My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 805

Vol 5 Chapter 805: The Extremely Dangerous Cangyue Trial

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Chapter 805

Lin Chen jumped in his heart, at this time, Su Lan beside him stepped on a soft vine.

"Hey, this vine is actually soft..."

Tear ~! Almost in the electric light and flint, the strange green vines bound Su Lan's jade foot snow wrist, and even her subconsciously running rebound could not cut it!

Hey~! Su Lan flew out! It was almost dragged into the air by the terrorist power of the vines!

A brightly colored Niu Linghua is a hundred meters away. In a short time, a black mist haunts from one thousandth of the breath, turning into lacquer black!

It opened the center of the petals like lightning, like a monster opening its mouth, and several crystal liquids flowed out in the center, emitting a rotten odor. The black mist was extremely corrosive, and it could gradually disintegrate the defense defense of Su Lan's instinct. Extreme!

Su Lan, Su Lan is about to be swallowed.

With a snorting sound, the sword light was cut across, like a star jump, a sword cut off the vine, and rolled down two white light attribute light balls.


The four-footed Niu Linghua burst into a weird scream, and even withdrew into a piece of lush vegetation, disappeared.

Lin Chen held Su Lan, who was still in shock, with one hand, started the dark steps, and then withdrew like Su Lan!

"Bing JueCui!"

Su Lan responded very quickly, palming the ground with his palms, the palms were icy like a tide, freezing the ground, quickly freezing the ice wall that was four and eight feet high, and the group protected himself and his sister Su Lan, and took out a vigilant Lin Chen.

"Send, what happened, what a terrible thing..."

Su Lan's frightened little white rabbit, holding Lin Chen's arm and trembling tremblingly, this is by no means her courage, but this place is too weird!

She is a five-fold war emperor, and her mind and cultivation are absolutely not weak!

But in the scene just now, Lin Chen shot a little slower, she would be swallowed by that strange flower instantly, and it had a strange poison effect that disintegrated the war spirit of the warlord!

But at this time, when you look at the nearby area, there is a lush greenery and vitality. It is simply a primitive wilderness, as if nothing has happened.

The more this atmosphere, the more weird!

Too weird, Lin Chen has never seen such a forest!

Lin Chen's expression showed a little dignity!

"We won the jackpot!"

Lin Chen finally knows why Leng Yueqi will receive special preferential treatment and can choose the space channel to be sent to the specified location.

This mysterious realm of the moon is terrifying!

Don't look at the calm and vibrant here, but it is very deceptive! This forest is a place where people eat without bones!

You and Sister Su Lan are already surrounded!

"Something in this forest has grown into a beast-like existence. The guy just now is a creature with advanced intelligence."

Lin Chen's words were amazing, and the pretty faces of the two sisters changed slightly!

Actually, the real situation is much more serious than verbal!

In this forest, even his'Golden Eyes Twins' can't see through which creatures have advanced wisdom and which are ordinary spirit plants.

Even Lin Chen couldn't see through it. If someone from Bingxin Palace came here like him, almost a 9 to 9 chance would fall here!

In the previous situation of Su Lan, if Lin Chen had a magic seal reminder in advance, Zijin Tong was dispatched in advance to detect a trace of change, coupled with his mental power idea running very fast, the general Jiuzhong later war emperor could not have responded!

The most important thing is that these spirits have a demon flavor, and their attack power and means are very powerful.

"Then how do we get out..."

Su Lan asked nervously. Lin Chen didn't answer. The "Meridian Sword" was shining brightly in his hand. A sword cut through the sky diagonally.

brush! brush! boom!

Jianmang chopped the sky diagonally, cut countless branches and leaves, exploded the sky and shattered the awns, one after another, failing to break the shackles. There seems to be some invisible power above the thousand emptiness.

"We are afraid that we cannot fly easily in the imprisonment set by some creatures."

Lin Chen took the sword back to his sheath and smiled casually.

"Squad leader, how can you laugh in such a terrible place..."

Su Lan saw him with a smile, inexplicably relieved.

"It's really dangerous here, but fortunately it won't fail me, let's go, let's look inside."

Lin Chenyi was bold, broke the ice wall, and proceeded with his second daughter. It didn't seem to plan to find a mouth, but intended to go deeper into the core area!

He picked up two white light attributed light **** suspended in the void.

[The host obtains 240 and 130 blank attributes.

"Lying trough, so high blank attribute value, good thing! If you kill that guy, will there be more blank attributes!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and he looked forward to it. Sure enough, danger and opportunity coexist! This blank attribute can be converted into enhancement points, which is equivalent to gaining hundreds of enhancement points at once!

The sisters followed Lin Chen with confidence. They believed that Lin Chen would not put them in danger and completely trusted him.

Why did Lin Chen dare to take the two women unscrupulously forward?

He found that the purple and black magic seal shimmered in different light in his palm, but when the light flashed more strongly, it proved that there was the previous strange body of wisdom near Lin Chen. If the reaction was small, it proved that the distance was far.

"Last time I slaughtered those demons in the sky tower, there was a blank attribute. I don't know how many will be here!"

Lin Chen smiled, and headed into the forest, like a hungry wild wolf, looking for the prey just now!


For dozens of miles, Lin Chen suddenly broke a sword light and killed the tyrant flower between two ten thousand years old pine!


Jianguang strangled, the strangely hidden and extremely clever tyrant flower suddenly burst into a scream, melted into blue blood and melted, and finally disappeared, rolling off a dozen white light attribute light balls!

Lin Chen closed, and his attributes rose.

[Obtain blank attributes 150 points, 230 points, 280 points, 110 points...]

Lin Chen's momentum is getting stronger and stronger, and he will be killed and almost wiped out of this strange creature. There will be nearly a thousand blank attributes! On the knuckles of his lack of reinforcement points, this is timely rain!

However, this forest has a very wide range, lush foliage, can not fly, and the speed of travel is far less than the normal state of the emperor.

Secondly, these strange creatures are not creatures that can be attacked by indiscriminate bombardment. They are extremely fast. Once there is an explosion of fighting gas in the nearby area, they will hide in an instant. Lin Chen can only rely on the magic seal to find them!

Three days after Lin Chen entered the Cangyue Trial, an amazing news came out of the odd domain in the 36 domains!

The old second-class sect Starlight Palace was destroyed!

This news shocked the whole strange domain!

There can be an old holy realm sitting in Xinghui Temple. Who dare to destroy a sect in which a saint sits, even the holy realm fell?