My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 804

Vol 5 Chapter 804: High Level Shock

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Chapter 804

In addition to the abnormal improvement brought by the enhanced function, Lin Chen also has a super card, that is, his Dragon Emperor!

After swallowing the body of the pseudo-god, the Dragon Emperor has been launching Vientiane to devour the supernatural powers to refine the two bodies of the pseudo-god. Today, it has undergone earth-shattering changes, far more than before!

"Let's go together!"

Lin Chen smiled and dragged the second daughter beside him into the space channel, all disappeared.


In a starry sky, several groups of spiritual storms are suspended, such as mountains, rivers, and moons, disillusioning the great shore and strong will, as if it can suppress the world!

"Why, don't go straight to suppress this."

Among them, a group of spiritual storms clashed with air, and the moment they were released disturbed the wind and the clouds, shaking the whole starry sky with a wave of light trembling.

"According to the elder's report, there is a high probability that there will be a big secret in this son. In addition to his battle with Ji Qingming, there are so many weird methods that we have shown.

It was another group of spiritual storms that seemed to be thinking of holding Lin Chen tortured.

At this moment, the voice with the strongest energy of the spiritual storm suddenly came out.

"You are really a group of old muddleheads. The more you live, the more you will go back. Have you ever remembered what the ancestor and Nizi said to us? This child is extremely talented, and would rather not be bent. If he is offended, our Bingxin Palace is very likely. Encountered the disaster of extinction!"

This remark puzzled the other groups of spiritual storms.

"Is the Holy Old Man worrying about the sky? No matter how strong this potential is, it is also a matter of crushing with one of our fingers. Moreover, even if he becomes a Holy Land in the future, what will happen to my Bingxin Palace?"

One group of mental storms slightly disdain.

The spiritual storm with the strongest mental power is suddenly furious!

"Stupid! Have you forgotten where this child came from? Where is Kyushu, the world? Where is that? The continent from the 100 Saints in the ancient times has been rumored to have sat down on an ancient deity, and was later attacked by the demon clan. But the criminals who had fled from the holy prison were lurking, and those criminals are still coveting the mainland of Kyushu."

"According to the fact that after Nizi brought Leng Yueqi back, he admitted that this boy of Lin Chen refused to be solicited by all the common forces and died with Kyushu. This kind of boy now comes to the Holy World in person. Will it be simple?"

On the contrary, all spiritual ideas were confused.

"Did Kyushu have changed, and someone repelled those false **** criminals?"

A group of mental storms hesitated to hear the voice.

"No, those criminals are dead, and, all."

The strongest spiritual storm is amazing, and it also deterred several other strong men!

"How is it possible! Those guys were once horrible lunatics of the Holy Realm. Even if they were seriously injured, if they change, they want to withdraw completely because they want to leave. How can they be buried in a mortal continent?"

Several people were shocked, and the group's strongest spiritual storm seemed to be astonishingly endless, and it even said even more amazing results.

"If I tell you that the criminals died in the hands of this little guy, do you dare to fight his idea?"


Weird silence...

Several groups of spiritual storms, surprisingly silent!

"The old mans silver pupil noticed that at least four criminals had fallen on this hand. He had a strong butchery on his body. The old man asked you, todays Holy World genius list is 100,000, and the evil spirits list is 10,000. There are a thousand sages, and how many others can achieve this record?"

The voice of the strongest spiritual storm is bland, but it deeply shocks every strong person who communicates here!

They are very aware of the gap between the emperor and the saint! Even the strongest five-robber warlord is just a weak baby in front of the saint.

Warlord slaughter?

These achievements are placed in countless eras in the Holy World today, and they are very rare examples! What is more terrible is that this child killed more than one?

Or, he is not the Warlord himself!

Unprecedented shock!

All the holy scenes present were frightened by Lin Chens record of a young warlord!

Warlord shocked the Holy Land? If this came out of the thirty-six domain, the storyteller would not dare to blow it like this!

But they are very clear that the power of the silver elders of the elders, but the powerful blood power that once allowed them to go through several life and death crises in Bingxin Palace, never missed it!

Then the spirit storm talked.

"Naturally, the stronger the strength, the stronger the background. His details and opportunities are far beyond your expectations. It is true that if you can suppress him, you may get his secret, provided that you have this strength."

As soon as this remark came out, many mental storms made embarrassing chatter.

Damn, who dares to provoke him! Shou Xing Gong hanging?

The dead camels are bigger than the horses. In this sentence, they have lived countless years and understand their meaning.

If you dare to provoke such an anti-genius wizard, not to mention the third grade, even the fourth grade, fifth grade, and even the sixth grade sect have to sleep and sleep!

"This son must have a good relationship, remembering that he lives and dies with Kyushu in the world, and it must not be an ungrateful person."

"I almost made a mistake when I was almost there!"

Some spiritual storms said with fear.

"Why do we have to covet his secret right now, as Nina Zi said, we only need to help him take care of his female family and we can befriend him better; besides, Yueqi is now a protg of the palace master, and his future potential will never be Low. Even if he doesnt become a disciple of my Bingxin Palace, if he can become an existence above the Holy Realm in the future, if we have a good relationship with him, will the benefits be less than my Bingxin Palace?"

In the tone of the elder elder, there is a wise wisdom controlled by the wind and clouds. All the holy realms can not help but shudder, and deeply feel the importance of the elder elder's decision!

If you just shot, Bingxin Palace may be truly irreversible!


Lin Chen did not know that his killing of the pseudo-god had been scrutinized by the senior officials of Bingxin Palace. Although the record had formed a shock, it was not without flaws.

Lin Chen did not have the second enhanced version of God Killer, and the talent of the Sun God.

If he was forced into a desperate situation and the means of confronting the false gods had not erupted that day, if he was known by the senior officials of Bingxin Palace, it would be better than the strong to covet him again!

Lin Chen still needs to grow at the fastest speed, not sanctified, and finally become a ant!

In the space channel, dive down extremely fast.

Three people lost weight at the feet. When standing firm, it has reached a whole new world!

"here is"

The surrounding area is green and lush, full of vitality, and the cypress stands. The colorful flowers are competing, and some strange-shaped branches are blooming, and they look colorful.

Some towering ancient trees that have been growing for hundreds of thousands of years cover almost a hundred acres of vast branches and leaves, and they flourish unbelievably!

The endless forests of the sea cover the whole sky, and it is difficult to even rush out!

This place is more like a great wilderness, but it has a more terrible sense of oppression than the great wilderness area, as if the historical flood picture began to be deduced from the present moment.

"No, the killing is strong nearby."

Lin Chen launched Zijin Tong, and suddenly found that "killing luck" was permeating all around!

There should be many souls killed nearby, but I do not know why the neighborhood is full of vitality, a piece of emerald green.

The three of them proceeded cautiously and did not dare to easily fly into the air.

Suddenly, the purple and black magic mark in Lin Chen's palm glowed with light and reacted!

"This magic seal actually reacts to this place, don't you say?"