My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 796

Vol 5 Chapter 796: The Best Man In The World

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Chapter 796

+11 "Purple Mystery of Purple Eyes" is 110% more effective than the original, completely surpassing Ji Qingming's "Sword Eye"!

After a treasure appraisal meeting, Lin Chenguang was rewarded with 7,500 silver holy yuan coins by the appraisal of treasure appraisers!

And Ji Qingming, there are less than two thousand! Just looking at this result, we know how miserable he is!

More importantly, Lin Chen opened treasures and repeatedly obtained attribute chests. In a series of series, he harvested more than 5,000 strengthening points and more than forty rune evolution stones!

Boom~! Sword momentum sky and sky, Ji Qingming's angry eyes stared at Lin Chen with a strong murderous intention!

Someone Lin tilted Erlang's legs, stretched lazily, and said lazily: "I'm so annoyed, I suddenly felt stiff all over my body and muscles, it seems that I'm going to find someone to have a massage, eh? I think this brother Ji seems quite strong. , Are you going to massage me? Come, come, my right shoulder has been sore recently..."

Having said that, someone Lin also leaned over his shoulder and patted him, beckoning him to come here.

Many disciples who saw this scene laughed wildly, and no one dared to laugh out loud.

This guy is cheap! What a special massage, Brother Ji now has the heart to kill him, he actually dare to challenge Brother Ji?

However, Ji Qingming throws his mouse away, and he is so angry that he is creeping like a dragon. He knows that if he shoots here, no matter he wins or loses, he will be crowned as "narrow-minded", so Lin Chen is so fearless!

"Lin Chen, I challenge you, do you dare to take it! Tomorrow you and I will fight in the battlefield of Bingxin Palace.

Looking at his cheap smile, Ji Qingming couldn't bear it, was Lin Chen fighting in front of everyone?

"Don't dare to do anything, come if you want to fight, look down on life and death, and do it if you don't agree!

Lin Chen gave him a **** and sneered jokingly.

"I hope you will not be a tortoise tomorrow!"

Ji Qingming flicked his sleeves and took his men away.

"Squad leader...Ji Qingming is a special physique with a star sword body..."

Su Lan was worried, Lin Chen squeezed her little Qiong nose, indicating that do not worry.

"I want to see what you know. The legendary genius list geniuses, what is the endurance, I will not be able to do anything anymore, one trick and nine stars will pass, there is no reason to lose to you!"

Lin Chen's aspirations rose, and he was eager to try.

After the Jianbao Conference, the three returned to Bingxin Palace, which was already in the afternoon.

Lin Chen began to retreat in preparation for tomorrow's war.

He first absorbed the "Red Flame Gold Powder" obtained from the Amethyst Treasure Box opened at the Jianbao Conference. This material contains strong fire attribute energy, increasing his intermediate fire energy to 11 million points, soaring millions of points!

Then, he consumed 95 million points of intermediate skill and learned the newly acquired arrow technique "Death"!

Night Tianshuang Mountains.

In a magnificent palace, ice crystals are like jade, white as snow, and cold and icy ice fills the void. This area is the core area of Bingxin Palace. Except for a few elders and the high-rise of Bingxin Palace, no entry is allowed.

Ji Qingming walked inside the palace, and after seeing the palace screen, two beautiful shadows appeared on the screen, one of them spoke.

"Is it Ji Qingming, how many times have I said that no one can enter the hall during the transfer of power!"

Ji Qingming clenched his fist: "Palace, Qingming has an important matter to find Yueqi Sister. I don't vomit about this matter, I feel very uneasy."

After a little hesitation, the person who spoke said coldly.

"For the sake of your nomination genius list, give you half a quarter!"

"Xie Gongzhu succeeded!"

After the screen, one of the shadows disappeared, leaving only one person. Through the screen, you can also vaguely see the graceful and curvy curves. It must be a person who reverses all sentient beings.

Ji Qingming showed his obsession-"Sister Yueqi, you know my heart and secrets, if in the future, if I rule the world, I will definitely allow you to be sentient beings..."

"no need."

The beautiful lady's voice came out from behind the screen, ethereal and pleasant, but it was extremely cold, as if there was no trace of emotion, it was chilling!

Ji Qingming's complexion became particularly gloomy in an instant!

"Is it because of Lin Chen from Kyushu!"

Mentioning this name, the beautiful woman did not answer, and the chill that filled the palace quietly dissipated a little.

"I tell you, this Lin Chen, has come to the Holy Realm, and it is in our Bingxin Palace!"

Ji Qingming's expression is particularly fierce, word by word.

"What? He's here!"

Behind the screen came the beautiful lady full of joyful shock, the sound of the game was like a jade ball collision, and it was crisp and beautiful.

All the chill in the palace disappeared quickly, revealing a bit bright and gentle, such as the spring garden after the orchid, the bright first light, it no longer makes people feel cold!

"She smiled...just heard his name, and sister Yue Qi smiled..."

As if he had seen the wonders of a prosperous world, Ji Qingming's pupils shrank!

From the moment when Leng Yueqi entered Bingxin Palace, with the exception of the palace owner and another sister who nominated the genius list, she and everyone were as cold as an iceberg that has never changed.

But her cold as frost, the magnificent beauty of the bright and bright moon, as elegant as the goddess, deeply fascinated Ji Qingming. No woman has ever attracted him so much, even if she is just a cold iceberg, but it is radiant!

Now, this goddess who is high in his heart is already in the beginning because of the name of the mortal, and he is happy to express his words. How can this be accepted by Ji Qingming, who is proud and arrogant!

"He did come to Bingxin Palace, but I have officially challenged him! I will defeat him in front of everyone in Bingxin Palace! I will announce to everyone that he is not good enough for you! My Ji Qingming is you God of Heaven!"

Ji Qingming growled hoarsely and his eyes were red!

If Lin Chen is here, I am afraid to blurt out is a brazen person.

Ji Qingming knew that Sister Yue Qi was undergoing the cultivation of the palace master. Except for the Cangyue trial, she could not leave or move around at any time.

I don't know. After hearing this news, the beauty behind the screen was not only not angry, but smiled instead.

Leng Yueqi's answer shocked Ji Qingming!

"He is the most outstanding and unique man in this world. No one is as good as one in a billion. His challenge, Ji Qingming, will be the most wrong decision in your life."


Early morningThe sky battlefield in Tianshuang Mountains is overcrowded

Because today, there is an important battle! Ji Qingming vs Lin Chen!

No one wants to miss this matchup! Regardless of Lin Chen's strength, the genius who can see the genius list is shot, that is a very rare opportunity!

Maybe I can use this to realize my own way of practicing the emperor, no matter whether the outer hall or the true disciples, plus the Cangyue trial is about to be held, most of the disciples have just returned to have such a lively event, the number is the same Half of it!

Ji Qingming stood up against the sword, the sword was like a rainbow, he was domineering, he set foot on the court early!

"Huh? What about Lin Chen, why can't you see the figure?"

"Isn't this guy counseling? Hahaha!"

"Huh, it's unlikely. You didn't see the treasure appraisal meeting yesterday. This guy seems to be light and windy, but in fact it is arrogant!"

As the disciples discussed, the entrance in the battlefield slowly entered the trio.

Lin Chen is still the same as the silver robe, followed by Sister Su Lan.