My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 819

Vol 5 Chapter 819: Fight

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Chapter 819

boom! Yan Jinghong was blown away and vomited blood, falling into a crack in the rocky reef aside.

"Damn, who is it, only Lao Tzu attacked others, who attacked Lao Tzu?"

Yan Jinghong shouted violently, even though his pupils were shrinking, he held the meteor hammer in his arm and felt numbness. He felt a pure force stronger than him!

Behind Lin Chen slowly advancing, a blue armor figure appeared, his temperament was cold, the dragon horns above his head, the dragon scales were shining with cold light, his eyebrows were cold, and there was a piece of ice crystal dragon tail shaking between his backs, sharp like a sword !

Actually a dragon clan that turned into a humanoid?

And in the eyes of countless Tianjiao who have been through the scene, he still can't see through this dragon's body!

The blue armored dragons flashed into the air, and their body speed was extremely fast. Even though the face and Yan Jinghong's face changed suddenly, they fought frantically to cover each other. The blue armored dragons have the upper hand, and actually suppressed two geniuses?

In terms of speed, the humanoid dragon clan roars with a rainbow, and its movement speed is extremely strange. In terms of defense, its dragon scales are indestructible and solid as a golden soup. In terms of power, even the barbarian of the refining madman is not his opponent!

For a time, the air wave burst, tearing the infinite cracked stone, the wind raging, and the whole underground world was in a battle for hundreds of miles!

The seven geniuses in the list of geniuses were stiffly blocked in front of the ancient altar. They were not allowed to be close to their feet. The strength of the fighting force was outrageous and made many people frightened. Before the remaining three geniuses did not show their position, no one could Dare not go!

"Dark Horse Club? Impossible, Qiyu didn't have a second-class sect with this name!"

"Is it a super block outside the odd domain?"

"It's very possible! Looking at all the forces below the Sipin sect, which of several big genres have more than four genius lists, almost so few forces!"

To cultivate a genius list genius, at least a second-ranking sect in a sanctuary needs to consume a lot of resources to devote its essence to training to be born. The outstanding second-rank sect will occasionally produce a genius list genius, such as the power of the two ceremonial palaces, a genius list such as Lan Ruoxue was born.

The three ranks are generally one to two. Three such top-notch products, Bing Xin Palace, were born. In addition to Ji Qingming, there were two others. The woman who had recruited Lin Chen was one of them.

According to the actual situation of Bingxin Palace, Leng Yueqi, who has not yet passed the customs clearance, is very likely to be the fourth genius list in the contemporary era, and far exceeds Ji Qingming and others.

Under the Sipin sect; there are almost only a few forces with the "one sect and four lists".

But this dark horse club is so special! As soon as I came up, I blocked all the seven geniuses, and almost none of them fell into the disadvantage. Does this mean that there are seven geniuses in the Dark Horse Club?

This number is so terrible! Only a super block above Sipin is possible!

The most shocking is the true disciples of Bingxin Palace!

They have seen Lin Chen and Ji Qingming fight in person. On that day, he still needs to run out of endless cards to face Brother Ji Qingming. But today he transformed into a deputy director of the "Dark Horse Club"?

The talented heroes of all strengths, not inferior to the genius list, become his assistants, which is simply outrageously strong!

"No wonder, no wonder he has the background to fight against Brother Ji Qingming, and even confesses that Sister Leng Yueqi is his woman. He really has the background and strength to match Sister Leng Yueqi!"

"Its too deep to hide. This guy is a pig and a tiger. Shit, Im almost pitted by him. If you want to go, just go, Ill slip first, just for the hundreds of silver saints. Yuan coins are desperately not worth it!"

There is already a purple evacuation of the Bingxin Palace, and even if Lin Chen is the only one left, there is a dark horse meeting place. This level of battle is not enough for them to touch the fish in muddy water!

"Brother, do we want to go, he is ready to go to the ancient altar!"

The brothers and sisters behind Mo Qing counted a little anxious. In their view, this is a great opportunity! The seven geniuses have been dragged down, so they can act!

The ghost-calculator Mo Qing is cold and sweaty, holding a round of ghost-faced jade discs, his fingers flicking the Indian tactics quickly, and sweating all over his head.

When he looked at Lin Chens gaze, he was full of unbelievable words: "Why is this so, I cant figure out his fate, even the ominous omen!"

His arithmetic peaked, and his'ten ghost abacus' together with the geniuses for the genius list can roughly carry out the trend of its destiny, at least it can account for the ominous omen, and even he and each genius list genius will be able to calculate the approximate Victory and defeat.

It is precisely because of his accounting that he can know the location of the Shengqing Mountain Range, and even know that there is a strange treasure born here, and also calculate that there is a romance that belongs to him here, as long as he comes, there will be gains!

But now it is quite different, he can't really count the silver robe boy who is about to set foot on the ancient altar!

"Even the Five Tribulation Warlords, I can perform one or two. I can't even calculate a teenager in his early twenties?"

Mo Qing set off a turbulent wave in his mind. When he again deduced his general destiny, he found that the blurred general became muddy, and he could not even see his own destiny!

"This... how could this happen, could his presence still affect my fate?"

Mo Qing is cold air!


"Why don't you shoot, Lan Ruoxue!"

Shui Tiansou questioned Lan Ruoxue next to her in wonder, why didn't she shoot?

After the battle of Ziqing Wudao, Shui Tiansuo knew Lin Chens body style, but if the two joined forces, the ice system and the water system would be able to block his body position, but he did not understand why Lan Ruoxue No shot!

"I can't shoot. The people in my two ceremonial palaces were rescued because of him. I can't revenge."

While Lan Ruoxue shook his head, he actually stepped back a few steps, completely meaningless to shoot!

Perhaps the crystal fragments are very precious, but Lan Ruoxue is a person with a bottom line. She owes Lin Chen a favor, so she will not shoot this time!


Shui Tianshou was shocked and angry, and now all the geniuses have been delayed by the war. The two of them joined forces and will almost certainly gain something!

She won't shoot this victorious victory?

"You will regret this!"

Shui Tianshou was desperately corrupted, and threw a sentence, the waters of war at his feet spread like sea, stepped on the waves, and rushed towards Lin Chen!

"It will be you who regrets, Shui Tiansuo, there are some things that are destined to be unqualified to fight for."

Lan Ruoxue shook her head and smiled, her eyes turned, staring at the back of the silver-robed boy.

She is very clear about the strength of this person!

Even the Archaic Devil is in his hands, ranking the genius list of 90,000, it is difficult to help him!

"This person looks crazy, but it is hidden. If such a person is offended, he must be eradicated, but my two ceremonial palaces have not offended him. If I want to make good friends, I will have a chance..."

Lan Ruoxue's beautiful eyes gleamed with some thought. Although she was cold and lonely, she was as clever as her heart, and she could see countless things for a moment!