My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 810

Vol 5 Chapter 810: Taikoo

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Chapter 810

"The Ultimate MomentThe Ultimate Return!"

[To launch the ultimate moment, the ultimate return to the talent, consume 150,000 talent points.

[Launch the talent combination King's Land, start to accumulate energy: 0 points.

The brilliance of the ultimate moment haunts the four avatars, and the gods are extraordinary, such as Shenghui adding body, swallowing the mountains and rivers!

These four people are actually his avatars?

But it seems wrong, even her intuition Bingtong didn't see through the flaws of these four people, which is exactly the same breath as the body, there is no difference at all!

"Go, kill all."

Lin Chen waved with one hand, the four avatars moved in unison, stepped on a vortex of dark robbery, and rushed out in all directions!

The four people either hold a sword and hold a bow, or full power fire, or wield a five-color dragon gun, fierce and domineering, with a destructive momentum, from ten to hundreds of miles, hundreds of miles away!

boom! boom! boom!

The undulating explosion sound reflects the encircling circle in the whole high wall. With the explosion sound dying, there are a lot of demons!


The piercing screams continued to rise and fall, and a large number of demons were buried here. Finally, some demons could not restrain the fear, ignoring the order of the ancient demons, and madly rushed to the crowd with lightning rush!


The meridian sword in Lin Chen's hand moved the Changhong-like sword mansions, and instantly cut out hundreds of sword lights, strangling all the demons that attempted to sneak attack!

[Talent combinationJunlin world energy accumulation: 30,000 points, 50,000 points, 100,000 points, 250,000 points...]

The demon fell, the energy of the king's world was rising rapidly, countless blank attribute light **** filled the ground, Lin Chen's eyes became brighter, and a large number of blank attributes were swept frantically, and he couldn't help laughing out loud!

"Hahaha! Cool, really cool, I really want to come back with a few hundred heads. Why are there so few? Isn't there a way to satisfy me? Isn't it too long-lasting?"

Seeing that Lin Chen slaughtered the demon was like killing a chicken, when he heard his laughter, the disciples of Liangyi Temple shivered and shivered.

This is simply a pervert!

Isn't this your little baby? This is like killing a chicken. When you mention pants, you don't recognize people?

"It's so powerful...if these four avatars, if he releases his four avatars from the beginning, then Gu Tianxie can just..."

The corner of Lan Ruoxue's mouth rose slightly, as the iceberg melted, a rare smile appeared.

She bet correctly! This person does have the strength of the genius list, and the hope of breaking through depends entirely on him!

Lin Chen is wearing a magic seal, and can basically perceive the potential area of each demon, and then only needs a series of fierce attacks. If the fighting energy is consumed, it is okay to hold the limit to return to the element, which is not a problem!

Roar ~!

The high wall shook, and a roar ripped through the sky, which was the roar of the Archaic Demon!

"Is there a big guy coming?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he saw no signs on the ground splitting the thousands of kilometers of the gap, showing fierce tooth blades, and immediately biting at Lin Chen!

"Sneak attack?"

Lin Chen, who had already been alert, stepped on the "dark step", condensing his mental power to rotate at the fastest speed, urged by two major attack runes, pinched by the handprint, and launched the +10 "annihilation" technique!

The energy of spiritual annihilation surged from the eyebrows, condensed into a beam of light and emptied out, like a meteor falling to the earth!

Bang~! Bang ~!

The terrible spiritual storm suddenly exploded, shaking over all the spiritual shock waves that shook the earth!

Lan Ruoxue's eyes were fast, and his hands turned over, illuminating a red and blue light beam to cover all the teachers and sisters, blocking the aftermath of the spiritual storm!


A sharp scream came out of the cracked earth, and Lin Chen pulled out the Meridian Sword in a blink of an eye. The sword moves like a star in the sky, dancing the sword tactics one after another, and the swordsmanship that climbed into the realm continued to stab and slam the ground!

