My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 812

Vol 5 Chapter 812: Xuan Gang Amorphous Crystal Fragment

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Chapter 812

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get: Xuangang alien crystal fragment.

Amorphous fragments?

Lin Chen's heart was shocked, and the orange treasure chest never disappointed him!

Looking at this Xuangang Alien Crystal Fragment for a moment, Lin Chen is ecstatic!

This amorphic fragment has only the main system: the gold system energy. The debris of the Tianyin crystal that was dropped from Soul Yin before, the main system is Yin, and the auxiliary system is water. There is no'yin-type fighting spirit' in Lin Chen's body, so Lin Chen cannot absorb it and can only be used to decompose it into attribute values.

But in fact, absorption of abnormal crystal is the method to maximize its effect!

This piece of abnormal crystal, he can absorb!

"This fragment of alien crystal is equivalent to one-fifteenth of a complete alien crystal, which is smaller than that of Ji Qingming's meteorite fragment. With my physique and cultivation, it can be absorbed!"

Without saying a word, Lin Chen put this'Xuan Gang Amorphous Crystal Fragment' into his body and urged the Golden Tribulation Warfare with all his strength!

Bang ~! The violent and sharp alien energy exploded from Lin Chen's body, but the power did not last for two seconds, and he was overwhelmed by the overbearing and violent golden robbery, constantly melting, assimilating, absorbing...

[The host gains 100,000 gold energy, 300,000 gold energy, 190,000 gold energy, 220,000 gold energy...]

Absorption of alien crystal fragments was not easy at all, but Linchens Heavenly Tribulation Warfare seemed to possess the energy to restrain the alien crystal fragments. It actually melted into the body and limbs at a speed visible to the naked eye, and thousands of meridians were nourished!

That nine-color life wheel became dazzling and dazzling by a few points, and expanded by a few percent. Among them, the most brilliant one was Lin Chen's Golden Tribulation War Body!

A quarter of an hour later, the even more overbearing Golden Tribulation was like a thousand blades cutting the void, and the air was cut into a bang, and the airflow was turbulent.

"The energy of my intermediate gold system has skyrocketed to 69.55 million points, so I grow up abnormally!"

Lin Chen sighed slightly, and a piece of debris rose more than 60 million intermediate element attribute values. The abnormal crystal is really terrible...

If this is a complete abnormal crystal, it is much more abnormal...

Affected by this, his Nine Tribulation Stars will surely skyrocket, and the Golden Tribulation Warrior will leap into the strongest warrior!

[Congratulations to the host's absorption of Xuan Gang's crystal fragments to obtain Xuan Gang's energy, which has been integrated into the Golden Tribulation Warfare and assimilated into Golden Tribulation Xuan Gang.

The system light screen pops up, Lin Chen feels happy, condenses a touch of gold robbery.

Compared to before, the current Golden Tribulation has a few more subtle stripe details.

Lin Chen's fingertips flicked gently, and a golden light flashed away, all branches within three thousand feet were cut into a round and smooth golden section!

"This is the Golden Tribulation Xuangang that combines my Golden Tribulation Warfare and the power of Xuangang. If the Golden Tribulation Xuangang defense is urged, combined with the strength of refining, my toughness of the shell defense can be up to the seventh-tier top-grade defense. The level of the treasure! Even if you dont use defensive combat skills, it is estimated that you will be slightly injured by the robbery of the emperor!"

Lin Chen was shocked. This wave of gold robbery Xuangang has increased his attack and defense capabilities by more than two levels!

"Eh, what about those people?"

Only then did Lin Chen suddenly discover that the people in the two ceremonial palaces had long since disappeared.

"Squad leader, everyone is scared away by you."

Su Lan smirked, Lin refused to accept: "It is impossible, I am so handsome, how could it be scary!"

The sisters smiled at each other, and the three of them continued to move forward. It seems that because of the call of the Archaic Demon Spirit, the three of them walked for a day and no longer found any demons attacking them.

