My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 807

Vol 5 Chapter 807: Who Dares To Move My Little Baby

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Chapter 807: Who dares to move my little baby!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The sturdy tyrannical flower king of the overlord was cut into several pieces by the flashing sword light, and a silver-robed boy flashed, and was shocked by Lan Ruoxue and Gu Tianxie!

This person is not simple. Probably not as good as the genius list, but one hand!

A sword cut off the Demon Overlord Flower, and the silver-robed boy touched it around twice, and the pedestrian was confused!

"Hey, it's really baby, more than two thousand more points."

The silver robe boy said something unclear, and beside him, he followed two beautiful ladies from Qingguoqingcheng, which made Gu Tianxie shine!

A group of people ignored the madman and urged the fighting spirit to expand his body, with a bang, the sky was cracking!

Countless crusts changed rapidly around the surroundings, and turned into a dark piece. The foundations of the eight sides were raised. A thousand miles away, the eight huge walls were erected, indestructible and solid as a golden soup.

The whole body of the black wall exudes a dark and hard metal feeling, and it is full of grief, like a huge wave rolling, surrounding 13 people!

"Oops, it's the top demon of Endless Forest!"

"Unexpectedly, even the vein of the earth is its body. This is a demon absorbing a lot of demon blood!"

Lan Ruoxue's pretty face is solemn, and Gu Tianxie's eyes are already brewing how to sell these guys and rush out!

This seemed to be just the beginning. After the eight black walls were lifted, they were wrapped upside down like a bowl, leaving only a gap of tens of feet in the sky.


A large number of monsters with extremely fast speeds rushed in from the gap, is this still a siege of the turtle in the urn?

"This top demon is going to consume us to death!"

"It's a deadly blow, we have no choice."

A group of people with strong eyes, everyone is ready for a nine-death life, and when they are ready for a desperate fight, only Lan Ruoxue, who has always been cold and proud and noble, today is rarely moved by her, her pupils are trembling, her face is unbelievable, still If you see ghosts!

Not because of being surrounded by top demons, but because of the silver robe boy beside me!

At this moment, his eyes widened, his eyes filled with ecstasy and excitement, gazing at the demons who leaped from the gap into the black wall with lightning.

He even swallowed, trembling in the corners of his mouth, excited as if the drunken man had been drinking wine for thousands of years.

At this moment, he grinned.

Laugh like a child! Have a lot of fun!

Lan Ruoxue almost subconsciously blurted out what he was thinking; "Is this man sick?"

Such a desperate situation, he actually laughed? This is either a sick brain or a brain!

She and Gu Tianxie, who are as strong as the genius list, have life-threatening dangers in these dangers. Can he still do countless times better than the two of them?

Lan Ruoxue remembered the little baby that he shouted just now and couldnt help creeping!

This guy is not related to the Demon Race These demons are harmless to the human race!

In one breath, dozens of nearly one hundred demons poured into the enclosure, and Lin Chen couldn't help laughing.

"Awesome, who the **** is this tall wall from the damsel, and so many little cuties are called here! I love you so much, hahaha!"

Hearing his laughter, everyone shuddered and looked at Lin Chen with the urge to kill him!

Do you call these things cute? are you crazy! You dont have any leftovers in minutes, how cute are they? Cute hair!

"Crazy, it must be crazy!"

"Wouldn't it be the demon who was alarmed by this madman?"

"Are we actually killed by a lunatic?"

The group was annoyed and angry, and if it was not the moment of life and death, they must hammer this wave of lunatics!

But for Lin Chen, how can these demons be half brutal, it is simply a blank attribute value for walking!

During these three days, he searched all night to kill more than fifty demons. These guys are very good at hiding and move very fast.

Even if Lin Chen has a magic mark, he has to occasionally launch a chase, which takes a lot of time. This time, the gift has been home to a hundred heads of spirits. This is not a baby! These are the special "cute peers"!

"Three Flower Sword Shadow Tips!"

"Broken Hammer!"

"The double sky of ice and fire!"

The eight seven-fold and eight-fold wars against the emperor immediately launched a fierce offensive.

"What are you doing!"

Someone was anxious, and the violent mental wave fluttered like ripples, and instantly crushed 70% of the fighting strength into nothingness.

call out! call out! call out!

A dark whirlpool twisted around, Lin Chen instantly blocked everyone's attack, and stepped away from the dark step to save the nearest demon blood rose, hugged it in his arms, and stepped away from the second road like lightning' 'Dark step', avoiding the last 30% attack on the fighting!

Everyone is dumbfounded!

what's going on?

This guy actually shattered their attack? Also saved a demon? Is this Nima or individual?

Lin Chen withdrew to the side holding the blood-mei demon, the demon trembling in his arms, he touched the'little cute' rather distressedly, and worriedly said: "How, little baby, didn't hurt Well, if you are hurt, I will be very distressed."

Of course it hurts!

That was the attribute value that distressed him. If the demon killed by others, he didn't even have a fart.

Lan Ruoxue and his team almost spit out old blood!


Where is this neuropathy? A human race, do you feel bad about this demon who eats people and does not spit bones?

What's wrong with this world? Was he floating or were we unable to carry the knife?

Lan Ruoxue's brothers and sisters looked at each other in disbelief.

Brother No. 1: "I'm Buddha!"

Sister II: "I am also a Buddha."

Is this guy not a person, but a demon?

Isn't it right? He clearly used the fighting spirit, and his mental strength is very powerful, completely unlike the demons, he has no reason and motivation to help these demons!

Only Lan Ruoxue noticed his previous body style, which was very unusual, and almost she had to take it seriously!

Seeing more and more demons pouring in, Lan Ruoxue had no time to wait and was preparing to question Lin Chen: "Your Excellency, we have no time..."

I saw that after a certain stroke of Lin, I smashed the demon blood rose in my arms and rolled down six white light attribute light balls.

Lin Chen took it away and got a total of 580 blank attributes!

This scene puzzled everyone more? Was this guy sick or not? With a cute voice on his mouth, he slapped him in a blink of an eye?

"Damn, you bastards, who dare to move these little cutes, I will hammer you all!"

Someone Lin was aggressive and warned everyone viciously that he was not kidding!

A large number of demons in the encircling circle can all be blank attribute values that go everywhere!

This is for Lin, who is scarcely strengthened, that is a huge amount of money!

As long as these guys are killed, Lin Chen can strengthen most of the weapons and exercises he has on his body to +10 and +11! At least one more wave of strength!

If they were slaughtered by these guys, then someone in Lin could not even make a hair, and they lost their pants in minutes!

Therefore, Lin Chen's intention to kill is serious! Whoever dares to move his little babies, he will hammer!