My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 809

Vol 5 Chapter 809: Forced To Retreat Gu Tianxie

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Chapter 809

The sword roared like a dragon, and the Jin robbery was indestructible. It condensed into Jin Gang into a sword light, flying to kill chaos, Changhong cut off the air, from all directions to Gu Tianxie.

The bone whip turned like a winding dragon, twisting layers of whip flowers, and the jagged whip blade on the bone whip collided with Jianguang again and again!

Lin Chen fiercely fights against Gu Tianxie. Although he used the sevenfold change, Gu Tianxie, who has a bone whip in his hand, is very handy. If his arms are waving, many high-level combat skills are emerging one after another.

In addition, Lin Chen's Meridian Sword is weak for the time being, and he is temporarily fighting against him in a roundabout way, and he dare not rush to approach or attack him afterwards.

"System, strengthen the Meridian Sword, strengthen the Seven Star Sword Spectrum!"

[Consumed 24 strengthening points, strengthening the seven-star sword spectrum + 1 success, power increase: 10%.

[Consume 39 points...]

[Consuming 242 strengthening points, strengthening the seven-star sword spectrum +12 success, power increase: 30%.

[Consumed 23 strengthening points, strengthening the Meridian Sword + 1 success, power increase: 10%.

[Consumption of 37 strengthening points...]

[Consuming 230 strengthening points, strengthening the Meridian Sword +12 success, power increase: 30%.

Lin Chen spent only 3,440 strengthening points to strengthen the Meridian Sword to +12. The overall power of swords and swords surged by 170%. Blessing the +12 Genesis Nine Tribulation Minds, it seemed like an angry dragon's recovery!

"Try my Lin +12 swordsmanship, specialize in both!"

Tear ~! Dang~!

Jianmang turned into a sky, Lin Chen suddenly broke out, holding the sword with both hands, one sword cut across, and cut the bone whip that Gu Tianxie threw away!

Immediately after the instantaneous slashing the second sword, the starlight surged, the sharp rainbow like a flake flashed across, extremely fast, the sword gas for half a month, splitting the wind and chopping the waves, surprised Gu Tianxie's heart, caught off guard!

Sigh~! Shuiyue's sword energy was mixed with a touch of starlight, penetrated his defense of defense, and his left shoulder was draped with color. There was a stream of blood flowing out. In Lin Chen's eyes, eight attribute light **** were dropped!

"How is it possible that his swordsmanship and swords power suddenly surged a great deal of power, and the swords also dared to collide with my evil bones?"

Looking at the endless cyan brilliance of the meridian sword, Gu Tianxie was both shocked and surprised!

Even Lan Ruoxue, who was watching the battle, couldn't help but feel puzzled and stunned. Lin Chen's wave of improvement was placed in the eyes of the two geniuses. It was really strange!

How could such a weird thing happen in this world?

The power of swords and swordsmanship can skyrocket at the same time. Swordsmanship is barely justified, and once the epiphany of war skills breaks the boundaries.

But is there any breakthrough for this sword? Impossible, because of the limited quality of the weapon materials, how can the power of sudden sharp increase!


It's weird! This madman born out of the air seems to be full of secrets all over his body!

Gu Tianxie swept the gap above at once, the influx of demons was getting less and less, the gap was shrinking, and he secretly screamed.

"There is no time to spend time here with this madman, then the Archaic Demon will close the enclosure and it will be too late to rush out!"

Gu Tianxie's dark red fighting spirit flowed with violent blood, injected into the bone whip, and the power surged, such as the ancient blood python possession!

"Panlong ten twists, die for me!"

The twisted and twisted bone whip extends for dozens of feet, powerful and mighty, the whip blade resembles the blade of a python, and bites away, as if the barbaric python in the ancient times came from strangling, tying Lin Chen from all directions!

"It's his Panlong twist, purple top-level best fighting skills!" Lan Ruoxueqian's eyes quivered, and this trick even had to show her the card!

