My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 799

Vol 5 Chapter 799: Click On You?

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Chapter 799

"He has alien crystals? No, just alien crystal fragments!"

Jin Tong's twins started, Lin Chen saw through his details, about one-twelfth of the crystal fragments. The complete crystal is extremely powerful. The nine warlords are not enough to see, and they are not qualified for refining!

However, even so, this piece of alien crystal is enough to make Ji Qingming's strength even more grades!

"Let Qingming use even the crystal fragments, this little guy is not easy."

Ji Qingming's master, Elder Gu narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Chen.

With a snorting sound, the air was torn apart, and Ji Qingming also referred to as a sword, and a flash of fierce flash to the Aurora Scream!

Lin Chenchun's power burst, and a shot of the moon broke the star. The gun burst, the finger burst, and Lin Chen backed up again and again, standing at the time, the foot broke apart!

Even the arm is slightly tingling, the star sword body and the "meteorite fragment", Ji Qingming's strength has soared to an extremely terrible state.

This is the real strength of the genius list. If he relies on a "star sword body", he is not qualified to be on the list!

"Dead! Every ants, forced me to use the power of the crystal, enough to make you proud to die!"

Ji Qingming grinned and suddenly cut a sword!

"Sword of Silence!"

The sword roars like a dragon, the blade is sharply cut, like a galaxy falls, outlines the extremely fast rotating sword light gas wheel, between the extremely fast strangling rotation, the beautiful wheel, the splendid starlight that overflows reflects the entire sky island, It contains the top secret killer!

In the whole battlefield, frost is everywhere, and the starlight bursts into the cold war, and the battlefield is frozen!

All the purple-level true transmission faces are horrified.

This is Ji Qingming's lore technique, the top-ranked sword skill of the Purple OrderSword of Death!

However, they have never seen such a horrible sword wheel, because they have never seen Ji Qingming's "Meteor Alien Crystal" fragment combined with the star sword body before, and the power of this trick has soared to the level of extreme terror!

Even the second robbery and even the three robbery war emperors will smell the color change!

"Damn it, you won't have a hole card! The ultimate moment Phantom Doppelganger, hit me!"

Lin Chen released four major avatars in one breath, which is also the ninth mid-term. The avatars fully urged Lin Chen's lore fighting skills!

"Speed Moon!"

"Seven Stars!"


"Chasing the arrow!"

"Glorious silence!"

Bang ~! Bang~!

Lin Chen united with the four avatars and shot with all his strength, all of them launched penetrating and energizing runes. Under the eyes of everyone, the "Sword of Death" was exploded in front!

Tear ~!

The chasing arrow is even more powerful to shoot away. It is Lin Chens new arrow method "Desperate Life". This is the top-ranking best skill of the purple order. Once it is displayed, it stands out from all the fighting skills of Lin Chen and breaks Ji Qingming. 'S offensive is still strong and strong!

"It's worthy of the purple top-level best fighting skills!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and the dark golden arrow light transmitted through the deep and dark murderous spirit, sharply breaking through thousands of troops, and directly hitting Huanglong to Ji Qingming.

His face changed slightly, and he raised his sword across the wall in an instant, condensing the power of the star sword body and the crystal fragment, blessing the sword, the sword body circulated through the body with a golden light, like a flowing gold sword, traversing the front!

Dang ~! boom! Arrow light burst, starlight radiated above the sword, and pieces of sands rolled up the psychedelic nebula.

Ji Qingming was shocked by a hundred steps, shocking!

The penetrating power of 25% forced his ghost face flag to launch again, resisting the last remaining energy, and shocked him!

All the disciples at Bingxin Palace were dumbfounded and dumbfounded!

Actually broke Brother Ji Qingming's lore sword technique? Where is this guy sacred, does he also have the strength of the genius list? how can that be! This is the culmination of billions of geniuses in the Holy Realm!

In a way, even though Lin Chen is not as good as it is now, it is not far from the legendary list of geniuses!

The problem is how old is he!

Tear ~! boom! boom! boom!

The terrible melee began to overturn the entire battlefield, Lin Chen and the four avatars madly besieged Ji Qingming!

As strong as the star sword body combined with the power of the amorphic shards, Lin Chen's body and his four avatars fired in full turns, and only fell into a parry situation!

One figure after another stepped on the "infinite dark step", the speed is extremely fast, such as the five shadows that follow Ji Qingming's side!

"Okay, stop."

Tear ~!

An afterglow smashed to the very center of the battle between the two sides, and the old man in the blue shirt flicked his sleeves to stop the fighting between the two sides!

The old man in Qingpao who shot was the master of Ji Qingming, Elder Gu! Xiuwei is a five-robber warlord, extremely strong!

"Compete against each other, click to the end."

"But, Master..." Ji Qingming wanted to say.

"There's nothing wrong. Tomorrow is the day when the Cangyue Trial begins. Do you want to miss the opportunity that the palace will fight for you after the death and injury?"

Elder Gu scolded Ji Qingming, making him speechless, although he could defeat Lin Chen, he had to pay a certain price.

This result, let most elders readily accept. Elder Gu made a point, both of them are good talents and beautiful jade, if it is damaged, it is really not good.

"That's it, Xiaochen Lin's victory or defeat is in..."

"AnnihilationDeath! Seven great strengths and three strengths in one!"

Boom~! The azure spirit beam and the sharp and irresistible arrow of life shot through the sky, and a residual image emerged, and the boxing style "three strengths in one" came out!


Most disciples took a breath of air, what is the situation? Does Lin Chen dare to take action against the elders?

"Humph! Don't do it yourself!"

With a cold snork, Elder Gu swiped his sleeves violently, swallowing the mountains and rivers, and swept across the Eight Wastelands, dispersing Lin Chen's offensive, and the smoke disappeared.

"Boy, don't shame your face."

Elder Gu grinned sensibly, Lin Chen directly greeted with a middle finger, good quality.

"Go to your mother's face to shame? Lao Wang Ba, why are you a bit overwhelming?"

Lin Chen smashed his head and scolded everyone, ignoring everyone!

"You were a dumb pretend to be blind when he suppressed me, he just fell into the downwind, and you just jumped out and said a little bit of time? I yuck! I ordered your uncle, they are all old, do you want his mother's Face?"

In front of all the people in Bingxin Palace, Lin Chen even spoke a curse! Elder Gu scolded with a red face!

All the disciples thought about it as if it really happened. Previously Ji Qingming won the upper hand, but Elder Gu really didn't speak. Lin Chen only took the upper hand a little bit, and Elder Gu came to say "point to stop."

He just said that he can't delay tomorrow's Cangyue trial, and almost fooled everyone!

"It seems that you are self-righteous and you are lawless, right?"

Elder Gu smiled angrily, and was about to shoot with anger, a nine-color star appeared in front of him without warning, making his pupils tremble!

Sigh~! Boom~!

Fear of space, heaven and earth bowed! The terrible destruction energy spilled over the battlefield in an instant!

The nine columns of light standing between the heavens and the earth are slowly blooming, drawing Elder Gu into it!

"This is the attack that Lin Chen made?"

"It's crazy! This guy shoots without a word!"

"Quickly strengthen the space boundary, don't let the disciples get involved!"

"There is no sign of this attack, there is great magical power..."