My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 801

Vol 5 Chapter 801: Strengthen The Mind The Strongest In History

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Chapter 801

"Ghost face flags, sword eyes, star sword bodies, star-shaped alien crystal fragments, each of which is rare and rare, placed on any Tianjiao body is enough to fly up to the sky. The guy who gathers so many top treasures in one, is actually only It is the tail of the crane on the genius list, and it can be seen that the gold content of this list is high!"

The genius list is so strong at the tail of the crane. The geniuses in the top 80, 700, 50,000, and even the top 30,000 and 10,000 are so scary!

Lin Chen felt the vastness and vastness of the Holy Realm more and more!

Except that the "Nine Tribulation Stars" did not detonate on Ji Qingming, Lin Chen played almost all the cards except the fatal life and the "slow rune"!

In the face of Bing Tianzi's true blue top pass, he can suppress it with pure power.

The higher-level purple level true biography, presumably with seven changes and recharged runes or launching the ultimate moment should also be easy to win.

But Ji Qingming of the Genius List is completely different. His strength makes him use the four major runes, the ultimate moment, the seven changes, and use all four avatars to barely make him into a hard fight!

From today's point of view, Ji Qingming may still have some means to retain some secrets.

Although Lin Chen has reserved several trump cards, even if he can win in the end, Lin Chen believes that he will either win terribly, or consume a very high amount of rune energy to play a slow rune and pay a heavy price to win.

Of course, if you use Junlintianxia in a group battle, Lin Chen will be more likely to get rid of Ji Qingming.

But Kingland is the trump card, and it has the conditions of use. It needs to kill the number of enemies, and it is not always available.

"My strength is far from enough. Only a crane with a ranking of more than 99,000 on the genius list has to let Lin Chen take out 80% of the bottom cards to deal with. If I encounter two at the same time or a higher ranking, I have to take my life to fight, it won't work like this!"

Lin Chen's eyes are dignified, he is not enough!

He needs to become stronger, stronger in all aspects!

Although the genius list is very strong, Lin Chen firmly believes that the advantages brought by the new version of the system will make him grow faster than Kyushu!

Lin Chen clicked Enhanced Function.

"System, I want to strengthen the Nine Tribulation of Creation!"

That's right, strengthen your mind!

The previous Lin Chen has always focused on strengthening combat skills and weapons. He subconsciously believes that the mental method is the basis for growth. Except for the growth element attribute value, the creation of the nine-robber mind method will hardly grow.

But today's World War I, Lin Chen realized the gap between him and the genius list, bizarrely came up with this idea, asking the system's answer is yes, it is entirely possible!

Lin Chen has already tried the sweetness of enhanced functions, now it is time to take the most critical step!

[Consumption of 180 strengthening points, the creation of the nine-robbery heart + 1 success, power increase: 10%.

[Consumption of 379 strengthening points, the creation of the Nine Tribulation Heart + 2 success, power increase: 10%.

[Consumption of 580 strengthening points...]

[Consumed 1329 strengthening points, the creation of the nine-kidney heart +8 success, power increase: 10%.

[Consumed 1849 strengthening points, the creation of the Nine Heart Tribulation +9 success, power increase: 15%.

[Consumption of 2455 strengthening points, failed to strengthen the creation of Nine Tribulation.

[Consumption of 2455 strengthening points, the creation of the nine-robbery heart +10 success, power increase: 15%.

The more Lin Chen strengthened his mind, the more he felt that the original energy condensed by the nine-color life wheel at the heart became stronger, and the nine-color life wheel doubled!

The Nine Tribulation War Body has been strengthened by mental methods and ancient times, soaring to a new level. The origin of Nine Tribulation has increased by a circle, and the amount of stored Nine Tribulation combat energy has more than doubled!

After two failures of strengthening, while the mind +10, Lin Chen's strengthening points are exhausted!

["Genesis Nine Tribulation" mentality, strengthening level: +10. Strengthening effect: 110%.

"Good perverted strengthening function, my mother, the strength of my Nine Tribulation Warfare has more than doubled!"

Lin Chen's heart trembles, so horrible ascension makes him goose bumps!

Too perverted, so crazy!

Power increased by 110%! What is this concept? This is equivalent to more than doubling the effect of Genesis Nine Tribulation!

This is equivalent to Lin Chens ability to double the power of the mind forever without turning on the Ultimate Time talent!

Even more frightening is that his storage of combat energy has also increased by 110%. Strengthening the heart law has given Lin Chen a qualitative leap!

If the "Ultimate Moment" talent is turned on again, Lin Chen can hardly imagine how strong he will be!

"Although the reinforcement points are exhausted, my blank attributes are not over yet!"

The effect of blank attributes can be transformed into other attributes!

"I still have 250,000 blank attributes on hand, which is equivalent to 250,000 strengthening points. The system will first transform 100,000 strengthening points!"

[The 100,000-point blank attribute has been transformed into an enhanced point attribute. Please check with the host.

Lin Chen began to strengthen "Genesis Nine Tribulation" again!

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, the mental strengthening failed.

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, the mental strengthening failed.

Lin Chen was just proud, and the strengthening result gave him two big mouths, two consecutive losses!

"Shit, won't you be so unlucky."

Lin Chen was a little vacant, and ordered it again Enhancement

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, mental strengthening failed.

"Grass! So dark?"

Lin Chen was angry and scolded, come again!

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, the mental strengthening failed.

"I warn you not to go too far!"

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, the mental strengthening failed.

Lin Chen: "System I dnmd"

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, the mental strengthening failed.

Lin Chen: "...Dad!"

[Consumed 3890 strengthening points, +9 success in the creation of Nine Tribulation Hearts, power increase: 30%.

Lin Chen: "...I fuck..."

Someone Lin experienced a six-game losing streak, and knew that this enhanced function was not as good as he intended!

After the strengthening, the strength of the increase is strong, but the chance of success and consumption are also terrifying!

Lin Chen, who originally thought there were 150,000 blank attributes, suddenly lost his breath!

+11 Genesis Nine Tribulation Mind, the overall enhancement effect is improved: 140%!

But Lin Chen has to continue!

As expected, Lin Chen continued to strengthen, and then let him doubt his life!

[6950 strengthening points consumed, mental strengthening failed.

[6950 strengthening points consumed, mental strengthening failed.


Lin Chen's mouth twitched wildly, and every time he clicked on [Enhancement Function], his hands were trembling!

In these days he came to the Holy Realm, the attribute light ball did not pick up less, and it was only more than 10,000 points in one round. It was all due to his previous cleverness, and he saved a wave of blank attributes. This is a strengthening of 7,000. My heart is bleeding!

In the end, Lin Chen experienced a ten-game losing streak, and transformed 100,000 blank attributes into enhancement points. The eleventh enhancement only strengthened "Genesis Nine Tribulation" to +12!

+12 "Creation Nine Tribulation" mentality, the overall power increased by 170%!

This increase is equivalent to the ultimate moment of 1.7 times, and the origin of Jiu Tribulation has also expanded by 1.7 times.

"Although the strengthening function is a pit father, the strength of this increase is really strong! In the future, when I absorb the element attribute value and enhance the nine-robber war body, I will also be strengthened by the mental strengthening level!"