"The Ultimate Moment"

Finally, Lin Chen's firepower at this moment was fully on, his whole body was circulated with a glorious blue radiance, and his sword rushed to the sky!

"It's not enough, this trick is far superior to my Seven Star Swordsmanship. In the end, I can only break the trick and not hurt him!"

Lin Chen's eyes were sharp, his hands suddenly held the sword, the starlight was refracted by the lightning, and the Jiu Tribulation flashed on the sword!

[Activate recharging and penetrating runes, consuming 120,000 rune energy.

"Seven Stars!"

With a cry of anger, Lin Chen cut his hands with a sword wheel, and the blade of the sword drawn a half-moon arc, the sword light rushed to the sky, and the sword tip condensed into seven abbots Xu Hao Dang's starlight screamed to the bone python coming from the wind!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The starlight sword gas blasted the bone python, and the starlight blew tremblingly. The sword gas penetrated the bone python and twisted the bone python. It shook thousands of kilometers away, causing the pupils of the two geniuses to tremble!

"Why...!" When Gu Tianxie was shocked, the sword Qi overflowed and penetrated, suddenly penetrated his defense of the Qi, and even his body protection and defensive treasures were lost, the sword Qi surged through his body!


Gu Tianxie vomited blood and retreated, rolling over a dozen attribute light balls, and the disciples of the two ceremonial halls breathed cold air.

He hurt the genius of the genius list?

[The host triggers a passive talent: Fatal Bloodthirst, has received 25% damage treatment from substantial damage. And trigger the combination of talents, you can use the combination of talents.

Lin Chen took a dark step, and his mind +12 superimposed on the ultimate moment. His body was so fast that even Lan Ruoxue could only see the afterimage!

Gu Tianxie's eyes were bitter, and he suddenly shattered the **** roulette in his palm, slammed! His whole body of war was exploded like a ripple, turning into a **** sky, as fast as jumping space, making Lin Chen hit the sky with a sword!

"Damn, I remember you!"

Before leaving, Gu Tianxie returned a sneering voice of resentment and resentment.

"I can't think of Gu Tianxie's crying blood plate. This guy really has a set!"

Lan Ruoxuefang's heart shook, this is Gu Tianxie's life-saving card, almost no last resort, it will not be used at all.

That's the card to consume his own blood. It takes silver holy coins and many herbs to recuperate.

It was almost the moment Gu Tianxie rushed out of the top high wall. With a bang, the high wall closed!

The darkness enveloped a thousand miles, and the black high wall resembled an inverted bowl.

Silence and darkness came, and only the central group of people released the glow of the fighting spirit, which became the only light in the darkness.

[Get 195 enhancement points, 100,000 talent points, 95 million qi and blood energy, 88 million essence of fighting spirit, 30,000 mental power, 244 enhancement points,]

[Open four amethyst treasure chests and get: 10 Rune Evolution Stones, 2000 Strengthening Points, 800 Silver Holy Yuan Coins,]

"It's worthy of the list of geniuses, and it made me earn thousands of points of strengthening. I knew that I would hammer him a few times with charging runes. This is a special cash cow!"

Lin Chen looked around. At this time, there was silence all around, but there was a murderous secret!

"What exactly do you intend to do? We haven't shot in accordance with your regulations. Would it be for us to die here?"

At this time, Lan Ruoxue spoke. After the first battle, she was very convinced that the teenager in front of her was not a madman.

She knew that Gu Tianxie hadn't put out her full strength just now. He used the Weeping Blood Plate completely because he wanted to escape from here quickly, but Lin Chen's combat power still surprised her!

The disciples of the two ceremonial halls were upset, thinking what the master and sister were doing. Does this madman have room for communication?

"Relax, it's not your turn to shoot. I can't wait for them to come over!"

Lin Chen waved his hand and urged the Phantom Rune in one thought, and suddenly released four avatars out of thin air!

At this moment, Lan Ruoxue stayed in place for a moment!