My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 818

Vol 5 Chapter 818: Black Club

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Chapter 818

At the moment when the volatile atmosphere was brewing to the climax, almost all the genius list geniuses were ready to take action, and the Black Horse Club turned out to calm everyone!

A young man in black robe on the left, with a cold face like a sharp axe, a five-colored dragon gun, a straight waist like a gun, a pair of mysterious eyes with a mysterious look, a sharp sense of restraint, a sharp edge like a peerless sword. Among them!

Second place on the left, green robe fluttering, long hair shawl, chic and handsome, the meridian sword gleaming in the waist, a smile of wind and a smile in the corner of the mouth, between the smile and the show of good charm , So that the young girls in the underground world shine!

The one on the right, wearing a black coat, handsome facial features, slightly pale face, extremely cold breath, holding a knife around his waist, holding the knife in his palm, such as a **** killer in a **** wind, a pair of sharp pupils flashing unique pupils Senran cold light, it is not easy to look directly at his eyes!

The second on the right, purple clothes belt, with a green bow, a face like a crown jade, a white paper fan in hand, the face is always hung with a smile like a spring wind, and the clear and jade-like eyes look like green , Such as the spring breeze willow, Wen Wen Ru Ya, like a beautiful jade face scholar.

The young man standing behind is even more mysterious, his white shirt is like snow, his temperament is cold, and a pair of purple-gold pupils rotate slowly, like a sentimental killer standing behind his master.

Those who were swept by his purple-gold eyes were all as cold as bones, as if the secrets of the whole body had been seen through, creepy!

Lin Chen came into the sky with a silver robe, and the cynical evil charm smiled on the corners of his mouth. The five people around him were like the stars arching the moon, setting off his existence, like the overlord's coming, talking and laughing. Actually restrained the ten geniuses present!

"It's him?" BingtongLan Ruoxue couldn't help but be surprised!

"Damn, this is the kid, kill! Lao Tzu must kill him!" Gu Tianxie roared inwardly, the killing intention was awe-inspiring!

"Lin Chen? How did he become the deputy director of the Dark Horse Club? Isn't this a savage running from the realm of the world?" Ji Qingming was confused.

"It's him! It cost me a dog with a life-saving sign. He dare to come here to fight for the crystal fragments, change the target, assassinate him first and then grab the crystal fragments!"

Yan Jinghong shouted hysterically from the bottom of his heart. If it weren't for Lin Chen, he might have succeeded in a few pieces of Ziqing Wudao fruit!

But seeing Lin Chen straight down to the ancient altar before the moment when the energy cover of the ancient altar dissipated, he suddenly lifted his legs to the ancient altar!

Bang ~! Lin Chen's first step led to a sudden change, and the momentum caused by the ten geniuses aimed at him instantly!

"Is this guy afraid of death, dare to step on the ancient altar first?"

"Crazy! He will become the target of the attack in no time, and the top ten geniuses must first aim at him to attack!"

All Tianjiao frowned, this guy was not afraid of death!

Lin Chen walked in a leisurely court and took the second step lightly.

Boom~! Sigh~!

The rainbow-like streamer sword chopped off in an instant, and it was the breeze Kyushu and the drunk one sword!

A dark robbery vortex stepped away, the knife flashed, the air was like the moon, and it carried through the sky!

Dang ~! Bang~!

The swords intersect, and the two figures in the void collide together!

Everyone took a closer look and it was the black swordsman in the "Black Horse Club"!


The sleepy and drunken sword finally came a little bit of war, the eyes brightened, the sword art changed again, one sword pierced like the wind and the shadows, and the eight sword marks went like a dragon!

The black swordsman's mid-century battle of Qiu was very angry to reveal the eruption. A knife with a bright mirror shining on the moon was beheaded. When the eight sword marks were easily strangled, the other one was Yue Yuemang. !

Zui Yijian reversed the sword of "Qingfeng Jiuxiao Sword" in his hand and cut off the moon's mansions.

"Hahaha, come on well!"

Drunk Yijian's war intentions hurricane, a variety of swordsmanship in turn!

Quite a few arrogances took a breath, he actually blocked the drunken sword?

That's the genius of the genius list! Is this dark horse club also above the second-class sect, can it also cultivate the power of the genius list?

"Today's weather is cool in autumn and it's suitable for drinking tea. Well, what kind of tea do you make today?"

Someone, Lin Danfeng, smiled and smiled to himself, lifted his legs to take the third step, and walked up the ancient altar steps.

Bang ~! The momentum is like a hurricane, the flowers are gone, the roses are disillusioned, and the knife is sharp and vertical, and there are two geniuses!

It is Red Moon Rose Su Qing. Playboy Yin Qingyun!

Su Qing raised his sword to kill in the air, Yin Qingyun crotched a white ghost cat like a dragon out of the sea, destroying it!

Tear ~! The Vortex of Dark Tribulation flashed extremely fast, and the Meridian Sword Qi scuttled towards the Moon. Arrow light shuttled, hitting Playboy's'Three Marks of Spirit Cat' from the front, and the two sides blasted two mushroom clouds.

Tianjiao's eyeballs of various denominations almost glared off the ground, and the two geniuses were stopped again?

It's the young man in purple clothes and the young man in green robe in the "Black Horse Club", one bow and one sword!

"Panlong twist!"

"Void SlashStar Crash!"

The bone blade is like a giant python disk, the sword light is vertical and horizontal, with a piece of starry sand, like a dragon, like a snake, slashing Lin Chen's head!

It is Ji Qingming and Gu Tianxie! Both of them have been beaten, very clear Lin Chen's strength, a shot is a trick!

Bang~! Tear ~!

The five-colored dragon light roared into the sky, a shot traversed the infinite starlight, the sword gas was extinguished between the rotation of the gun tips, and the dragon strength that was torn like a wild dragon was wrapped around the fist of the golden robbery Xuangang. whip!

Bang ~!

The young man's white shirt was like snow, fist attached to the golden robbery Xuangang, and his whole body reflected an indestructible light.

The young man in black robe was cold and fierce, holding a five-color dragon gun to stand against the wind, blocking Ji Qingming and Gu Tianxie from the front!

"Damn, this is not his art of avatar! So strong, his avatar is far from this level!"

Ji Qingming's sword edge blocked the fiercely murdered five-color spearpoint, and his eyes aimed at the white-shirted young man who was playing against Gu Tianxie. Every fist and every leg produced a terrible pure power, or pulled and torn the airflow , Extremely weird.

His golden robbery Xuangang, he couldn't even touch the top-grade top-grade fighter of the seventh order, and he was inseparable from Gu Tianxie at close range!

This is definitely not his avatar!

Ji Qingming is almost completely sure that he and Lin Chen have fought, and his avatar is far from reaching the level of these people!

"Hahaha, there is no one around you kid, I will meet you too!"

The wilderness laughed abruptly, holding a meteor hammer into the sky, and suddenly jumped into a star burst and smashed Lin Chen above his head!

Tear ~! The short knife crossed the Liu Jin Fengmang and wiped off Lin Chen's neck. The distance was very close. It was Yan Jinghong who shot Lin Chen!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three explosions sounded almost at the same time, even if they were absolutely repelled by the front, their arms were numb and their arms were numb, Yan Jinghong was suddenly pumped away, spitting blood and falling to the side, it was impossible to see who was the shot. !

All Tianjiao stared at the moment Lin Chen slowly stepped on the ancient altar, his pupils were trembling, and the corners of his mouth were trembling!

Some Tianjiao are going crazy!

so horrible!

All seven geniuses in the genius list are blocked?

What a sacred place is this **** dark horse club, this is simply too much!