My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 798

Vol 5 Chapter 798: Strong

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Chapter 798

"This guy is using the top-level purple body refining combat skills. Every pure power attack has a weird strength. Melee is not his opponent, he can only pull his sword!"

Ji Qingming gritted his teeth, his eyes sharp, if there were no defensive weapons, he would have been beaten in front of that strange pure power!

Ji Qingming, who was madly output by someone around Lin, couldn't help but finally pulled out his big sword!

"That's it, Bai Qingxuan ice sword! Out!"

Zheng ~!

Sword out of the sheath, victory over Dragon Yin! The sword light is as bright as snow flakes, the whole body is blue and white, and the edge is hard to stop.

Ji Qingming hunts and hunts in Qing Yi, and strikes with a sword, such as Changhong running through the sun, the straight sword like a dragon is coming, it looks like a sword, but it actually hides three kinds of swordsmanship!

After the sword, his strength soared and his attack power soared more than ten times! Horrible so that all the purple-level true pass of the audience changed!

This is his true strength!

Lin Chen's eyes flicked, and he instantly launched a rechargeable rune, bringing up +12 Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun!

Tear ~! The five-colored dragon light tears the air, Lin Chen shoots a **** "Suraura" with a frontal thorn, and burns Qi and blood to fight against it!

Bang ~!

Cloud sky exploded, terrifying sword gas twitched Lin Chen, forcing him to retreat quickly, and finally crashed to the ground!

When Ji Qingming made a sword, it was Lin Chen who was repelled immediately!

A carp fought, Lin Chen got up, and Meiyu glanced at a fierce battle spirit!

Ji Qingming stood proudly in the void, he stood by the sword, and he released all the brilliant stars and stars, and the stars were all around, spinning around him, sharp and sharp.

In the brilliant starlight, it seems that every light penetrates the sharpness of high-level swords, which contains a cold to cold atmosphere, reduced to embellishment!

If it is pierced by his sword, it will be instantly frozen by the cold air entrapped in the sword, which is extremely terrible!

Ji Qingming's gleaming and gleaming starlight was like a brilliant star stream, injected into his sword. This makes the edge of the sword even more powerful, a level higher than before!

At this moment, he is like a sword in one, and his special astral breath blends with the sword!

"Ji Qingming actually launched the star sword body?"

"Is this kid so strong? Even Senior Brother has to open the sword body to deal with him!"

"This is the strength of the 99994th genius in the list of geniuses, the star pole sword and Ji Qingming?"

The true biography of the purple level exclaimed that countless disciples in the outer and inner halls were even more despised!

This physique is not comparable to the kind of "pseudo-holy body" of the ancestors of the Kyushu pseudo-god family, which is only contaminated with a touch of holy spirit.

And this "star sword body", if cultivated to the peak, it is entirely possible to become a special constitution of the Eucharist!

"This guy is also cautious, and he shows his real strength as soon as he sees it. It seems he wants to crush me."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding.

It turned out to be a special physique, no wonder his charging runes couldn't beat him!

The star sword body belongs to the five-element gold category. It is the strongest of the Gangs.

This kind of Xeon physique theory is used in conjunction with being a strong sword repairer in attack power. It can be said that Ji Qingming, who has launched a star sword body, has more than doubled his attack and defense at least, and his sword skills have increased amazingly.

If it is not the timely launch of the three-inch robbery and the Golden Prison Dragon Armor, you will have to be seriously injured just now!

"I can't hide anymore, seven changes!"

Lin Chen started the Sevenfold Change in one breath, repairing for the breakthrough, and temporarily stepping into the middle of the nineth layer! There is still a small gap between Ji Qingming and Ji Qingming.

Ji Qingming stepped on Xingsha and moved a little, his figure shattered like a starlight.

The sword is held high, the vertical cut like a rainbow, the raging sword light rage cut Lin Chen's head down, the terrible gas machine cracks the battlefield ring!

Lin Chen's eyes were like electricity, and his gun was blocked.

With the sound of the clang, the ring at the foot shattered like tofu, and the throat was sullen. There was a trend of 9.5 million dragon force plus nine robbery wars that could not stop Ji Qingming?

After launching the star sword body, Ji Qingming's speed soared. Lin Chen wanted to attack around the back several times more difficult than before!

Dang~ Dang~ Dang~!

The sword light is heavy, and the gun shadow is monstrous, such as the heavy net, covering Lin Chen, and it is divided by the gun again and again!

