianyu Yinglong, and the best choice for casting water weapon weapon."

Lin Chen smiled, suddenly shocked the audience!

Eighth order? Isn't that a holy beast comparable to a saint? And he is also one of the kings of the ocean, Tianyu Yinglong!

There is no doubt that the preciousness of this thing will inevitably exceed the top-grade top-grade ancient sword of the seventh order!

Ji Qingming's green bars were exposed. With his experience, the value of the coral block was worth 4,000 silver holy yuan coins.

What made him even more angry was that he didn't see any signs of those thousand feather corals?

General treasurers confront each other, and each can see which treasure is extraordinary, but it depends on who can spy on it more carefully, and he cant even see a vision, which means that Lin Chens treasures are far away. Above him?

"How is this possible! He just lost to Lao Tzu, is it possible that he can break to a higher level in such a short time?"

There is no such thing as hidden treasures, and once you know which ancient thing contains secrets with one shot, Lin Chen lost just now, indicating that his treasures are not as good as his own!

In the field of treasure appraisal, hiding strength is an extremely stupid act.

First of all, large-scale Jianbao conferences are not always available. Jianbao is different from other fields. If you dont do your best in Jianbao, you may pass by the real treasure and become a regrettable swan song.

But what about Lin Chen?

Without hidden power, how can he achieve a breakthrough to a whole new level in a short time? This is simply not realistic!

Elder Mo Jingyu's inner shock is no less than that of Ji Qingming!

He is a person who has witnessed Lin Chen's transformation into a new realm in time!

"Does this world really have the kind of talents that the palace master said, after experiencing failure, once standing up again, can they break through the higher boundaries and break their own bottlenecks?"

Mo Jingyus position in Lin Chens mind has increased by several grades!

After the coral block lighted up, a deep purple amethyst treasure chest was suspended in the void.

Lin Chen grabbed it and the system popped up.

[Open the Amethyst Treasure Chest and get: The top-ranked best-ranked arrow of the Purple Order: "Death", one arrow chases the soul, one hundred arrows!

"Purple Rank Top Need for Arrows?"

Lin Chen's heart shook violently!

This is placed in Kyushu. The seventh-level top-grade inferior warrior and the purple-level top-grade inferior skill have come to an end.

Lin Chen's "annihilation" and "seven strengths" belong to a special class of exercises, the lower limit is the purple top-level inferior, the upper limit is the purple-level top-grade best, all measured by the user, and this "Destroyed" is the top quality at the beginning !

The purple top-level best-of-breed combat skill, placed in the Holy Realm is also a rare treasure, and its value is second only to the half-orange combat skill!

The half-orange rank combat skills are the treasures of the Sanpin sect!

The value of this arrow method is at least tens of thousands of silver holy yuan coins, maybe even more than one hundred thousand silver holy yuan coins!

"This combat skill may have something to do with the owner who was contaminated by the dragon blood."

Lin Chen sighed that the blood of Tian Yu Ying Long in the coral is not much, only one drop, and the size of the nail is at most half.

Even if you want to cast warcraft with this, you have to collect other top materials. It is extremely troublesome. It is not practical for Lin Chen. He is not distressed. He has got the most precious treasure!

In the end, the coral block containing the blood of Tianyu Yinglong auctioned 5,000 silver holy yuan coins, the treasurer obtained 20%, and Lin Chen harvested thousands of silver holy yuan coins at once!

Lin Chen stepped down, Ji Qingming glared.

"Look at it, can't you lose?"

Lin Chen teased and sat back in his seat.

Numerous true stories from Bingxin Palace blamed for a while, and those who had previously clamored were still crying hard.

"Only win once, at most tie, what do you need!"

"Brother Ji Qingming just tried a small knife just now, and then let you know what cruelty is."

"A person who can't be on the list of geniuses, what do you have to do?"

With the support of everyone, Ji Qingming sneered and returned to his seat.

"I knew the monitor would win!"

Su Lanxing grabbed Lin Chen's arm with enthusiasm. Although Su Lan did not say anything, staring at Lin Chen's eyes seemed tender and watery.

"Come, the squad leader rewards you."

Lin Chen was amazed, and dozens of silver holy yuan coins fell into Su Lan's arms. He learned the tone of Su Lan: "The squad leader will cover you in the future."

The two girls fluttered with a smile, the atmosphere was harmonious, and they were envious of others.

The treasure appraisal meeting continued, and more different treasures were born, Lin Chen and Ji Qingming shot one after another!

However, the fierce fighting that everyone imagined did not appear! And there is unilateral suppression!

"This pendant, which contains a spiritual mystery, is a volume of high-level recipes."

"No, the most precious thing is this piece of silk. It's a genuine little girl's clothes, what the lady wears, it is contaminated with holy spirit, and it is of extraordinary value!"


"This rosewood golden silk wood is an extraordinary product. Its golden silk is spit out by Xuantian golden silkworm and can be cast into golden silkworm treasure."

"The most precious of these batches of antiquities is this skeleton sea-eye stone, whose sea-eye spar can be made into the legendary sea-crystal see-through mirror.


"This sword..."

"Are you a Sword, go home and plant sweet potatoes. The most precious thing is that old Elixir. It used to be the Eighth Ranked Saint Elixir, and it has a Danxin. If you ask a high-level pharmacist to take out the Danxin, there is still one. A ray of sacred energy is preserved and valuable."

Ji Qingming: "...Fuck me..."

Ji Qingming has repeatedly fought and lost. Every time he and Lin Chen compete on the same stage, they will definitely lose!

With a devastating five-game losing streak, Ji Qingming was completely crushed by Lin Chen!

All the disciples of Bingxin Palace were air-conditioned, did Lin Chen suppress the genius list?

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Lin Chen's treasure appraisal is far superior to Ji Qingming!