A day and a half later, the three of them walked out of the endless forest. The outside was bright and sunny, and they were full of energy.

In these four and a half days of endless forest, Lin Chen has harvested a total of 530,000 blank attributes, an unprecedented prosperity! He can intensify a wave of unscrupulous enhancement and comprehensively improve it!

But Lin Chen hasn't turned on the system yet and started to strengthen it. A five-color glow is like a sky, surrounded by Jiuxiao, and the distant mountains bloom!

In the five-color radiance, there is a strong purple color, which is full of spirits. Lin Chen's ``Golden Eyes Twins'' even feel that there is a top-notch treasure!

"Next to the Endless Forest is the Shengqing Mountains!"

Su Lan exclaimed, Lin Chen laughed.

"It seems that another baby is waiting for me!"

Without saying anything, Lin took the second daughter and flew towards the colorful beam of light!


Shengqing Mountains, the top of the absolutely long mountain.

The mountain top is blooming with colorful hoods protecting a giant purple and green tree, with lush vegetation and branches, and nine purple and green lingering fruits appear shining brightly, as if they are about to mature.

Near the top of the mountain, there are hundreds of silhouettes floating in the air, all of them are strong and arrogant, and they are suspended above the sky. No one is below the nineth warlord, all young and extremely proud!

"It's Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo, my God, I met the treasure!"

"Damn, luck is really the decline of the mother, actually encountered three genius lists!"

"This is afraid of a woolen thread. We are over a hundred people, and we are afraid that we will not beat them three?"

Among the hundred people, three of them stood in front of them, and no one dared to approach their Baizhang range.

These three men are majestic and breath like the sea. If the star river shines on the sand, the river is full of scrolls, the visions are different, and there is a pair of kings and magnificent charms, and the people next to them are weak. More than one.

If the hundred people are tigers and peacocks, then these three people are both unicorn and phoenix, not at the same level!

These three are the list of geniuses: 99850.

99,894 people, one foot in the blue sea

99,994, Star Extreme Sword and Ji Qingming!

"It's a quarter of an hour before Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo matures, a total of 9 pieces. These guys know that they are not our opponents and will inevitably join forces. The two, what do you think."

Ji Qingming talked and laughed, and Feng Sheng showed a confidence to control the whole situation.

Shui Tiansuo is a Tsing Yi man in Xianyun Yehe. He raised his eyebrows and doubted: "Join together?"

"It's better, instead of messing up, it's better to fight these troublesome guys first, and join together. Ziqing Wudao fruit is evenly divided, is it okay?"

The tiger's back bears a meteor hammer, and the urn sounds angry.

Ji Qingming: "Nature."

Shui Tianshou: "No problem."

At this moment, the three great geniuses have joined forces brazenly!

Although the geniuses did not know, but they had long been confessed. In the face of the three geniuses, they either touched the fish or joined hands!

Almost eighty geniuses suddenly unified the front!

Put on weekdays, with the arrogance of the genius list, it will definitely not be easy to join forces, but this Ziqing Wudao is extraordinary, it is not an ordinary treasure of heaven and earth!

On the other side of the mountain, Lin Mou looked out of the head and looked at the situation. When he saw the purple and green Taoist fruit, he suddenly took a breath of air!

"I depend, Ziqing Wudao fruit?"

The legend of this thing, Lin Chen has long heard that it is the treasure that even the saints coveted between heaven and earth, and the true 100,000 years can be encountered!

It is not an eighth-order sacred product, but it is better than a sacred product. It has only one special effect: after taking it, it will permanently improve the understanding and spirituality of a living creature! And open the maximization of consciousness in a short time, can improve the combat skills and supernatural powers that the creatures themselves have learned!

Once a strange person obtained this thing, after taking it, the three purple-level advanced combat skills that he mastered before, broke through the boundaries with insight, and re-created the three combat skills to the top-level purple-level combat skills!