My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 808

Vol 5 Chapter 808: I Played The Genius List

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Chapter 808 I'm playing the genius list!

"Damn, Lao Tzu's luck is really bad luck! In three days, others have harvested many unknown treasures in the Cangyue secret realm, but the son is sent to the endless forest, and then surrounded by the top demon, and then a lot of Surrounded by demons, I also met such a silly hanging thing!"

A series of unlucky incidents made Gu Tianxie finally no longer maintain the pretense and pretentious manner, and began to scold, and his face was grim.

He was too lazy to attack Lin Chen, and gave a slap in the palm of his hand. The palm wind turned into a rolling black wind blade, and a dozen feet of black blade whirlwind launched a fierce attack on the black wall gap!

He stepped on the sole of his foot and stepped away from the black wind gang rotating blade. He wanted to rush up with his strength?

Tear ~! Bang~!

The sword light shouts like stars slashing in all directions, embellished with brilliant stars, cutting off all the black blade gang winds!

The faces of the two priests suddenly changed, and the madman really dared to protect the demon?

Gu Tianxie's face was cruel and brutal, like a violent beast staring at Lin Chen-"Are you looking for death?"

"It's you who is dying, fucking, beating!"

Lin Chen's sword "Ziwu" came into the air, the sword body shot nine-color sword light, the extraordinary color, Lin Chen instantly stepped on the dark step shuttle, the speed was very fast, the pure power blessed the Golden Tribulation Body, and the sword rushed to the sky , Slash Gu Tianxie's shoulder!

"During the early stage of the eighth layer, do you think you are a bit brute and have no way of doing things, get out!"

Gu Tianxie's fighting spirit surged, five fingers exploded, and his fingers flew across the black light, wind blade, fluttering and killing the void, surging above Lin Chen's sword light, followed by the palm of the opposite one to destroy Lin Chen!

Lin Chen slapped back with a sword, slashing Gu Tianxie's waist diagonally, the latter's figure was instantaneous, avoiding this sword.

Lin Chen launched a sixfold change like lightning, repaired to temporarily break through the bottleneck, entered the early stage of the ninth heavyweight, caught up with it, and immediately battled with Gu Tianxie!

The people in the two ceremonial halls were slightly air-conditioned. What is the situation? An insane maniac has evenly split with the genius of the genius list?

However, this is not even more dangerous. The danger is those demons pouring into the enclosure.

They seem to have a good heart, and they seem to have received certain orders. Since they poured into the encircling circle in the high wall, they have not made any unauthorized shots. Instead, they are hiding in the encircling circle of thousands of miles, waiting for a more suitable time to attack!

"How can you, Master, those demons are still pouring in, they are waiting for the opportunity, it must be that the ancient demons have made a ghost!"

The disciples of the two ceremonial halls are frightened and frightened. These demon spirits may not have strong frontal combat abilities, but their raid methods are varied and extremely fast. Within their attack distance, several demon spirits are almost together. Impossible to withstand!

Because most of them have the magic gas toxin that disintegrates the top war emperor.

Instead, Lan Ruoxue, who led the team, surprisingly began to calm down.

"This guy is not stupid, but his behavior is really a bit crazy. More importantly, the two women who follow him seem to be practicing the true biography of Bingxin Palace. Although it is a five-fold cultivation practice, their mentality is not low. The two of them Its not in chaos, its not in a state of death..."

Bingxue's clever Lan Ruoxue had countless thoughts in his mind.

Her intuition ice-eye exploration and thinking of anything is far beyond ordinary arrogance, Sister Su Lan's attitude, let her see a breakthrough!

If you break through without permission, it is very likely that the madman will be recruited to attack him. Judging from his actions to dare to kill the demon, this person is not unwilling to attack the demon, but he is not willing to let them shoot.

Secondly, if you break out, there are still archaic spirits coveting them outside. In the case of Gu Tianxie leaving the team, she alone may have a chance if she is alone, but to cover the breakout of the teachers and sisters in the temple, the chance is infinitely close to zero, or even It is possible to put her here too!

Almost a breathing room, Lan Ruoxue made the decision.

"Stay on the spot, everyone concentrates their defense on the defense, and don't shoot when it is absolutely necessary!"

