My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 803

Vol 5 Chapter 803: entering Cangyue Trial

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Chapter 803

At the moment of absorbing the silver holy yuan coins, tens of millions of middle-level fighting spirit attributes grew madly, and the system's light screen popped up frequently, directly making Lin Chen silly!

Lying trough! What the **** is the speed of fairy cultivation? He is shocked!

The speed of absorbing the silver holy yuan coin is comparable to the efficiency of his wild collection of light **** after a great war.

The silver holy yuan coins piled up next to Lin Chen disappeared quickly. If others could see them, I was afraid that the chin would fall off.

Thousands of silver holy yuan coins are passing by at a rate visible to the naked eye, refining into Lin Chen's body!

Over the night, Lin Chen perfectly absorbed more than 1,000 silver holy yuan coins!

This efficiency surpasses most warlords, and it is related to the Nine Tribulation Warframe created by his high element attribute value, because it requires too much energy.

"My mother, this wave has absorbed more than 1,000 silver holy yuan coins and directly added more than 10 billion yuan of mid-level fighting spirit! If you come again four or five times, I am afraid I will directly break through to the middle of the eighth layer!"

Lin Chen swallowed and was amazed! This effect is comparable to the top cultivation pill!

It is incredible!

It's no wonder that so many people are rushing towards this holy coin, and the moths are fighting the fire. This is simply a universal baby!

Cultivation, refining medicine, casting utensils, omnipotence! What is this called? This is called money is almighty!

It's really omnipotent, this **** can do anything! No wonder the difference in the development of martial arts civilizations between Kyushu and the Holy Realm is so great that the silver holy yuan occupies one of the most important factors!

"If I absorb two gold sacred yuan coins, I am afraid I can go directly to the mid-eighth stage. Unfortunately, the gold sacred yuan coins in my hands cannot move. I have to ensure that the Qingyao trees have enough energy to absorb in the near future. Money and money are really a poor ghost now! What can you do to make money fast?"

Lin Chen was distressed, and he felt more and more difficult in the Holy Realm without great forces or sectarian support. If he had the treasure appraisal technique, these five thousand silver holy yuan coins would have to be saved for several years!

But he did not want to join any denomination. The sect of the Holy Realm was not like the power of open education like the Tiange Academy in Kyushu.

Once you enter the sect of the Holy Realm, it proves that you want to give enough value to the sect to serve the sect or family, otherwise all the cultivation resources are lacking. Why should the sect lay down important resources on you to cultivate you alone?

"Yeah, how can I forget my old business!"

Lin Chen suddenly clapped his hands, showing a smirk.

He wants to be the man of the robbery king!

In the early morning, the location of Guanghan Palace was restless, and everyone gathered.

More than half of the true biography of Bingxin Palace was gathered, and Lin Chen also joined Sister Su Lan early on the way to Guanghan Palace.

"What, Yueqi has already set off first?"

Lin Chen was surprised when he heard what Su Lan said.

"Well, because the entrance to the Cangyue Trial is by no means one, it is said that the Cangyue Trial is extremely dangerous. If you have bad luck, it will come to the most dangerous area, and even the Ninth Warlord will melt in an instant. Teacher Leng Yueqi does The people trained for the main purpose of the palace are naturally selected to enter other more secure entrances."

Su Lan nodded.

Lin Chen pondered: "Well, then see you in the Cangyue Trial, anyway, I will meet sooner or later."

The three walked all the way to the centralized location.

Inside Bingxin Palace and Guanghan Palace.

In the Jade Plaza, 500 disciples of the true blue class gathered together, and the lowest was the sixfold war emperor's cultivation, except that sister Su Lan was the fiveth war emperor!

And for the first dozens of purple-level true biography, all robes are like snow, or holding swords and negative swords, hanging hammers and sickles. Ji Yuxuan, a hero in China! The true female preacher, Shen Yuluoyan, or the majestic hero, looks distinguished and extraordinary!

Some of them are top arrogance from the outside world, and they are some of the peer partners selected by the blue level true biography. However, there is no level of genius list.

"Every Cangyue trial has to lose the true disciples, hey, I really don't know how many people can come back this time."

"Which of those brothers and sisters at that time wasn't a talented genius, I didn't expect that I would be left alone in the end, hey, things are impermanent..."

"Only those who have experienced the fight will have the qualifications to become a strong man. Didn't we come here that year."

In the void, several figures disappeared, standing proudly above the Tianshuang Mountain Range.

Zheng ~! A sword light crashed into the sky, Ji Qingming escaped into the air, and stood straight ahead.

His body was full of sword spirit, his eyebrows were stern, his breath was powerful, his pair of eagle eyes was sharp, he had a sword in his hand, and he was so desperate!

At this time, Lin Chen entered the room, his expression relaxed and freehand, such as strolling in a leisurely court, surrounded by two beautiful women from left to right, envious of others.

His hands were empty, with a silver robe, a face like a crown jade, a cynical smile on the corner of his mouth, and a pair of sly eyes that looked differently enchanted.

Compared with Ji Qingming's fierceness, Lin Chen's body has a more unique and mysterious domineering temperament, which is more and more fascinating.

When Ji Qingming stared at Lin Chen again, the killing intention in his eyes was even worse! He followed the master's teachings: In this trial of the moon, life and death are destined to fate, and if there is a chance, he will bombard Lin Chen with all his strength!

Moreover, Elder Gu also secretly contacted some other extreme arrogance, when he teamed up to round up, this son will definitely die!

When everyone's eyes condensed on Lin Chen and his party, the unclear voice of the old man passed faintly into the void,

"This Cangyue trial, life and death have their own destinies, everyone remembers that coming back alive is the most important thing."

All the true legends bent down and clenched their fists, shouting respectfully: "Disciples take orders!"

The competition of Cangyue Trial is extremely fierce. There will be a large number of second- and third-rank sects. The opponents are super strong. Even if Bingxin Palace is the top force in the third-rank sect, it cannot be taken lightly. The risk factor is extremely high!

"Open the secret realm!"

The sound is like a Hong Zhong, the shocking void, the voice has just fallen, and hundreds of spatial channels extend.

"The transmission location is random. Each space channel can only accommodate ten people. Remember, it will automatically return when the time limit is reached."

The voice in the void was just finished. A group of purple-level true passers stood out, without changing their faces, stepping into the space channels one after another, and disappeared. They had enough confidence in their strength and heritage, or they had made up their minds, and did not Hesitate.

Then there was the true biography of the blue level, which also began to enter one after another, and before that Ji Qingming entered, weirdly turned around to secretly convey to Lin Chen.

"Lin Chen, if you dare to enter, you will definitely die! There is more than one genius in Ji Qingming's genius list. If I join forces with others, I think you have no chance of running away, ha ha ha!"

The laughter of Ji Qingming's voice was full of madness and arrogance, and he rushed into the space channel.

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, but now if he fights, who hammers who is not necessarily!

"The wisdom of the saints at Bingxin Palace could not have expected this situation. They were testing my Lin Chen. Betting on whether I would go in, wanting to test my heart, test my potential and strength, and, luck !"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a flash of light passed by!

Wouldn't he expect this step, the saint's layout, if he didn't become a chess piece, he could only break through the game!

It is a pity that he is not what he used to be!