My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 800

Vol 5 Chapter 800: What Is The Attitude Of The Saint?

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Chapter 800

The sudden "Nine Tribulation Stars" shocked the elders, lightning-strengthened the space boundary and stabilized the destructive power of the nine-color beam!

A few moments later, the nine-color beam of light dissipated, and Ji Qingming's face showed some fear and killing intentions. Elder Gu, who was directly connected to the center of the center, was scorched, but the old palm was scorched. A piece of blood dripping!

Watch the purple-level true pass scalp numbness!

Elder Gu is a five-robber warlord! One of the pinnacles in the Holy Realm was actually hurt by him?

Although it was due to the convenience of sneak attacks, Lin Chen caused injury to the Wuzhong Warlord anyway, and the sneer on his face became stronger.

"Ok... a good Lin Chen..."

Elder Gu's face turned red, angry and angry, killing intent!

When the public was injured by Junior King, who was not in the late Jiuzhong, his old face was half lost!

If he is in a normal state, even if he only launches a defensive combat skill, Lin Chen can't hurt him!

But his attack actually has no attack trajectory at all, which makes people unpredictable. When the defense is temporarily opened, he has missed the best opportunity, not to mention he has to protect Ji Qingming in the blink of an eye.

Someone in Lin despised the kind of things he couldn't afford to lose. His disciples had the advantage to be blind, and when they had a disadvantage, they immediately jumped out and stopped fighting in the name of justice. Can't afford to lose? When was he Lin Chen? If he wants to fight, he will fight to the end. He counsels a fart, a big deal.

Lin Chen did not give in, and he was very determined.

But I can't run away?

"If you don't agree, you can go together, don't you just fight with the old and the younger, I have someone in Lin who does this kind of thing!"

Lin Chen sneered sneered, the thought was connected to the Qinglong who was still sleeping and practicing, and he already planned to force the Qinglong to help in the fight.

"After the Yangtze, the waves are pushing forward..." Elder Gu smiled flirtatiously.

"One generation is more handsome than others. Everyone knows that I am handsome. Don't say it. I'm very low-key."

Lin Chen smiled cheaply, Elder Gu's mouth twitched wildly, his mouth trembling!

"Okay, Gu Lin, why don't you defy a junior."

At this time, the void delivered a dull voice, containing endless majesty, everyone's heart shook!

"Have seen the elder Taishang! Welcome the elders returned!"

Many elders and true legends hurriedly saluted, Lin Chen narrowed his eyes-"This is the saint of Bingxin Palace..."

"The battle stopped halfway through this time, presumably, the Qingming kid was very dissatisfied, then keep this fight until the Cangyue trial, let's talk about it, how about, Lin Chen kid."

The elders are shaking!

This Taishang elder is asking Lin Chen's opinion?

A saint, asking a mortal opinion?

In all people's perception, the saint is always a high-level existence, any genius, not a saint, is a general generation!

The Holy Realm and all living beings are two distinct levels of life.

It is equivalent to a male lion asking the opinion of an ant. The two are not at the same level. Can they be put on a horizontal dialogue?

Why did the elder Taishang only ask Lin Chen's attitude and not Ji Qingming?

"Oh, since this predecessor has spoken, my Lin will naturally not be ignorant."

Lin Chen bowed his hand, facing the saint, he was neither humble nor overbearing, and his grace was more than hell!

If the people in Bingxin Palace knew that Lin Chen had beheaded six criminals of the Holy Prison, I wonder how wonderful that look was?

He has personally experienced life and death struggles in the Holy Realm. It is completely at ease to talk to a Holy Realm!

"Well, the old man will replace Bingxin Palace first, thank you little friend Lin Chen, if you have the opportunity, please consider joining Bingxin Palace, we welcome you."

The answer from the elder in the void made countless people take a breath!

Ji Qingming was shocked, and his eyes showed incredible shock!

What is the reason, even the senior saints of Bingxin Palace value him so much, even thank you and welcome!

"Hahaha, elder, you laughed, Yue Qi was my person. If she had a good life in Bingxin Palace, you would treat her with sincerity. Even if I am not a person in Bingxin Palace, I will stand here. Isn't it."

Lin Chen smiled meaningfully, and the elders listened to the thoughts of several elders, his scalp tingling!

Damn, did this kid talk to the elder Taishang about the conditions?

"Your slick boy, rest assured, Bingxin Palace will cultivate her hard and never treat her badly. The old man looks forward to your performance in Cangyue..."

After all, the voice gradually went away.

After many disciples and elders sent the elders to the elders, they returned to God. Lin Chens eyes were full of complexity, envy, jealousy, admiration, and countless.

Ji Qingming, who is as strong as the genius list, is not qualified to talk to Taishang elders in such a tone. Combining Lin Chens previous combat strength and his bold courage, this person must have the qualities that Taishang elders appreciate.

The vision of the saint is beyond doubt!

Elder Gu cast a look at Ji Qingming, the mind of the master and the disciples seemed to make some ideas...

Finally, the meeting dispersed, and today's World War I left infinite reverie and suspense. Compared with that World War, many disciples were more curious about the attitude of the elders. Some disciples who first met the saints were more excited!

"The wisdom of the saints is extraordinary. It seems that they should have seen something related to the war of the false gods from me. We must seize the time and become stronger..."

Only strength can make others awe. No matter how strong your potential is, without strength, you are not qualified to talk with each other on the same level!


There was silence in the secret room.

Lin Chen leaned against the wall and turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The eighth stage of the Battle Royal Realm-the essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 35.9 billion points.

Ultimate Strength: 9 million Dragon Power (Talent Blessing: 9.5 million)-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 26.6 billion points.

Intermediate level of mental strength: 3.46 million points

Intermediate skill essence: 3 billion points-Intermediate rune energy: 2.1 billion points.

Heavenly value: 1.2 billion points-talent points: 2 billion points.

Blank attribute: 250,000 points-Enhanced point: 15,589 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 12.05 million points in the fire system, 8.1 million points in the soil system, 7.53 million points in the wood system, 8.02 million points in the gold system, 53.5 million points in the water system, 7.9 million points in the thunder system, 8.09 million points in the wind system, and 5.2 million points in the light system The dark line is 5.8 million points.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Blue Order) Omen of Thief, (Blue Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Ultimate Return, (Purple Order) King's Land, ( (Quasi-orange level) fatal life and death, (orange level) instantaneous splitting fragments (1/2),

Characteristic rune column (whether it is open)-talent combination skills: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Transmission-Junlin Tianxia-Fatal Life and Death.

Thousands of colds and the Jianbao Conference, Lin Chen harvested a lot of attribute light balls, which made up a part of the skill and spirit consumed by the sisters.

"It is said that Ji Qingming ranked 99,994 for the genius list, ranking almost last, but for me, it is still very strong!"

Lin Chen thought about it, and today's World War I opened his eyes!