"Seven Powers, Three Powers in One!"

Another avatar assists Lin Chen's body, pure power bursts, fists and legs are used together, or whip legs are smashed, or fist wind is bombarded, and the moves are all used to penetrate and recharge runes, +10 seven powerful strength burst! The infinite power is penetrated into the demon body with 25% of the characteristics.

That kind of momentum, it can be said to be awe-inspiring, shaking the whole earth!

Originally the Archaic Demon was planning to surround everyone with ordinary demons to consume everyone's energy and then reap their own harvest, but someone who appeared in the middle of the forest, Lin, a lunatic, messed up the plans of the Archaic Demon!

boom! boom! boom!

The earth is constantly shaking, and the abyss-like "Blood Basin" has been hit hard one after another. After all, the demons are not demons. They are good at sneak attacks, but their huge size and vitality are still not comparable to the demons and top fiends!

Wow~! A large number of white light attribute **** keep rolling down, and finally the archaic demon seemed to shrink back to the ground and was run away by Lin Chen?

At the same time, at this quarter of an hour, all the demons in a thousand miles were completely destroyed by Lin Chen, leaving only blank attribute light balls!

[Obtain 450 blank attributes, 350 blank attributes, 780 blank attributes, 150 blank attributes...]

Doppelgangers quickly and efficiently harvested a large number of white light attributes, and the blank attributes were all the way!

But Lin Chen didn't want to let go of that archaic demon, but it was a big guy with all attribute values!

"Shit, do you still want to run after pretending?"

Lin Chen smashed the ground with a punch, shaking the mountain, and the Archaic Demon had escaped!

Lan Ruoxue and his party were shocked and goose bumps! This man actually wanted to chase down that ancient demon? So special!

The people in the two ceremonies were frightened, but Lin Chen said: "The other demons are already dead. You can concentrate on attacking the south wall and you can break through!"

Lan Ruoxue made eye contact with his brother and sister, quickly moved up, and swept to the south wall!

"Everyone, come with me!"

Lan Ruoxue snorted coldly, everyone was brewing the offensive, and even Sister Su Lan shot together, a terrifying offensive broke out!

For a time, the dark encirclement circle bombarded the sky with a lot of battle spirits, exploded in succession, fallen heroes, and sky and water!

But the first wave of attacks only shook the black wall a little, cracking a faint crack.

"Not enough power, come again!"

Lan Ruoxue frowned, and was about to shoot again.

"Enough is enough, all flash away!"

The voice just fell, the three figures stepped in the air, the three avatars turned in the air, the rune was penetrated and charged, and the legs were heavy and the axe was turned. Blow up on the huge black wall at once!

The inky black wall shattered and collapsed, and a ray of light shone from outside, but everyone gasped!

Because there is also a huge black shadow standing hundreds of feet outside the south wall. It looks like a towering ancient tree, but countless branches and leaves have transformed into sharp claws. There are three heads like a lion.

"Oops, this big guy didn't go?"

Lan Ruoxue had a chuckle in her heart. The breath of this demon was just standing in front of her eyes and she was as strong as the rivers and rivers. With her mighty efforts, even if she tried her best, the chances of winning might not exceed 20%!

At least three or more genius list geniuses must go all out to make it possible to ensure sufficient safety, but this dangerous place, even less familiar with each other, who can trust each other, will show their cards to go all out? Doesnt this leave his back to the enemy?

Seeing the crowd breaking through the barrier, the Archaic Demon burst into a roar, and opened a dozen mouths of devilish gas. When he tried to forcefully swallow the crowd, his eyes rolled, but the moment came to an abrupt end!

I saw that someone Lin was already ready to go. He walked in the air, took a bow and pulled a string, and the arrow tip flowed with the breath of fear in the world.

He grinned.

"Your name, why don't you call it? Wasn't it just arrogant, did you dare to engage in a sneak attack, believe me or not?"