My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 817

Vol 5 Chapter 817: 1. The Dark Horse Club

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Chapter 817, The Dark Horse Club Appears!

The Cangyue Trial is just one of the secret realms in which part two and third grade sects participate. Like this kind of secret realm, let alone 36 domains.

As far as a strange domain is concerned, the number of such secret realms opened every year will not be less than one hundred, let alone the secret realms opened outside the thirty-six realms and even higher on the Sipin sect.

Being able to bring together the top ten geniuses at once is a rare event in a hundred years!

Seeing the extinction, Ji Qingming, Shui Tiansuo, Yan Jinghong entered the underground world, some geniuses frowned, some relaxed freehand, don't care, some dignified expression, and were vigilant.

"Brother Ji Qingming, he is finally here!"

"Mother, Brother is finally here, scaring me to death, I thought we would fight these treasures with these monsters."

Thirty true biography of Bingxin Palace who entered the underground world one step in advance could not help shouting the name of Ji Qingming!

At this time, six second-grade and third-grade denominations had already gathered on the scene. There are as many as ten geniuses in the genius list!

"Huh? Hey! Brother, are you hurt?"

A sharp-eyed Bingxin Palace purple-level true story exclaimed slightly, and the other true stories could not help but cast a stunned look.

With the strength of Brother Ji's genius list, was actually injured?

How is this possible... Even if you encounter geniuses who are also on the genius list, unless there is too much difference in rank, it will be no problem to withdraw from the whole body!

"Huh, there are minor injuries caused by some minor accidents, it doesn't bother."

Ji Qingming sneered and didn't want to get too entangled in this topic. If let his true story know that this was Lin Chen's injury, wouldn't it be a shame to throw it to grandma's house?

Looking at the abnormal crystal fragments on the blood-red ancient altar, Ji Qingming's eyes crossed a bit of fanaticism, which is one point larger than the fragments of the meteorites he refined!

"After a fight, you will use Bingxin Aohan's tactics to discuss the overall strength. We are the best in the game. As long as I win a piece of crystal, I will reward you 600 silver holy coins!"

The price offered by Ji Qingming made all the purple-level true stories heart-pounding, directly equivalent to one month's monthly supply. With his top treasurer's ability, no one doubted his financial resources!

"Brother Gu, it really is you!"

Ji Qingming saw Gu Tianxie on the side and was immediately ecstatic!

"Oh? You are the uncle's personal disciple, that Ji Qingming?"

Gu Tianxie was stunned, showing a hint of smile. Before entering the secret realm of Cangyue, he received a secret order to work with Ji Qingming to eradicate a scourge,

"Brother Gu, are you injured?"

Ji Qingming walked enthusiastically, but was shocked, and quickly took out two bottles of Elixir, and the other party was also polite. After receiving it, he smiled sensibly: "I met a strange ghost in the endless forest. Minor injury, if I let him meet again, he must be killed!"

"It's fair to say that you and my brother will join forces to help each other solve their goals!"

Ji Qingming and Gu Tianxie hit it off, but the two did not know at this time that it was the same person who injured them! Their goal is also the same person, Lin Chen!

"Join first and take off the crystal fragments here!"

"There is still some time for the ancient altar energy mask to dissipate. Brother Gu, heal the wound first.


"Brother Mo, do we really want to rob these monsters...we are the least good at fighting."

The two younger brothers shrugged their faces and looked at the ghost calculator division Mo Qingsuan who was playing chess with a bitter smile.

"Relax, we have never been a hard grab, only outsmart, I have pushed the show, these two things have a destiny with me."

Mo Qing's talks and laughs show the spirit and confidence to control the whole world. From time to time, he looks at the red moon rose Su Qing, his eyes show a little love and love.

Faced with the visits of the four geniuses, Dr. Yijian only looked up and continued to close his eyes and fall asleep.

The Playboy smiled fascinatingly, and pointed at the orchid to Mo Qing Suan Mei and said with a smile: "Mo Qing Suan, don't you plan to join forces with the slave family? If we cooperate, it would be a seamless combination~"

The brothers behind Mo Qing immediately shivered, and it was rumored that Playboy liked the chrysanthemum shrine. This invitation seemed to invite them to explore the shrine together...

"Princess Hippie laughed, your crimson princess has been cultivated to the peak, and Qing is just a few things in front of you. Your ranking is not so simple, maybe you are enough to **** alien fragments. ."

Mo Qing sipped the tea lightly and nodded.

"No, people just want to join forces with you~"

Playboy coquettish, many people covered goose bumps.

Mo Qing laughed and said nothing.

One foot of the blue sea in the corner of the sideShui Tiansuo, walked slowly in front of Lan Ruoxue, pity the words like gold.

"Bing Tong, join forces?"

Lan Ruoxue frowned, and until now, everyone is by no means a fool. The geniuses on the list are all 99,000. No one has the ability to be alone in the field. Together, it is the only chance to gain. .

These two pieces of abnormal crystals can be auctioned to at least one hundred or more gold holy yuan coins in the outside world. The value is extremely high, and no one wants to let go!

She and Shui Tiansuo have one ice and one water. If they use joint combat skills in combat, they are far more than other geniuses!

"Okay, if there is a harvest, it's half."

Lan Ruoxue nodded; also unambiguous.

Shui Tianshou: "No problem."

The top ten geniuses, with their own thoughts, the atmosphere of the scene seemed extremely depressed and dignified.

Time is passing by one minute and one second; the energy shield of the blood-red ancient altar is about to dissipate.


A stone shattered abruptly, and the atmosphere of the whole underground world was banging, and in an instant, it became daggered, as if it was about to burst!

Drunk Yijian fell asleep, lifted a pot of booze, but suddenly raised the sword in the palm of his right hand.

In spite of the overbearing laughter, the green muscles of the arms wriggled like dragons, the pure power was ready to go, and the Meteor Hammer was always ready to swing a strong blow.

Su Qingsu held the red moon scimitar tightly, her heroic posture was majestic, like a sonorous rose.

Shui Tiansuo held the "one-foot clear pole" and Lan Ruoxue one left and one right, and the two powerful battles of ice and water emerged like a huge wave!

Yin Qingyun giggled, and the white cat in his arms shone violently.

Ji Qingming's body shone with stars, and Xingsha shone, drawing his sword suddenly. Gu Tianxie pulled a bone whip from the spine behind him, strangely humorous, like a wild scream.

Mo Qing is still playing chess.

Hidden in a dark place, Yan Jinghong said with a smile: "Fight, the harder the fight, the better, the easier it is for me to fish in muddy water, quack, the crystal fragments are Lao Tzu!"

All Tianjiao hold their breath!

Ten great genius battles, this is an incomparable level of battle you can encounter in your lifetime!

The first twenty breaths of the ancient altar energy hood are about to be lifted, and a clear and bright voice screams up, deterring the sky and resounding the entire underground world!

"The dark horse is here, specializing in the back."

"Dark horse battle, life and death bearish."

"Dark Horse Club Deputy Director arrives!"

Everyone was shocked!

What stuff? Dark Horse Club? There are such denominations in the Holy Realm?

I'm also specializing in the back, and it's definitely not serious!

Everyone looked up and stared at them, and six handsome figures walked into the sky!

The head of the silver gown teenager headed up slightly, sketching a trace of evil charm and a wild smile, a smile of wind and thunder!

"Hahaha, it seems that the coach has just arrived."