My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 815

Vol 5 Chapter 815: Is This Guy Still A Human?

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Chapter 815

In the face of Lin Chen, who suddenly attacked with a sudden attack, he gritted his teeth and raised his sword to block it.

Lin Chen's pure power is transformed into five kinds of strength; cutting, tearing, pulling, twisting, and penetrating, respectively, penetrate into the body in five different ways, making the ghost face flag behind him shine!

Bang~! Boom~!

On one leg, Ji Qingming was violently repelled, and he rolled down the attribute light ball and two amethyst treasure chests. Ji Qingming had bleeding at the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were a little weird. Why is his fighting spirit so sharp and domineering, a few grades stronger than last time?

Lin Chen took away those attribute light balls, most of them were all strengthening points, and instantly obtained 5,000 strengthening points plus 10 rune evolution stones.

Once Lin Chen's shot, it means that there may be a flaw, which is instantly caught by Yan Jinghong, the short knife sweeps, the mang is vigorous, and the back of Lin Chen is raged!

In a thousand shots, Lin Chen's golden robbery Xuangang covered the whole body, and urged the "three-inch robbery" in one thought, forming three layers of colorful crystal layers of energy.

Poof~! laugh!

The three-inch robbery was torn apart, Lin Chen was blown away by a knife to a distance of thousands of kilometers, Lin Chen was full of blood and tumbling, and there was a deep scar left behind the Golden Prison Dragon Armor.

"Is it hard for me to slap it? Is it a hell!"

Yan Jinghong couldn't help but whisper in the corner of his mouth. He just cut the knife with a murderous intention just now.

Once again, Shui Tiansuo and Zeng Yijue, Lin Chen stepped on the infinite dark step at full speed, and quickly avoided all attacks.

"Hahaha, Ji Qingming, your dog will order me to take it next time!"

Lin Chen's violent laughter made Ji Qingming deeply perplexed, this person is no longer the same!

His body style alone is enough to make him afraid!

"Want to escape? Ten thousand ways to borrow a space symbol!"

Yan Jinghong smiled angrily, and he played a symbolic trap on his left hand. This symbol exploded, allowing the entire void to solidify, and Lin Chen's body style was blocked for several grades!

This ten thousand method borrows the space character as one of his life-saving cards, and it is a good thing to use here now. Ziqing Wudao fruit is too important, even if it is sold on the market, it is also based on the double-digit gold holy yuan coin! Must get it!

"Oh? Interesting, there is something like my slow rune."

Lin Chen was not surprised. Instead, he was astonished. The means of these genius lists are richer one by one!

"I see how you run now!"

Yan Jinghong, who had always been a thief, was looking gritty and crazy at this time, and was about to sacrifice a massacre to Lin Chen.

"System, start super-dimensional transmission!"

[Starting Super Dimensional Teleport, consuming 2.35 million talent points, teleporting the host to space position 1.

Lin Chen broke a beam of space above his head, and the candlelight rotated, his figure suddenly flashed away!


The four geniuses were stunned, could he still be faster?

"No, it's wrong... this guy jumped into space and escaped..."

Shui Tiansou was dumbfounded, said hard.

"Impossible! Couldn't he tear the space of the Holy Realm? No one except the saint can tear the void forward!"

Yan Jinghong shouted hysterically, looked around, there was no ghost!

More than a hundred celestial stunned people were stunned outside the top of Ziqing Mountain, and their mouths were opened so fast that they could lay eggs.

A dozen geniuses on the list of geniuses, not only played around with them, but also retreated, even injured one...

Seeing that the banner of'the ultimate wage earner' was hanging on the necks of the three people, I wonder who was breathing a word.

"Is this guy still a human..."


"Well, I have a share for you."

In the high altitude of the plain, Lin Chen threw two purple Qing Taoist fruits to the sisters, one for each.

"Thank you squad~"

Su Lan smiled sweetly; Su Lan nodded conscientiously and secretly noted this kindness in her heart.

Ziqing Wudao fruit, this one piece, can change the life of the warrior too! Lin Chen still has seven on hand, and the value is endless!

"I'm going to see how much this thing is hanging now, and it's blowing all over the place."

Someone in Lin is planning to eat a Ziqing Wudao fruit, and the second woman is about to stop, with a bang, the other side of the Shengqing Mountains illuminates a thousand rays of light, colorful!

"Is there another baby coming? Grandma's, it really makes people stop, ha ha ha, let's go!"

Lin Chen skimmed from the sky, followed by the second daughter.

At the same time, Lin Chen felt more and more that there was a pre-historic madness in his body, such as the overlord who ruled Taikoo, Lin Chen felt terrified!

"When my Dragon Emperor really got out of the customs, what kind of situation would that have to be arrogant!"

Lin Chen was shocked secretly, and there was hope in his heart.

Shengqing MountainsLuotian Valley in the south.

Hundreds and thousands of streamers cut through the clouds, and there are countless tokens of suspended voids blasting away, shooting in all directions, as if they just blasted from the underground world below!

"Hahaha! I grabbed the sectarian token, this sectarian inheritance belongs to me!"

A Tianjiao snatched a jade token and laughed heartily.

Countless people cast an envious look, but everyone did not dare to neglect, and successively urged the body to **** the sectarian tokens that were constantly scattering in the void.

Most of these tokens come from the falling Yipin sect. If you get a sect token, you can get some of the inheritance left by the sect.

Of course, these inheritances do not have any temptation to the geniuses in the genius list, and they have no intention to look for it, so this falling valley is the carnival of all the arrogance!

Lin Chen had just arrived here, and a black light from the void shot at him.

"Eh, what is this?"

Lin Chen grabbed it subconsciously, it was a dark token, dragon and phoenix dance, as if engraving the words of the atmosphere.

Black Dragon!

"Secondary Sect Black Dragon Token?"

Lin Chen was curious, Su Lan leaned over and said in surprise: "It is a sectarian token. With it, you can form a sect. And you can also get some inheritance of this sect before birth."

"That guy got a high-quality sectarian token and rob him!"

Several sharp-eyed Eightfold Battle Emperor Tianjiao immediately grabbed his eyes, saw Lin Chen holding the token, and suddenly came to him!

"This group of people has lost their minds."

Lin Chen slapped his backhand with a slap, the five-finger pure power was like a fierce dragon breaking the sky, and they were shot to vomit blood with just one blow!

"Grass, this is a refining emperor, run away, how could such a fierce guy come to grab the sectarian token!"

"Too cruel, who is this guy..."

A group of eight-folded arrogant vomiting blood suddenly retreated, and his eyes were full of horror. This kid looked weak and couldn't help the wind. How could his scalp become numb with one shot!

"These sectarian tokens will choose their masters with a high probability. You are chosen."

Su Lan smirked, Lin Chen, holding a sectarian token, suddenly realized that there was a problem.

In the Holy Realm, behind every top genius, there are great forces and sectarian support. Almost no top tianjiao stands up on his own. Even if he is talented, he needs sectarian support!

why? Because this is a very serious problem, most resources are controlled and monopolized!