My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 806

Vol 5 Chapter 806: Lin Xingchen

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Chapter 806

One day ago; thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, under a starry sky.

Xingsha is like fire, burning slowly, wrapped in a standing figure.

The young man's long hair was bundled up, holding a sword, his eyebrows and staring eyes, and the outline of his face was gradually showing, cold and proud, like a knife.

The wind and wind whizzed his hair and danced like a fluttering silk thread. When he fluttered, he could see the most magical pair of golden eyes of the youth, such as the constant light of the stars, and the pupils like nine stars hanging, extremely brilliant, extremely fantasy.

Opposite it is a magnificent jade robe man with magnificent shore, dignified temperament, and a figure of heaven and earth, as if the sun and the moon are menstrual, above the mortal beings, overlooking all creatures!

Jade robe man is a saint?

"Who the **** are you, why is it that the trouble of looking for me in the Xinghui Palace is impossible if you want to kill it all?"

The Yupao man frowned and saw that Jintong Youth was indifferent and merciless, and only a sword responded to him.

With a sword shot, billions of creatures bowed their heads! The sky is upside down, the mountains and rivers are gray, and all the glory is extinguished!

The Jade Robe saint's complexion changed greatly. This sword is earth-shattering, and it has the power to break through the sky. The swordsmanship has reached a very high level, and the Holy World is rare!

"Broken Star, Holy Wheel Photo!"

His whole body was condensed with holy light, and turned into a sunbeam that sank into the sun and the moon, mixed with the tendency of pushing the continental plate, and violently crushed the trick of the lore, and the two sides collided head-on.

Tear ~! Bang ~!

A flash of startling rainbow reflected the whole world, as if for a moment, the world was torn by a light of sword light, and it seemed that the moment when the sword was recaptured from the youth, the world was only from a break to recovery!

At the eyebrows of the Jade Robe Saint, a line of blood broke apart.

He went from anger to mania, to panic and shock, to loneliness and doubt, but a few breaths.

"What swordsmanship is this."

The sound of the Jade Robe Saint was a little deep.

"I woke up and made myself self-conscious, nameless and styleless, called Breaking Dawn."

With the sword back to the sheath, the young man stepped into the sky and took away the dazzling stars above the starry sky.

The pupil of Yupao Saint shuddered slightly, and at this time his holy body began to split a series of shocking cracks, holy blood raging, flesh and blood burst.

"The sword comes to the end of the world, and the sword closes to dawn. There is a peerless sword move, breaking dawn.

The Jade Robes laughed at themselves; they used the last hint of Holy Force to interrogate.

"Dare to ask, Your name."

The young people took away the stars and stones, and when they left, they cherished words like gold.

"Sword God Lin Xingchen."


Cangyue Secret RealmEndless Forest

A crowd of young Tianjiao madly urged his combat skills, blasted and blasted all the Lingzhi around him, as if the storm destroyed, and what he passed was turned into a ruin, trying to kill this strange forest with a strong attack.

But the forest seemed to be vast and vast, like a sea, and nine people were still in the forest by storming thousands of miles at a time.

Finally, after nine people took turns to perform a lot of purple-level combat skills, they briefly fell into a state of exhaustion and recovery. When they swallowed the pill and prepared to refine the chemical power, the ground cracked thousands of feet without warning!

Sigh~! Boom~!

The abyss of the sky-shaking abyss formed at an instant. A sharp blade of teeth shone like a blade. The abyss swooped up, swallowing nine people, and then the veins healed. The ground no longer swelled and returned to normal.

And all the spiritual plants destroyed by nine people along the way grew like mushrooms and grew up quickly, returning to their original state at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The forest has regained its former tranquility and peace. It seems that the previous **** scene never happened.


"We have been in the endless forest for three days, how come we haven't reached the end..."

"Will we die here..."

"Don't talk about these things, look at our side, but there are two genius list geniuses. This lineup, looking at the entire Cangyue secret realm is top, how can you easily die in this ghost place!"

There are eight figures in the lush green grass, both men and women. They wear Guanyu on their heads, a sword hanging from their waists, Tsing Yi fluttering, embroidered with two crimson flowers behind them, one ice and one fire, lifelike. This is the logo of the second grade sect and the two ceremonial halls.

As the first two people, they released the defense of the fighting spirit and protected the eight people behind them. Among them, the handsome and saucy man passed a bit of disdain in the eyes.

"A group of waste, or the core disciples of the inner temple, do not even have the guts."

Sister Leng Yan's long hair and waist next to the handsome man glanced at him, and said lightly: "Your Excellency Zi Ming, if you despise me, my siblings and sisters, you can leave the team and I will not stay."

Beauty long skirt Ruoxue, green silk across the shoulder, soft catkin like Mingyu, skin like cream, Daimei like Ruochunshan, temperament crown is a must.

"How come, haha."

The evil charmer made a haha, but his heart was quite bitter: "Damn bitch, if you have to borrow your instincts, I will have you on the spot!"

The beautiful eyes of the woman in the snow skirt shone with brilliance, and a graceful arc rose on the corner of her mouth.

The two have their own thoughts and use each other. They are two geniuses in the genius list: Lan Ruoxue, Gu Tianxie!

These two men are super powerful, and both are in the late stage of the Nine Heavy Battle Emperor!

But in this endless forest, as strong as the genius list must be careful!

Because here, the battlefield where the holy saints and the powerful demons battled, the blood of the ancient trolls once sprinkled on this land, and it seemed to have a devilish spirit, so it would give this forest such strange creatures.

Those spiritual plants contaminated with the blood of the Devil have transformed into weird creatures that even the peak warlord can't detect. Entering this endless forest, almost no one can live out!

There are black and white in the world, and yin and yang are reversed. Although the Infinite Forest is terrible, this can only be found in the mysterious territory of the Moon. Only when you find the Endless Forest, you can find the Holy Mountain Range where the Holy Blood grows.

This vein is nourished by the ancient holy blood, and has created countless top-level treasures that can be encountered, and some strange treasures and even saints will be rushing to the level!

A team of people continued to travel a distance, during which they encountered several times that the hidden vegetation demons were all wiped out by the two genius list geniuses with lightning!

Just as a group of people walked for half a day, suddenly; when there was a bang, everything was stunned, the mountains moved, and the air rushed to Jiuxiao!

"No, this is the breath of the top demon awakening!"

Lan Ruoxue's pretty face changed slightly, and the gleaming ice light at her eyebrows shook slightly!

"It's approaching fast, rewind!"

Lan Ruoxue ordered, a team of people immediately increased their speed and quickly retreated!

As soon as the words fell, the two tall monster monster flowers flew into the sky like a python, and burst out like lightning!

The faces of Lan Ruoxue's brothers and sisters changed slightly, with jackals in front and tigers behind?

Just as the two geniuses were about to kill these two demon tyrant flowers, a clear young boy's voice suddenly sounded!

"Lying trough! What do you want to do, stop your hands! Who dares to **** my baby who I'm never ending with!"

A group of people was stunned by the time, this endless forest of demon everywhere, this **** baby has a fart?

At this time, the two Demon Overlord flowers also opened a big mouth of the blood basin, dripping the strong acid and smell of corrosive green liquid, which was very disgusting, and the corners of the mouth of several people were mad!

Do you call it a baby?

Which way is this fairy taste so horrible?