My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 797

Vol 5 Chapter 797: Why He Likes To Play Behind So Much

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Chapter 797

With a smile on his face, Lin Chen walked in a leisurely court, and his eyes were as bright as the stars under the vast sky. Only this calm temperament dispelled most people's doubts.

Lin Chen entered the venue and was opposed to Ji Qingming.

"I thought you dared not come."

Ji Qingming sneered at the sword, Lin Chen shrugged.

"Come on someone who is uglier than myself. I believe no one will refuse."

Brows flickered, Ji Qingming remembered Leng Yueqi's words He is the best man in the world!

Looking at Lin Chen's cynical appearance again, it is completely inconsistent with Leng Yueqi's'Warning'. Is this still the best man in the world?


"I will step you under your feet in front of everyone!"

Ji Qingming grinned and screamed with all his fighting spirit!

In this battle, even the senior officials of Bingxin Palace attach great importance to it, and a few eyes cast in the void to lock the two.

"This battle is meant to learn..."


The elder Mo Jingyu didn't finish the conversation, but the two actually took over?

"These two guys..."

As soon as the sleeves were swept away, Elder Mo Jingyu unfolded the space boundary!


"Trick and squid trick, sword star means!"

Two fingers banged across the sky, with a bang, several acres of huge energy mushroom cloud rose.

The two figures flew quickly in the battlefield, Lin Chen took the lead in punching like a dragon, and punched "Qi Jue cut strength" to greet Ji Qingming's handsome face!

Ji Qingming's arm turned back, and the palm wind was like a sword. When he blocked Lin Chen's fist wind, his palm cracked a blood stain, and he made a seven-cut way.

When his face changed slightly, on the contrary, he lifted his legs and hit his knees, and his sharp and unbreakable spirit was about to hit Lin Chen's abdomen!

"Play melee with your grandfather Lin, you're almost there!"

Lin Chen sneered, ran the dragon's power like lightning, and urged the Golden Tribulation Warfare, his whole body became indestructible, an elbow lifted and smashed, "Seven Powers" was hit!

The elbow tip slammed into Ji Qingming's knee, and the two sides collided with their strength and strength. Lin Chen's Jin robbery was so hard that his scalp was numb. He was tumultuous!

The right elbow hit well, Lin Chen twitched his left shoulder, and his fist was like a raptor's back hook. A left hook fist launched the "seven strong pulls", narrowing the distance between the two sides. Combat skills!

Bang~! The boxing wind shattered the green curtain that shrouded Ji Qingming. Lin Chen was fierce, and the dragon was going to the sea. He continued to launch the nine robbery battles with the "Seven Powers" and 9.5 million pure powers. Drive defense weapons and defense combat skills again and again!

For a time, Ji Qingming could only be reduced to parry!

"My God, am I right? Brother Ji Qingming was suppressed?"

"Well, how is this possible, Brother Ji Qingming's cultivation practice in the later period of Jiu Zhong!"

"Don't worry, Brother Ji Qingming hasn't drawn his sword yet!"

Some disciples in the inner temple exclaimed that Lin Chen's strength was not inferior to that of the Purple Reality, even better than most of the Purple Reality!

Brush ~! With the purple phoenix wings, Lin Chen stepped on the "dark step" at full speed, flashing back and forth to Ji Qingming's back and forth, the fistful style was overbearing, and he slammed a violent hammer against his back!

[The host triggers a passive talent attack, gain: 50% power bonus.

Ji Qingming's fingertips shone and flashed red to practice the brilliance, one claw struck out, the claw method was tricky and fierce, and even explored the four claws to disintegrate Lin Chen's punch style!

But he was shocked by the dark center. Lin Chen's punch seemed heavier and heavier than before, and his power seemed to be increased by half?

Immediately after that, Lin Chen punched the space with one punch and seven strokes, upset his figure, and walked in a dark step, and then went behind him!

"Seven cuts!"

Lin Chen slapped him behind the palm, screaming Panlong screaming, his five fingers resembling a blade of anger!

Ji Qingming quickly turned to face the battle, Lin Chen swept out a mental force to disturb his rhythm, stepped on the dark steps and flashed behind him, another mad attack!

In this weird scene, all the disciples were puzzled, and the corners of his mouth were wild!

"Is he sick? Why is he always going to go behind Brother Ji Qingming?"

"Does it mean to blindly launch an attack from behind? Isn't this revealing your intention to attack?"

"Why does he like to play behind others so much!"

"It's so perverted, so mad, I like it."

The elders who are as strong as the four-tribulation and five-tribulation warlords look at it for a while, and this is wrong!

Blindly attacking the other side will only reveal your attack intention and direction is more obvious, and it is easier to defend and respond. This is a stupid choice to put in a high-end battle.

For someone Lin, these rules are a fart!

"Brother Chen, I have a passive talent attack. I only need conditions to trigger, and no talent points. I care about your defense parry. I want to get behind you today. No one can speak well!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and another burst of fierce attack!

Interfering with Ji Qingming with the spiritual power of Tongtian Dacheng, and constantly using dark steps to shuttle behind the other party, the seven amazing powers are fully opened, and a thump!

For a time, Lin Chen, with pure power and nine-robbery body, suppressed Ji Qingming directly!

Just need to launch an attack from behind, without any difficult and harsh conditions, the power of each move can skyrocket by 50%, this attacking talent is simply cool!

Can you know my attack intention? My Linmou moves to increase the power, see how many times you can prevent!

"Hahaha! Cool, cool, it turned out to be so cool from the back!"

Lin Chen's loud laughter numb everyone's scalp!

He actually laughed so happy?


It must be crazy! This must be a pervert!

You say you are looking for a woman, turn off the lights at night, who cares whether you are in front or behind.

But facing Brother Ji Qingming, you are so cool from the back!

This is fighting is not making people! It's a complete devil!

Ji Qingming's face was full of iron, and he burst into tears and scolded: "You **** crazy!"

Someone Lin also blinked at him with a sullen smile: "Come on, aren't you hanging, are you jumping!"

Let's just say, someone in Lin went back to someone's'back' and output a sudden attack!

"It's such a bright day, it's so grand, it's so perverted!"

"Frustrated, it's just like a beast!"

Many male disciples subconsciously covered the chrysanthemum zone, and were all cold!

They swear, absolutely do not want to fight Lin Chen once in this life!

Some disciples also looked at Sister Su Lan with pity and distressed eyes. The two beauties of this alluring country fell into the hands of such a devil, so to what extent they must be destroyed!

Feeling those weird eyes, Su Lan couldn't help but help her, and her sister Su Lan covered her mouth and smirked.

With one claw retreating, the two sides retreated, Ji Qingming was extremely suffocated and couldn't help but angrily asked!

"What the **** is this?"

Too **** suffocated! This guy's attack is very strange, sometimes the attack power soars, and sometimes the pure force pulls the airflow to affect his body shape. He Ji Qingming has never seen such a weird body refining emperor!

"Don't ask, it's just punching your chrysanthemum with one punch!"

With a sneer, Lin Chen went back to Ji Qingming with lightning. His fists were like a violent wind and a shower, urging a violent blow of "Seven Powers". Ji Qingming's sword was reversed, and he forced to parry.

Numerous disciples saw scalp tingling, and the corners of their mouths were air-conditioned!

Why is he so fond of playing behind people!