Lan Ruoxue's decision surprised the eight people, but they only believed that the only master sister of the two ceremonial halls was on the genius list!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The eight had just launched their defenses, the light was blurred, and the sword light bombarded them from time to time. Everyone looked up and gasped!

Gu Tianxie was forced to retreat? Is this kid a genius who can still play the genius list?

Lan Ruoxueqian squinted, Gu Tianxie hadn't shown his true strength!

May be able to repel Gu Tianxie, this is a very amazing record.

You know, the geniuses in the genius list are all monsters that can leapfrog and challenge ordinary one robbery or even two robbery warlords. This profile shows that this silver-robed youngster has at least the power to rob the emperor!

"The improvement brought by the mental method is really powerful, it does not use any runes, and it is useless even the seventh change and the ultimate moment. It can have such a strong combat power!"

Lin Chen's heart can be described as ecstasy; the overall power of the +12 "Creative Nine Tribulation" mentality is increased by 170%, which is simply against the sky!

If it was placed in the beginning, he would have to achieve at least seven changes and the ultimate moment to achieve this level, but now he is numb and numb with a single "Sura Six Changes"!

Gu Tianxie became furious and angrily said: "Well, I originally wanted to walk the Quartet as an ordinary person, but I didn't expect that the exchange was aimed, not installed, I showdown, I am the genius list genius! The evil bone demon sickle ranked 99990 Gu Tianxie, if you are acquaintance, hurry up and get rid of me!"

Lin Chen stunned, immediately showing a bit of laughter!

"Hahaha, the list of geniuses, Lao Tzu is playing your **** list of geniuses!"

The sword light moved, saving thousands of sword swords as a storm strangling, rolling and roaring like a sword waterfall, the center of the sword waterfall is seven consecutive flash sword stars, the highest realm of the seven star sword spectrum Qiankun Seven Stars!

Lying trough? Why is this guy playing harder!

The people in the two ceremonies were startled, and they knew how to get along with each other and rank? Is this guy also a genius in the genius list?

Tear ~! The white light flashes vertically. This is a seven-meter long whip blade with a faint white bone.

I saw that Gu Tianxie had a bone whip in his hand, and his momentum was rising, like a messenger from hell.

"He used his evil bones, this guy is going to be serious!"-Lan Ruoxueqian's eyes are full of dignity, most of the geniuses in the genius list, once they take a serious shot and sacrifice the hole card, it proves to be moving It's a killer!

However, what surprised her even more was Lin Chen's strength. This guy could actually push him to this point.

However, the stronger Lin Chen's strength is, the better! She took the opportunity to break through with all her teachers and sisters!

"Since you can force me to this point, then die!"

Gu Tianxie grinned, the bone whip violently flicked out, like a fierce and overbearing strong wind, a sharp and terrifying wind, rolling up a **** and strong wind!

Lin Chenji waved the'Meridian Sword', and the sword light shook the stars, which turned into a flake-like sword spirit!

Dang~! Even if Lin Chen blessed pure power, the bone whip still easily shattered the starlight sword gas, and the blades were twisted to the direction of Lin Chen, crushing his figure!

Lin Chen flickered to the side and glanced at the trembling trembling sword in his hand. His eyes narrowed.

He feels more and more that these genius lists are really **** monsters!

The bone whip in Gu Tianxie's palm actually extends from his palm, is it a bone that is part of his body?

Is there such an operation?

Its hardness and power are equivalent to the top-grade top-grade fighters of the seventh order!

No one of the weapons held by Lin Chen can be compared with it, unless it is highly strengthened.

As soon as this bone whip came out, Gu Tianxie showed his true strength, and every whip suppressed Lin Chen!

"The more special you guys on the genius list, the more excited I will be! After defeating you, the more attribute light **** and attribute chests you drop, the more you are right!"

Lin Chen showed a maddening smile, the body of water robbery and fighting spirit skyrocketed, launched the seventh change, repairing for the mid-nine times!


Outside the black wall, the large and distorted shadow slowly approached, seeming to twist a pair of eyes, releasing a cruel and tyrannical atmosphere. The violent eyeballs were inside the wall. The nearby demon was dragged by it and madly poured into the blocked high. Inside the wall!


These eyes seem to have higher intelligence, as if waiting for some time.