My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 816

Vol 5 Chapter 816: Lin Chen's Own Name Named Dark Horse

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Chapter 816

The history of the Holy World is many times richer than Kyushu, but the class it evolved is crueler and more severe than Kyushu.

All secret areas, areas, dangerous areas, and treasures that produce high-quality cultivation resources will be occupied by high-level denominations. Only large-scale denominations are eligible to explore in these areas.

Even if some newly discovered top dangers, treasure lands, and individual denominations do not have enough strength to conquer or control, they will join forces with other forces of the same level to win.

And those who have no name and no faction can't even drink soup! Because they have no strength and no power!

Why is it that it is more and more difficult for people without power to start from scratch, because resources will only circulate in the established strong circle. If you do not enter this class, then you do not have the qualification to desperately even die in this class.

To give the most vivid example, in this trial, if Lin Chen is not exposed to the light of Bingxin Palace, he is not qualified to enter the Cangyue secret realm!

To put it plainly, he didn't have the qualification to enter the Cangyue secret realm to die!

Because he does not have sectarian support, since he has no permission to enter the secret realm of Cangyue, it is even impossible to explore endless opportunities here!

The reality is so cruel. Why are there hundreds of millions of geniuses in the Holy Realm, and the top genius list has 100,000 geniuses, and almost 90% of them are supported by a large background and powerful forces.

No matter how talented a person is, he also needs resource support and a path to go, and the individual will be very small in the face of the entire sect.

This is the class circle that the Holy Realm has evolved through countless eras; no one has the ability to change or break this rule.

Even though Lin Chen has a system of heaven-pickups, if he does not join the sect. In the future, any powerful or resource-rich, rich opportunity, he is almost not qualified to enter!

Without training resources, it means that he has no way to go, either to lose the grass as a rogue, or to do some dangerous tasks and work to earn resources.

Lin Chen did not want to join the sectarian character, perhaps, there was only one way before him.

Create your own sect!

"I have the Qingyao tree species on hand. If I can cultivate it to the growth stage, I will not be short of cultivation resources. But if I become a holy land in the future? Or higher, a Qiyunling plant may not be able to support my development. , If you dont want to join the sect, I am afraid you can only create your own sect!"

Lin Chen made up his mind to recognise the Lord by dripping blood to the Black Dragon token, and he was completely new.

This token, Lin Chen has a feeling of interpersonal communication, and it also records a certain spatial coordinate, which is the legacy of this sect before its derivation.

"My sect, just for freedom, does not recruit anyone. If you want to be unique, then you have to carry it through, just call you: Dark Horse Club!"

Sigh~! The new lines outline, the black token reveals a new word pattern, its name: Black Horse Club!

Sister Su Lan looked at each other curiously. This name is really the only one in the Holy Realm...

"By the way, the brand new orange crystal chest I picked up when I grabbed Ziqing Wudao fruit just now, hasn't had time to see what treasure came out."

Lin Chen turned on the system and the light screen appeared.

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get: eight masks of thousands of illusions, this face has the illusion of ever-changing, can disguise face and breath, the Holy Realm can not spy on one.

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, good things, this is!

Bang ~!

At this time; the energy collision of Xuntianhe Earth came from the underground world directly below the Luotian Valley!

This kind of momentum made the Quartet's arrogance recede in unison, and looked horrified!

"Fight...fight? The geniuses below..."

"Damn, it's not suitable to stay here for a long time, and I won't be able to grab the sectarian token Laozi, who will know what will happen below!"

Many days of arrogance wiped cold sweat, Lin Chen urged the'Golden Eyes Twins' to stare under the deep, dark world of the valley.

"Huh, is this?"

Lin Chen's pupils were trembling, and they were seeing some mystery. Four extremely powerful breaths suddenly appeared in the sky!

It is the genius of the four genius list, as if it were a master, Ji Qingming, Shui Tiansuo and Yan Jinghong!

The four of them noticed the vision here, and swooped in quickly.


The underground world of Luotian Valley is covered with steep stones and blood, and the terrain is extremely vast. It stretches for nearly a hundred miles of space and gathers a large number of silhouettes here.

At the center of the ground is a thousand-footed ancient altar with bright red blood like crystal jade, breathing vicissitudes and great shore, like a wrathful dragon lying prone.

On the ancient altar, innumerable essence energy condenses into essence, like blood jade, like volcano, flaming flames, like **** lava flowing, like the veins of ancient behemoths are beating, two thumb-sized are suspended above the ancient altar Amorphous fragments!

Two pieces of alien crystals are shown: dark red, orange red! The glow of the glow, the pulse of the light dazzling, flowing with a heart-wrenching breath!

This is one-tenth of the fragment of the complete alien crystal, which is a few points larger than the Xuangang alien crystal fragment obtained by Lin Chen who previously opened the attribute chest!

But at this time, the two pieces of alien crystals are still absorbing the energy under the ancient altar, and the power is rising more and more.

However, if you take a closer look, the silhouettes gathered around the ancient altar are even scalp numb. The geniuses in the genius list have gathered several people and the scene is quite magnificent!

"Sister, are we really going to fight..."

The two female disciples worriedly asked the beautiful lady in red dress with a sharp sword in front of her.

"Naturally, these two pieces of alien crystals are very different, and they are about to be born. In front of us, our Red Moon Zongzong has no reason to retreat without a fight."

99801 genius list: Red Moon Rose Su Qing!

Western; the young man in linen embraces an ancient sword, hangs a hip flask on his waist, closes his eyes against the wall, and seems to be invigorating and sleepy. 99785 in the list of geniuses: Breeze KyushuDrunken Sword!

Under the stone corner of the underground world, the youth struck a white shirt, Qi Yuxuanang, under the aggressive and serious atmosphere, he still had the mood to play chess, relaxed and freehand chess theory with his own brother, extraordinary manner. The number of genius list is 97,770: Ghost counter, Mo Qing counter!

The embroidered cherry blossoms are full of flowers, the fair-skinned seductress tilts her orchid fingers, giggling and teasing the snow-white kitten in her arms, her eyes showing a little evil from time to time. 99890 in the list of geniuses: PlayboyYin Qingyun!

Sitting alone in the south corner, he is beautiful and evil, with a bloodthirsty smile on the corner of his mouth, but his face is pale. 99,990 in the list of geniuses: Evil Bone Scythe Gu Guxie!

The last person, standing alone, is cold and noble, full-bodied, a pair of beautiful eyes rotating like ice flowers, and the temperament is like a fresh snow lotus above the iceberg. -99,911 genius list: BingtongLan Ruoxue.

Countless days of arrogance or suspicion, admiration, excitement, and excitement look around the Quartet, this is simply a historic scene!

This is such a spectacular scene, the geniuses of the Genius List, today, at the same time, there were six people in the same place!

"Hahaha, how can such a good thing get me out of control!"

The laughter was thunderous, the void was shaking, a figure fell from the sky, and the sound fell like a meteor.

Ji Qingming, Shui Tianshou, and Yan Jinghong were the ones who followed in the first place!

All the arrogance of the audience in the underground world took a cold breath!

Ten great geniuses gathered together?

An unprecedented melee is about to brew and break out!