My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 813

Vol 5 Chapter 813: Robbing Ziqing Wudao Fruit

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Chapter 813

Ziqing Wudao fruit is a treasure that even saints covet. Its value is too big and too large. There are even rumors: if someone cultivates half-orange combat skills to the top, taking this fruit will have the opportunity to sublimate combat skills to orange rank. !

"Squad leader, are you sure you want to shoot, as if there are three genius lists..."

Su Lan saw the terrifying lineup and could not help but shrink his head. This level of scuffles is fighting, the unknown is too big!

"I'm afraid, I can't touch Zi Qingwu Daoguo quietly. It's impossible to fight. It's impossible to fight in this life. I can only sustain my life by stealing this kind of thing."

Lin Chen smiled, after absorbing the fragments of Xuan Gang's crystal, his strength skyrocketed. When it came to fighting, he didn't counsel the three geniuses.

But he does not have the absolute strength to crush the three, and the threat posed by joining hands is not as simple as one plus one.

His primary goal is to ensure that Ziqing Wudao can get it!

Even the saints can't meet this kind of thing. You can't miss this opportunity to get the attribute light ball of the genius in the genius list!

At the top of the Purple Mountain, 87 Fan Liu Tianjiao stood side by side, and the war was on the verge!

"Don't forget, Ji Qingming, Shui Tianshou, although the three of you are strong, we are not vegetarian!"

"Yeah, you three are too greedy to occupy nine Ziqing Wudao fruits, at least let five come out!"

A lot of arrogant and untamed, they are also born extraordinary, most of the geniuses who have never seen the list of geniuses, their own arrogance!

"Damn, a bunch of bad pens, if you don't agree, you will roll up!"

Even if he laughed with extreme anger, and a cold drink, Long Li was mixed in the sound, shaking the earth and earth! This person has more than ten million dragon powers!

"It seems that you are too small to look at our list of geniuses..."

Ji Qingming smiled and flicked out of the air, rising from the sword.

Shui Tiansuo clenched his one-foot-clear rod, his whole body shone brightly, and the water filled the Jinshan Mountain!

"Then there is no need to talk!"

Bang~! Bang ~!

The glory of heaven and earth faded, and the hurricane hurried to destroy it. The fighting spirit exploded like a blue wave.

This is a worldly melee battle. When 87 gods showed their magical powers and displayed their proud lore and cards, they were horrified to find that they couldn't pass a round of the three geniuses!

Xingchen JijianJi Qingming's star sword body and Aohan sword technique shine brilliantly, and one sword blocks thousands of troops.

Shui Tiansuo's one-foot clear rod lifted the blue sea, swallowing thousands of methods and covering all methods.

Barbaric EmperorZhou Yiju is even more powerful than anyone else. Anyone who deals with him can't get two strokes and will be seriously injured, and some will be blown away to death!

The three geniuses are like towering giant mountains that stand between the heavens and the earth. Let the 87 arrogances slap them against the wind and rain, and they stand still!

At this moment, everyone knows the horror of the genius list!


On the other side, Lin Mou easily opened the [Enhanced Function].

[Consumption of 13 strengthening points, strengthening infinite dark step + 1 success, power increase: 10%.


[Consuming 259 strengthening points, strengthening the infinite dark step +11 success, power increase: 30%.

[Consumption of 295 strengthening points, failure to strengthen the infinite dark step.

[Consumed 295 enhancement points, enhanced infinite dark step + 12 success, power increase: 30%]

Seeing that there are 18,000 enhancement points in hand, Lin Chen swiftly strengthened the infinite dark step, and the failed optical screens jumped out one after another!

"Shit, I can't believe it!"

Lin Chen slammed.

After 21 failures, the last step consumed more than 9,000 enhancement points,

[Consumed 455 strengthening points, strengthening infinite dark step + 13 success, power increase: 70%.

The overall consumption of more than 13,000 strengthening points, Lin Chen's first +13 is finally born!

Body skill combat skills; +13 infinite dark steps, overall improvement: 240%!

"In this way, my speed will be impeccable!"

Lin Chen is very excited and has a foundation of +12 mentality. All of his combat skills have risen several grades. Now, "Infinite Dark Step" has increased by two and a half times. After opening the ultimate moment talent, Lin Chens speed will reach one. An unprecedented state!

