My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 802

Vol 5 Chapter 802: Money Is Really Almighty

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Chapter 802

"Although the strengthening function is a pit father, the strength of this increase is really strong! In the future, when I absorb the element attribute value and enhance the nine-robber war body, I will also be strengthened by the mental strengthening level!"

Lin Chen sighed, he +12 of heart method, and his previous self, are completely two orders of magnitude!

But the leap in growth of this evil is only this time, because the mind has been strengthened to +12, and then upward is the highest +13 in the current stage of the system.

However, strengthening +13 mental methods requires more than 10,000 strengthening points to strengthen once, and the success rate is extremely low.

Lin Chen's blank attribute is only 50,000 points, and the strengthening point is 40,000 points, but he dare not waste it on it.

In case all the last reinforcement points and blank attributes are smashed down or +12, with a zero boost, he is afraid that he will be too angry to pull his pants!

The remaining enhancement points Lin Chen has other uses. He clicks on the three major techniques of "Seven Powers", "Obliteration" and "Death", and presses the enhancement function.

[Consuming 45 strengthening points, strengthening the seven unique strength methods + 1 success, the power increased by 10%.

[Consumption of 73 strengthening points...]

[Consume 1890 Strengthening Points, Strengthen Seven Skills +10 Success, Power Increase 15%.

[Consumes 47 strengthening points, strengthens the soul-regaining skill + 1 to succeed, and the power is increased by 10%.

[Consumption of 76 strengthening points...]

[Consuming 1980 strengthening points, strengthening soul regaining skills +10 success, power increased by 15%.

[Consumed 49 enhancement points, enhanced annihilation skills + 1 success, power increased by 10%...]

[Consume 77 strengthening points...]

[Consumed 2028 enhancement points, enhanced annihilation skills + 10 success, power increased by 10%.

These three exercises are the main trump card of Lin Chen. Its lethal power is second only to Jiu Tribulation Star, all strengthened by +10, and its power is increased by 110%!

Among them, the soul capture belongs to the group attack and single attack are deadly super strong arrow skills, far attack is excellent.

This series of enhancements left Lin Chen with only 30,000 blank attributes. This is not because Lin Chen has nothing to strengthen, but because there are so many things to be strengthened, he has not decided which aspects to strengthen.

"Seven Star Swords" Meridian Sword, "Mirror Bright Moon" Long Yao Sword, "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor" Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun, "Infinite Dark Step" and so on, all of which are the foundation of Lin Chen's strength, as long as Strengthen, the strength will definitely rise.

But the Enhancement Point attribute is hard to come by, and he intends to use the remaining blank attributes as an inadequate need.

This wave of strengthening made Lin Chen's strength as if he were sitting on a rocket, making his heart prideful!

"Damn, now let me fight with the guy with the surname Ji. I don't want to hammer his dog's head. I'll talk to his ancestor!"

What is the concept of a 170% increase in mind method? More intuitively, it is equivalent to all the existing attribute values of Lin Chen2.7!

What is even more terrifying is that the amplification effect brought by the strengthening of mind is applicable to runes!

In other words, Lin Chen's phantom runes, all four avatars have received this horrific increase bonus!

The **** five Lin Chens can't hang a Ji Qingming together, someone in Lin can devour himself on the spot!

Genius list? Fuck!

In addition, the origin of Jiu Tribulation obtains the effect of strengthening the mind, and the recovery speed is faster. Originally, Lin Chen used Jiu Tribulation Star once, which required four days of rest, and now it only takes one day!

After the extremely swelled Lin opened the ring, after absorbing a gold holy yuan coin, the Qingyao tree species had initially germinated and successfully grown, seven meters high, with delicate branches and green leaves, full of vitality and a new look!

"Well, it should be through the budding stage, and it is in the growth period. As long as it passes the growth stage and enters the maturity period, it will produce a lot of resources!"

Lin Chen said nothing, and put 4,000 silver holy yuan coins and two gold holy yuan coins beside the Qingyao trees, letting it absorb.

Qiyun Lingzhi is roughly divided into four stages, the germination stage, the bud stage, the growth period, and the peak period.

Now Lin Chen, feeding Qingyao tree is not distressed at all, if you ask why, because someone in Lin has calculated a sum of money!

Bingxin Palace is a third-rank sect, and the door controls many secrets of cultivation. According to the information disclosed by Sister Su Lan, Bingxin Palace is one of the few sects that has been upgraded to a fourth-rank sect, because there are up to two plants in the palace.

That is to say, the resources of the two inferior luck plants at their peak can support the top three denominations such as Bingxin Palace!

There are hundreds of people in the Purple Heart of the Bingxin Palace in Light Theory, over 1,000 in the Blue, and over 3,000 in the Blue. The monthly monthly supply is roughly estimated to be 580,000 silver holy coins!

This is just a month's monthly contribution! Moreover, it only counts as the category of true disciple disciples, and then counts the countless disciples in the inner and outer halls, which is the cost of hundreds of thousands of silver holy yuan coins!

In addition, the elders and other benefits are also counted. Lin Chen initially estimated that in only one month, the entire Bingxin Palace will consume more than 2 million silver holy yuan coins, which is 24 million a year!

This is probably the output of the two strains of Qiyunlingzhi. Of course, Bingxin Palace also has other channels and channels of income, but Qiyunlingzhi is still the most important part.

"In this way, I will take an intermediate value and be more conservative. 800,000 silver sacred yuan coins a month. If the Qingyao tree matures, it can produce 800,000 silver sacred yuan coins in a month! 80 pieces, shit, this is a mobile Jinshan, my grass!"

It was precisely because of this previous calculation that Lin Chen would not hesitate to cast his few gold holy yuan coins!

Time is money!

Cultivate the Qingyao tree to maturity one day earlier, and someone in Lin would lie down and take the money one day earlier. This is how everyone knows how to choose!

Lin Chen turned on the system again, this time, he wanted to upgrade the runes!

"If I upgrade the Charging Rune, my attack power may be much stronger, but again, I lack the means to face the saint, and the Charging Rune cannot be raised to this level..."

After hesitating again and again, Lin Chen issued an order.

"System, I choose to rune slowly!"

[Consumption of 60 Rune Evolution Stones, upgrade the slow rune of level 5 to: level 6. Sixth-level slow runes, double the power of the original slowness feature, and reduce rune energy consumption. The effect of sixth-level slow runes with the same rune energy will be more than double that of the fifth-level slow runes.

The system light screen pops up. This is the first time that the updated version has been liberated. The rune can be upgraded to the corresponding version level!

Lin Chen didn't have enough Rune Evolution Stones before, after various treasure chests picked up by the Jianbao Conference and Qian Han Ninth Level, he barely gathered up the upgraded Rune Evolution Stones.

The sixth-level slow rune, if Lin Chen instantly consumes a very high amount of rune energy to make a move, it may affect the Holy Realm. This is the only thing he has lost after the orange rank talent, except for the one blue rank nirvana. Can face the capital of the Holy Land!

"All prepared, the next step is to practice hard!"

Lin Chen took out thousands of silver holy yuan coins and directly absorbed them!

Wow~ Wow~ Wow~!

Silver Shengyuan coined into a stream of silver and white air flow into Lin Chen's body, the forging power in Shengyuan coin merged into the nine-color life wheel, nourishing the nine-color life wheel at high speed!

[The host received 45 million essence of war, 89 million essence of war, 65 million essence of war,]

At the moment of absorbing Yinshengyuan coins, the system's optical screen popped up at a high speed, Lin Chen was dumbfounded!