My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 814

Vol 5 Chapter 814: The Ultimate Wage Earner

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Chapter 814

"Lying trough, what I said is true! I am your mother, you fools!"

Yan Jinghong and Ruo Ruosheng flickered in shock, avoiding the three people's many attacks in embarrassment, scolding angrily.

"Well, you really can't be so good as a Lao Tzu." Even if he sighed, he waved meteor hammers one after another, sneering disdainfully.

"No, Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo was really stolen!"

Shui Tiansuo's eyes swept the purple and green trees behind him, his expression changed slightly.

Ji Qingming's face turned blue in an instant, but there are still people? Even Yan Jinghong's camouflage technique can't avoid his'sword eye' investigation. Who can still steal Zi Qing Wu Dao fruit by his shot?

"If you want to use me, you have to get out!"

The moment the three men stopped attacking, Yan Jinghong shot away, and the palm of his gold short knife slashed into the void, crossed a golden masculine, and cut through the universe, slammed, and hit a shadow in the void outside the thousand feet!

The three geniuses gazed at it, and a young figure escaped from the shadow, and it was Lin Chen!

"Fuck, it's you, Lin Chen?"

Ji Qingming was so angry that he yelled, but it was this kid who stole Ziqing Wudao fruit?

Does he have reservations for that day's battle? Why is his invisibility so strange @!

"Interestingly, the genius list genius really has two hands, even my innate shadow tactics are seen through."

Lin Chen's eyes locked on Yan Jinghong, and Yan Jinghong solemnly said: "Your hidden secrets are really brilliant. If you reveal a little breath when you take away Ziqing Wudao fruit, I can't notice your trail! "

"Give me two of your hidden law and Ziqing Wudao fruit. I will immediately retreat from not participating in your business. How? With your hidden law, they can't see through me but me. You can easily escape in the hands of the three of them, how?

Yan Jinghong secretly heard, he actually wanted to negotiate with Lin Chen?

He thinks that only he who is also proficient in assassination and hidden can see through Lin Chen, only he has the bargaining chips with Lin Chen!

"Hahaha, I just lost my mind if you want to negotiate with me."

Lin Chen laughed, and the three geniuses were stunned. After a moment, they reacted, alerting Yan Yanhong, who was angry and sneered, saying with a sneer: "Toast without eating fine, today's four genius list geniuses join forces, I think it is difficult for you to insert wings escape!"

Someone Lin wondered: "You guys are really good people, helped me deal with the dozens of arrogances, and helped me to get this thief out. For you, I like to give them the best employees The ultimate wage earner's award as an honor."

After all, Lin Chen actually took out three pennants.

Indulge: "His mother!"

Ji Qingming: "wdnmd!"

Shui Tianshou: "..."

Yan Jinghong: "Fuck him!"

In an instant, the four geniuses launched a siege on Lin Chen!

Sigh~! In a face-to-face, Ji Qingming urged the "Meteor Alien Crystal Fragment" and wielded three star swords in his hand. He came up with real strength as soon as he came up!

He knows Lin Chen's strength very well, this person and the genius list are only a few steps away!

"Demon Hammer!"

"Jiaolong over the sea."

"Shadow cut ten."

Hammering the town, the dragon and the sea, the cutting edge is like a knife, this terrible offensive from the beginning of Lin Chens all directions!

That kind of momentum shook all the arrogances on the scene, and those who had participated in the siege and those who had not participated in the war showed horror!

This kind of offensive is quite different from the previous one, this is the real strength of the genius list!

"You young people can't make a joke, can you afford it?"

Lin Chen smiled mysteriously and started the "Ultimate Moment" with a thought!

Tear ~! Bang~!

"Unlimited dark steps!"

Lin Chen's whole body was full of dark robbery, foot shadow vortex, and the figure was like a dragging remnant, and his time disappeared. He couldn't capture his movement trajectory at all.

"I will give you the best employee of the year!"

call out! call out! call out!

As soon as the words fell, the three pennants flew from high altitude, because they were not murderous, and did not attract the attention of the three people. The pennants hung on their necks.

When Tiantianjiao saw clearly, he took a breath of air!

The pennant is awesomely written as "the ultimate wage earner of the best employee"!

"Oh my god, what kind of fairy is this man, who actually played with four geniuses!"

"I can't perceive his body style...the speed of abnormality..."

"It's too strong. I have never seen the Ninth Warlord's field have such a fast body style! Is this the purple middle-class top grade? Is it the top grade top grade? Or is it the legendary top grade body style?"

As strong as the four geniuses were also dumbfounded!


The four were horrified. What the **** is this? It's almost **** ridiculous!

"I don't believe this evil!"

Taking the lead, he once again waved his meteor hammer very quickly, the dragon force burst out, the greater the strength, the faster the speed, countless hammer shadows like screen flowers bloom, advance layer by layer, trying to crush all the remnants of Lin Chen!

The four attacked again, smashed again and again, and the explosions were all Lin Chens afterimages!

However, after breaking one after another, there is a new birth, endless, dazzling, and in the end, even dozens of afterimages have been maintained in the void, all of which are Lin Chen!

That's right, there are dozens of afterimages! Some of them are waving their hands, some are twisting their buttocks, some are clapping their hands, some are shaking their bodies, some are closing their eyes and shaking their heads, even dancing?

"If I were a DJ, would you love me, would you love me, would you love me~~"

Lins face with a sultry smile flashed in front of Ji Qingming, making him exposed with green muscles, starry lights, and swordsmanship like a storm, cutting his figure into pieces again and again, all of them were actually Afterimage!

The eyes of the wounded Tianjiao who had participated in the siege of the three geniuses almost fell to the ground!

" this still human?"

"The genius list of geniuses that we can't even make two moves, he actually..."

All Tianjiao almost vomited blood!

Facing the siege of the four geniuses, can he still sing and dance with ease?


Absolute land fairy!

This is a genuine way to crush, no pressure!

The four geniuses tried their best to attack, and successively dropped high-quality attribute light balls. While Lin Chen evaded many attacks, he even received an attribute light ball!

[Get 39 Strengthened Points, 120,000 Talent Points, 150,000 Rune Energy, 80,000 Heavenly Dao Values, 90 million Qi Blood Energy, 10,000 Gold Energy, 30,000 Water Energy,]

"The genius of the genius list is really treasure, shit, I have to find an opportunity to kill these guys. I heard that Ji Qingming is coveting Yue Qi, and you are special!"

Tear ~!

Lin Chen's body method turned from dodge to take the initiative to attack, the sound of a blast broke through the surroundings, the whole body's dragon force burst out at once, the nine robbery battles were running, the golden robbery Xuangang covered his legs, one leg raised his head high, if the battle axe was heavy Cleave down; the two big attack runes launch together!

"Seven Powers and Five Powers in One!"

Lin Chen's sudden attack is beyond Ji Qingming's expectations!