"Squad leader, they have won. The three genius lists have won!"

Su Lan shook Lin Chen's shoulder, and the words just fell.


On the top of the mountain, the ancient purple and green tree bloomed in the sky and the sky was full of colorful sky. The purple and green Taoist fruit was ripe!

The mature Ziqing Wudao fruit must be picked within a quarter of an hour of maturity, otherwise it will dissipate the spirits and dissipate between heaven and earth. This is why this thing is so precious. It must be picked at the most appropriate time!

"Don't worry, the mantis catches the cicada and the finches are behind, there are hunters behind the finches, behind the hunters, and I am Lin Chen."

Lin Chen was not in a hurry, hehe laughed.

Sure enough, Lin Chen's words just fell, and suddenly there were three figures like a refracted electric shock rushing towards the cliff, the speed is very fast!

"court death!"

Despite the ultimate explosion, a backhand Hangtian Hammer exploded a 20-foot battle spirit light hammer and smashed it down, hammering one of them into a serious injury on the spot, and the defense fighting spirit was broken into scum!

"Let's go back."

Shui Tianzuo waved the "one-foot clear rod", like a water dragon that broke the ocean with four heads, and the remaining two people's faces changed slightly, the fingerprints changed, the speed increased suddenly, the whole body's qi and blood passed, and the blood flame was ignited. , Actually avoided four water dragons!

"It's useless, I expected it long ago, you will have a start."

Shui Tiansou showed a simple childlike smile, the two just avoided it, and the tens of thousands of heights of combat spirits came to the face, and the two exclaimed!

"This...this is the list of geniuses!"

"I served!"

Bang~! The huge waves overturned the sky, knocking the two of them back and knocking them back, like waves rolling over the clouds.

At this moment, Lin Chen, who was hiding behind the Jushi Mountain, was engulfed in a dark robbery, and he launched a "congenital shadow trick", and turned into a shadow and disappeared into the void!

Suddenly, Ji Qingming, who has been keeping the "Sword Eye" open, suddenly looked awkwardly, and when he looked at the mountain top, his face changed into a shock!

"No, someone sneaked in!"

He blasted a sword light, Xuan Bing sword slashed across his hand, rolled out an ice flower sword qi, shimmering stars Hui Chenmang, slashed towards the void somewhere!

The two great geniuses followed, but saw Jianguang rippling and chopping out an afterimage of the void.

"It is Yan Yanjing, are you Yan Jinghong?"

Shui Tianshou exclaimed in silence, rolled a half-moon arc with a foot of clear pole, and the strange wave of warfare was transmitted through the void. On the ground beside the purple and green ancient trees, a heavy wave was sprayed, and a column of water was rushed. A figure retreated step by step, showing its original shape.

His frown is frivolous, his face is fair, and there is a smile on the corner of his mouth like a thief who looks over the wall and steals things.

"Yan Jinghong on the list of geniuses 99811? Damn, **** thief, eat Laozi!"

Even if nothing is said, it is a hammer, the dragon force bursts, killing intently.

Yan Jinghong stepped away from the body and quietly avoided it. The hammer struck the top of Ziqing Mountain, shaking the mountain.

Shui Tiansuo and Ji Qingming immediately took it in, angrily shot, and many offensives bombarded Yan Yanhong indiscriminately.

No one expected that this guy was actually hiding in the Tianjiao just now.

Even though Yan Jinghong got the trick, he was somewhat embarrassed under the siege of the three.

The genius list's three-on-one genius impressed those who previously wanted to fish in muddy water. The four geniuses have come up with real skills. If they come close, they are likely to be killed by the aftermath!

"Hey, hello, if you hit me again, someone will steal that thing!"

Suddenly, the besieged Yan Jinghong's pupils shuddered and shouted anxiously, and the three geniuses sneered: "Do you want to lie to us?"

At the moment when the three geniuses concentrated on dealing with Yan Jinghong, in an instant, nine purple and green Taoist fruits were swept away by a shadow.

"Huh? There is an orange crystal treasure box?"

The figure in the black shadow exclaimed, grabbed the sky of the ancient purple and green trees, and immediately withdrew!

Then, the handsome man lurking in the dark shadow also secretly heard Yan Jinghong's voice and smiled cheaply.

"Son Swallow, you are so good, you are awesome, you are such a fool~"