Jian Guang was very fast, one sword turned into ten swords, Lin Chen made a forcible take on "Hua Wan Cang", and the other one shot Ji Qingming!

He shook his body slightly, the star sand shot randomly in his body, and the light was swaying, like a thousand swords!

Each starlight stabbed Lin Chen like a sword emperor of the late nineth layer launched a raid on Lin Chen.

boom! Xing Shazhen fired a gun, like a violent wind and rain, bombard Lin Chen crazy!

"Not enough, such strength is not enough to defeat him, the ultimate return to the ultimate moment!"

In a thousand shots, Lin Chen's two great talents came out, stepped on the'infinite dark step', the dark vortex under his feet reversed, shuttled the void, and avoided many bombardments!

Bang Bang Bang!

The arena of the battlefield was broken, and shocking cracks were all over the audience, but this is the stage that can withstand the full attack of the late nineth layer! Now it is as fragile as thin paper!

Purple Phoenix wings spread, Lin Chentong circulates in the blue and quiet colors, stepping on the infinite dark steps, holding the five-color dragon gun, slamming lightning, and colliding with Ji Qingming into two auroras, struggling with the sky!

The launch of the ultimate moment finally made Lin Chen barely stand on his feet, reversing the offensive desire, not only the other party's momentum is also fierce and domineering!

This battle and offensive can be described as a match between opponents and a brilliant battle!

Thousands of rounds between the two sides and the momentum is not exhausted, the battle is coming and going, without stopping!

On the body method, Lin Chen's'Infinite Dark Step' walks alone in Kyushu and ranks among the best in the Purple Order.

And Ji Qingming's "The Seven Shadows of the Umbrella" is a high-grade purple top grade. Due to the bonus of the star sword body and cultivation, the speed is not inferior to the infinite dark step that opened the ultimate moment!

In terms of combat experience, the battles experienced by both sides are even more, and they have gained a lot of inherited experience!

On the auxiliary means, there are sword-eye assistance and purple-golden pupil assistance on the one hand, constantly analyzing each other's moves, seeing the move and splitting the move, the color is instantly reversed. The battle is evenly divided, and again against each other!

"The two are close to each other. Such a wonderful afterlife battle hasn't been seen in years!"

Many elders sincerely praised in their hearts.

"Jianzhao Kyushu!"

The heavenly star sword light gathered from Ji Qingming's shape, fifty feet long, a sword burst! The sword awn crossed, and the cold and cold air wrapped around the sword front made the temperature of the world suddenly drop!

"Glorious silence!"

The point of the gun is swaying, like a dazzling meteor falling, pure power exploding, launching recharges, penetrating runes, and the ultimate blessing at the moment, when the point of the gun hits the sword light, it explodes!

[The host activates the Tianyin rune and consumes 200,000 rune energy to cover the breath of mental attack. Duration: 3 seconds, cooldown: 40 seconds.


When Lin Chen's body retreated, the azure spiritual beam of light twirled and twisted out across the void, releasing the energy of spiritual annihilation, and filled with the breath of destruction! Ji Qingming couldn't even notice it!

Bang~! Bang ~!

An unexplained mental explosion ravaged the audience, leaving countless elders stunned!

[The host triggers a passive talent: Strike, gain 300% power bonus.

Lin Chen looked a little happy, this time the "Strike" trigger bonus two major attack runes, this power is far beyond his imagination!

But seeing the spiritual storm dissipated, Ji Qingming stood proudly, bearing three flags, suffocating and cold breath sweeping the audience!

The banner is a three-headed skull, full of vigor, as if from hell. The banner dances against the wind, separating three layers of light screens, and protecting Ji Qingming!

"It's Qingming's ghost flag!"

Some elders exclaimed that this ghost face flag was claimed to withstand the magical effects of physical training, spirit, fighting spirit, and predicting crises! It belongs to the pinnacle warrior beyond the seventh order, second only to the first-grade holy weapon!

"It was a sneak attack, and even my ghost face flag consumed a lot of energy!"

Ji Qingming's expression became more gloomy, Lin Chen's strength exceeded his imagination!

"Meteorite Alien Crystal!"

Bang ~! Ji Qingming's shoulders were shocked, the golden star of the whole body turned the golden vortex, as star-studded!

In his body, there was an imposing starry spirit, and even many elders changed it!