My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 820

Vol 5 Chapter 820: A Snap Finger

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Chapter 820

"Beluga swallows the sky!"

Shui Tian came from the waves, swept dozens of feet away with a foot of clear rod, and the giant wave threw out a fighting beluga whale and fell to Lin Chen!

"Shui Tiansuo also shot!"

"But that guy should also have the talent list?"

Countless days of arrogance and concentrating on the battle, they suppressed their inner agitation, everyone was expecting the moment Shui Tiansuo could delay Lin Chen, they immediately rushed up and snatched two alien crystal fragments!

"Tianyu Yinghai!"

With a snorting sound, suddenly the fighting whale burst out with a wailing, a blue light burst, and it was restrained in place, followed by a dragon tail sweeping, smashing the fighting white whale!

The azure dragon's tail slashed towards Shui Tianshou with a spare power. His face was terrified, and he stepped back and waved back. He turned back one foot with a clear foot, barely resisting the dragon's slash, but was shocked!

His eyes were filled with unbelievable staring at the figure of the green armored dragon, shocked and lost his voice: "The natural water king, the magical power of the heavenly dragon?"

There are only a few water king blood beasts that can be naturally controlled to a large extent to control the attribute of qi or attribute energy, and Tianyu Yinglong is one of them!

In front of it, the water system attack is carried out, that is, the axe!

Tianshui Shou is not only a practicing water system practice, but also famous for manipulating the combat skills of the water system. He is born with wanhua water body. I didnt expect to encounter a nemesis today!

With this blue armor figure in front, his Shui Tianshou's strength must be at least reduced to more than 30%!

Seeing the two pieces of abnormal crystals, Shui Tianshou gritted his teeth and rushed up again!

Roar ~!

The green armor roared, the fire was full, and the infinite dragon power was released into the dragon domain. The movement of the three geniuses was blocked. It pushed the two claws with its palms and struck the starburst. The pure power burst, and it was forced to wipe out the water. Tian Shou and Yan Jinghong showed their stunts to resist!

boom! boom! boom!

The aftermath of the attack shook the earth and the earth was constantly shaking, and some sharp-eyed Tianjiao found signs!

"Look at the people in the dark horse club, I depend, is this **** sick?"

"Hi! Oh my god, why do they keep getting behind people!"

But in the battle circle of the five geniuses, every genius who fights against the dark horse club will be surrounded by his strange body to attack behind him, and he will continue to attack behind the opponent no matter how he attacks, no matter how he fights!

are you crazy!

All Tianjiao's mouths are screaming; the people in this dark horse club are just a group of perverts.

Isn't this exposing attack intention revealing your own weaknesses?

But his body method is weird and strange, step by step faster and unpredictable.

Even more frightening is that everyone in the Dark Horse Club fights like its lifeless. Its like the two sides have a hatred of killing their father. One move is all about changing their lives. The five geniuses are afraid to distract. Play against it!

This reminded all geniuses and the whole audience to remember the slogan that appeared at the beginning of the "Dark Horse Club"!

The dark horse emerged, specializing in the back!

Dark horse battle, life and death bearish!

One day arrogant could not help but subconsciously yelled and said: "This **** woman is really a life-and-death bearish, specializing in the back!"

"Perverted! It's so perverted, this dark horse club is not a person!"

"Who can stand it, staring at people behind them!"

When all Tianjiao's mouth twitched and shouted abnormally, Lin Chen had set foot on the ancient red altar, overlooking the heroes!

[Get 45.5 million points of Qi and blood energy, 10,000 ignition energy, 68.5 million points of Qi and blood energy, 45 million points of Qi and blood energy, 30,000 ignition energy,]

"Oh? The ancient altar is actually full of attribute light balls, which will be absorbed by my fire robbery."

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, because the energy of the blood-red ancient altar was too strong, so that he did not find these large amounts of attribute light **** in the beginning!

Lin Chen looked away, the whole ancient altar, there are at least thousands of attribute light balls, all of which are intermediate-level fire energy and qi and blood attributes, wow la la piece!

At this time; seeing that Shui Tiansuo was also stopped, many sectarian disciples were anxious!

"Damn, I can't help it, just **** him!"

"As long as you grab one of these two pieces of alien crystal, you will be rich, and be him!"

In the face of huge profits, the sectarian disciples present could not help but rush up wildly in the face of huge profits.

Lin Chen, his face remains unchanged.

Twenty-eight ninth-level wars against Emperor Tianjiao, with good strength, want to rush up to **** the crystal fragments, urge the body one after another, and rush into the blood-red ancient altar from all directions!

Boom~! laugh! laugh!

A stream of ice descended from the sky, rolled up tens of thousands of ice lights, and condensed ten nine heavenly arrogances into ice sculptures, and the ice light scattered around Lin Chen. Suddenly, a huge ice wall was built, and Lin Chen was protected inside?

It was Lan Ruoxue; she actually chose to help Lin Chen?

"Lan Ruoxue, what are you doing?"

"Are you also a member of the dark horse club?"

Thousands of days of arrogance and anger, quickly retreating away, Se Li Nei blamed and asked Lan Ruoxue!

Lan Ruoxue would never be the noisy guy now, as long as it is not a genius list shot, Fan Liutianjiao is only her one or two rounds, it is not enough to watch!

"Oh, she didn't think she would take action, saving me a lot of things."

Lin Chen smiled unexpectedly. He probably could guess the other party's intentions. With the addition of Lan Ruoxue, almost all of the eight geniuses were stopped except the ghost operator Mo Qingsuan!

Even more than a hundred sectarian disciples were completely calmed by Lan Ruoxue's shot!

Lin Chen flicked a hand, and a Najie was thrown towards Lan Ruoxue above the sky. The latter squeezed his hand and explored with vigor, and there were 2,000 silver holy yuan coins stacked in the Najie.

The two sides also don't need to communicate, as if they are psychic, Lan Ruoxue blocked all the offenders for Lin Chen, so that he easily walked in front of two alien fragments!

"He's going to take the alien crystal fragments!"

"No, he can't succeed!"

Many geniuses exerted their strength and began to draw their own cards. The people in the dark horse club showed a parry for the first time, and they no longer have the power to attack around.

Just as there was a genius preparing to break through the defense of the Black Horse Club, all the arrogance of Tian Jiao, who was limited to Lan Ruoxue, could not shoot.

Lin Chen, who proudly stood on the ancient altar of blood red, slowly raised his right hand, and everyone held his breath, did he want to shoot?

Is the deputy director of the Black Horse Club full of secrets finally going to do it himself!

Under everyone's attention, Lin Chen's right hand snapped and snapped his fingers!

"The ultimate moment!"

Bang ~! Bang~!

The offensive has changed! The five people in the Black Horse Club burst out of the blue glory in a short time. Their body style, attack, defense, fighting spirit, and overall improvement have been more than a grade!

Those geniuses who wanted to break through the defense line were instantly suppressed!

All Tianjiao was stunned, even the ghost operator Mo Qingsuan stayed in place!

What is Nima's finger!

The deputy director snapped his fingers, and the dark horse club was more fierce than the **** top-level panacea!