My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 811

Vol 5 Chapter 811: You're So Cool

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Chapter 811

[The talent combination has been stimulated. Junlin World Talent, accumulated energy: 11.9 million points, will increase the host's next attack.


Lin Chen was filled with Fenghuang Bow and let it go. This is an arrow with a world of fame! Arrow light is formed by the fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation, and the flow of the world is extinct.

After the release of "Death", Lin Chen's entire fighting spirit was hollowed out, and the moment the arrow shot soaring, blessed by talent, its power skyrocketed!


Lan Ruoxue's people who were covering the two ancestral halls quickly withdrew, and the archaic demons wanted to escape, but unexpectedly, a gray-and-white graffiti with a size of more than ten feet suddenly dropped in the world, suppressing the universe!

[Launching 6 levels of slow runes consumes 10 million intermediate rune energy.

This slow rune hit the Archaic Demon by surprise and blocked it for half a breath!

The life-threatening arrow seemed to stagnate at that moment, such as the aurora shuttle, hitting the ancient demon!

boom! Sigh~!

The sharp and fierce storm of fighting gas was sharply cut like a blade, and the energy storm of thousands of feet wrung all the blocking things in.

This arrow, blessed with Jinglintianxia, has almost soared by 31 times! Blue Ruoxue was so strong that he felt a dangerous and deadly breath!

After the arrows and afterglows disappeared, the archaic demon still stood, but the whole body was broken and broken, and the residual limb was broken!

"Not yet dead?" The disciples of the two ritual halls twitched!

"This archaic demon spirit is equivalent to the three robber warlords, and the magic blood energy here is extremely pure. It can devour other lower-level demon spirits to heal themselves, and it is not so easy to die, but it is seriously injured and has no fighting power. three!"

Lan Ruoxue's eyes were stern, but Lin Chen suddenly threw a word.

"You hold it back, I'll poke it and peep!"

The people in the two ceremonies were startled; no, what did you poke at your eyes?

Is this still sick, right?

That's an ancient demon, you don't even let go of the Jube area of the demon?

"Too **** mad and mad at me..."

"His strength is directly proportional to his degree of perversion, my day!"

A group of people went up with goose bumps. At this time, Lin Chen's avatar had already shot and forcibly stopped this ancient demon!

Lan Ruoxue led the team first and joined the siege, at least the life of the younger brother and sister had been saved, and as long as the big guy was dragged on!

At this time, the Archaic Demon burst into a long roar, waving dozens of tentacle-like flexible claws at a rapid speed, crossing the sharp blade wind, Lan Ruoxue's'intuition ice pupil' found that the atmosphere of the Archaic Demon was still gradually Is there a trend to recover?

Seeing the thick, dark and long roots of the demon under the demon deeply rooted in the ground, it continued to agitate and absorb the essence from all directions, and the injured part began to fill and restore continuously.

"It absorbs the blood of low-level demons to heal itself!"

Lan Ruoxue whispered coldly, both alerting the younger brother and sister, and also telling Lin Chen!

Lin Chen stepped on the "dark step" at a very fast speed. After a series of twists and turns, he finally locked a "harder" area on the Archaic Demon Spirit, holding the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun, and landed abruptly.

Sigh~! Poof~!

The gunlight tore through the'hard area', the ancient demon spirit with the dark magic gas flowing through it sharply screamed, and Lin Chen played a 6th grade slow rune with 10 million rune energy. Live the Archangel Demon!

"I want to see if your recovery speed can keep up with my output speed, ha ha ha!"

Someone Lin stabbed with a gun and his pure power exploded. One move, "Hundred Spear Fighting King", was madly displayed. It continued to launch recharging and penetrating runes, and did not give the other party time to react!

[The host triggers a strong attack talent, power increased by 50%.

Each gun blessed two major attack runes, and the increase in the "Strike" talent, let alone in the "ultimate moment" state, blessed with pure power, every shot that Lin Chen broke at this time penetrated the body of the ancient demon. All are terrifying!

A burst of white light attributed to the light is like rain, blooming and falling from the body of the ancient magic spirit.

[Get 1390 blank attributes, 1405 blank attributes, 1130 blank attributes, 1190 points...]

Lin Chen's system light screen is rolling down and dazzling, and his blank attribute value is soaring to an unprecedented level!

In the previous wave of encirclement, Lin Chen killed nearly three hundred heads of demons and harvested nearly 300,000 blank attributes, but this archaic demon also made his blank attributes go straight to the point of 400,000 points!


The archaic demons burst into pain and wailing, but Lin Chen's eyes became more fanatical and excited!

"Hahaha! It's a pleasure, what a terrible pleasure, my mother, this is to kill the old man hahaha!"

Lin Chen couldn't help laughing loudly, the people in the two ceremonial halls were terribly horrified at the time, and their faces were dumbfounded!


It must be crazy!

This is the head of the ancient demon, you cool hair?

What a terrible metamorphosis... This guy laughed so happily at the Kikubu area where he played the Archaic Demon, if he would come back to aim at their two ceremonial palaces later...

Many male disciples subconsciously covered the chrysanthemum zone.

"Wow, Sister, let's go quickly, he is a devil!"

"Yes, Sister, what if the madman stares at us later, my **** feels so cool..."

A group of younger brothers and sisters constantly begged Lan Ruoxue, and her cold and calm calmed her mouth slightly at this time...

"Since that is the case, then we will withdraw!"

Lan Ruoxueyu's finger embellishes the void, and the azure water curtain rolls out of thin air, like a bunch of sprays turning, taking away a group of people and quickly evacuating.

Although Lan Ruoxue is not a person who does not know what to do, he is still an important part of his own teacher and sister...

In the end, the archaic demon who had not yet broken through the slow rune **** fell under Lin Chen's "destruction", exploding the blank attributes of the place and three amethyst treasure chests, one orange crystal treasure chest!

"Sixth-level slowness is really powerful. If it is a fifth-level slowness rune, 10 million points of rune energy alone can't hold this big guy for so long..."

This archaic demon spirit has the strength to compete with the three robbers and the emperor. If it fights Lin Chen head-on, even if he joins all the avatars, Lin Chen will have a hard time winning it, and may even be injured.

But it chose the most conservative approach, first encircled and suppressed Lin Chen and others, trying to kill Lin Chen and other people's strength and then swallowed it in one bit, I know that Lin Chen launched the'Junlin Tianxia' talent and reversed it with the most critical blow situation!

"Unfortunately, if you are a brave and fearless three-robber beast, I can't kill you, but you are a demon who is good at sneak attacks, timid and cautious, giving me an opportunity."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, taking away the orange treasure chest.

[Open three amethyst treasure chests and get: 15 Rune Evolution Stones, 2000 Strengthening Points, 200,000 Talent Points,]

[Open the orange crystal treasure box and get...]